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Cup O Joes
Cup O’ Joes Pipe Starter Kit

Getting started with pipe smoking can be a daunting task. Let us help make it easier! You choose either a smooth or rustic pipe, and we supply the rest of the essentials. This starter kit includes a pipe, a sample of aromatic pipe tobacco, pipe cleaners and a Czech pipe tool, all packaged in a reusable Cup O’ Joes tote bag. Perfect for those new to pipe smoking and as a gift for someone who is looking to try it. Pipes may vary from the ones displayed.

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Starter set

Posted by Brian Everett on Nov 20th 2020

The Tabac is quite nice the inly reason this wasn’t a five star is the quality of the pipe itself. Again for the price point you can’t expect high quality but the smooth pipe feels almost like its all plastic. If you have never smoked a pipe this is a great way to start and the sample of tobacco tastes really good and smells amazing. Happy with this purchase.

Starter kit (smooth)

Posted by Danny on Oct 22nd 2020

Overall its fine. Pipe is like I expected. Sort of early 70s dime store/ cardboard display feel. I’m totally ok with that. That’s what I remember as a kid. My first pipe was purchased new in ’85 from a mom and pops store, and was similar to this quality.
Im not sure what wood this is. It does get fairly hot.
Tobacco sample given was a generous plug of a toasted Virginian blend. It is very mild, but has an aftertaste of marshmallow in my pallete. Its just a tad more interesting than 1Q. I’m glad it was selected for me.
The tool is useful.
Overall I’m ok with my purchase.


Posted by J on Sep 28th 2020

Awesome kit. Comes with every you need to get started, all you is a few matches and you’re off. I had never bought my own pipe before and even my grandfather who is a 40+ year pipe smoker, approved of this one.

A Fantastic Starter Kit

Posted by Nate on Aug 26th 2020

If you’re wanting to see if pipe-smoking is right for you, I highly recommend this kit. It’s affordable and has everything you need to get started. The pipe is a little cheap, but hey when the whole bundle is this great price you can’t really expect much more.

Good kit

Posted by Perry Hack on Jul 18th 2020

This was my first pipe. The tobacco was good. I’ve smoked cigars for 20 + years and really liked this more.

Great for a noob

Posted by Barry on Jul 14th 2020

As a brand new person to pipes, this little kit is a perfect way to start.

Cup O Joe’s Pipe starter kit

Posted by David on Jun 8th 2020

Good starter set. Pipe is good at this price point. Everything you need to start pipe smoking. Would recommend it.

Good for the price

Posted by Caleb on Jun 2nd 2020

This is a solid starter kit and I loved the Black Raspberry Tobacco that they put in it. The pipe is inexpensive and the stem is very tight taking it on and off, that was the only negative. Overall this was a good purchase because I had never smoked a pipe before and it got me started. I do plan on getting a better quality pipe in the future though.

Great set!!

Posted by Jacob on Apr 22nd 2020

This is a great little starter set. Pipe quality is nice and I liked the sealed container it came with. Well worth it!

Pipe Starter Kit assembled by Cup O' Joes, for the person who'd like to get smoking

The beginner’s pipe smoking starter kit [everything you need for $40 or less]

Before you start smoking a pipe, know what you’re doing. It’s not like cigarette smoking, but it’s not without risk, especially if you inhale (which you should never do anyways) or if you smoke a ton (always a possibility if you tend toward making vices habits). As with many similar pursuits, moderation and wisdom are key to enjoying the pipe over the long haul.

You need to know that you can get a great great smoking pipe for cheap to start with. Don’t believe the hype about expensive gear. If/when you decide pipe smoking is for you can invest in higher end and more artistic pipes.

Choose a pipe:

I recommend a straight vs bent stem to begin with, because they’re easier to clean.

You need a butane lighter with a soft flame, or matches. Any standard Bic will do. Personally, I like the Bic minis for portability. No torch lighters; they can can damage the pipe.

Get some pipe cleaners and some rubbing alcohol to clean your pipe.

Round out your starter kit with a Czech pipe tool – small and durable.

As far as tobacco goes, I recommend you start with Lane BCA or 1Q. These are both aromatic tobaccos (usually sweet with added toppings for aroma). Get whichever sounds best to you to start.

When you can, add Orlik Golden Sliced (Virgina), and Peter Stokkebye Proper English (full disclosure, I haven’t tried this one myself but it is a well-reviewed, simple option). Virginias are bright, grassy, sometimes citrusy, and Englishes are usually a bit more savory, with a smokey wood flavor and sometimes incense-like aromas.

All of these are high-quality tobaccos that will give you a sense of the main “families” of tobacco (aromatics, Virginias, Englishes) and help you figure out what general flavor profiles you’d like to explore next. There are many more genres of pipe tobacco, and blends of families of tobacco as well, but this will get you started.

If you get all this, it should only set you back about $40 or so, plus shipping. Maybe even less.

How to smoke a pipe, demystified:

Load your tobacco however you want, just not too tight. I like to fill once to the top and press it halfway down the bowl, then fill to the top and press to 1/3 down the bowl, then fill one last time, pressing down to just below the rim.

Light the top of the tobacco once, then let it go out (this is a “char light”). Light it again, this time drawing the flame deeper in the bowl. Don’t be afraid or frustrated with relighting whenever you need to. You’ll get the hang of it, and relighting is just part of pipe smoking.

Don’t draw deeply the way you would on a cigar. Sips are where its at to avoid tongue bite and extract the most flavor. You want the smoke to be a cool as possible when it hits your mouth, so puff slowly.

When you’re done, empty the ash out of the bowl. You may need to gently(!) scrape some out. Run a pipe cleaner moistened with rubbing alcohol through the stem, then fold in half wipe out the bowl as needed.

YouTube is your friend for seeing all this stuff in action and getting ideas.

A note about filters: You don’t have to use the filter —I don’t! That said I did at the beginning and tons of people do on the regular. Filters can help reduce tongue bite by taking some of the moisture out of the smoke. Lots of people swear by them. I recommend trying with or without and seeing which you like best. I’ve been thinking of giving them another go in some of my pipes that accept filters myself. Replace every 3 smokes or so.

That’s really all there is to it–don’t overthink it, enjoy it!

The beginner’s pipe smoking starter kit [everything you need for $40 or less] Before you start smoking a pipe, know what you’re doing. It’s not like cigarette smoking, but it’s not without ]]>