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Our selection of unique, adult and funny coffee mugs for sale is second to none. Coffee Mugs with funny sayings, quotes for birthdays, fathers days, mothers day, special occasions, office parties, gift exchanges, engagement parties and holidays.

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Large selection of unique, funny coffee mugs with hilarious sayings and quotes, coffee mug gag gifts, and other mugs to make you laugh and lighten up your day.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So what’s the most important part of breakfast? Smoking weed out of your coffee cup, of course! These Coffee Mug Pipes make it all possible.

Yes, this is an incredible invention. And what a time saver. Think of all those times you were rushing to get out the door in the morning, checking to make sure you’ve got everything, keys, wallet, coffee, phone…oh no! I forgot to smoke a bowl! Problem solved: Coffee Mug Pipe.

These super fun and functional ceramic Tea Cups & Coffee Mugs with built-in pipes come in several cool styles and colors.

Cool and clever, you’ll want to leave this pipe mug out on the counter as a conversation starter. “Ooh, where’d you get that coffee mug pipe?” everyone will ask. “I saw it on Weedgadgets, it’s the coolest website in town!“, you’ll say. (Thanks for the plug, btw)

Wake and bake like a champion with this amazing coffee cup with a built-in pipe! Just fill the mug with coffee, fill the bowl with weed, sip, puff, and boom. Best day ever.

Check out this coffee cup pipe, a mug with built-in pipe let's you wake and bake like a champion!