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3 Tobacco Subscription Boxes to Try

Shopping online is a modern convenience.

There’s a lot of choice out there. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to get your quality goods from. You don’t know what they’ll be like until you get them in the mail.

There’s a way to get them all at once in a monthly package, to save you time and money.

Let’s take a look at three tobacco subscription boxes you need to try.

Check Out Pipes and Cigars

Pipes and Cigars are the number one online retailer for anything and everything to do with pipes and pipe tobacco. They have a specialized team that are experts in this field who only know how to source and produce the very best products.

They have a broad range of affordable products. These include and aren’t limited to pipes, cigars, tobacco and cigar accessories. Their collection of items available include all the trusted and well-known brands in the tobacco industry, so you are guaranteed quality with them.

Their complete kits involve everything you’ll need for an enjoyable tobacco experience. With the package, you get a pipe made out of chestnut, three blends that are best sellers on their website, a lighter and their regular pipe cleaners.

They also offer samplers. If you’re new to the world of pipe and tobacco, you can experiment with different flavors and discover your favorite with these. They have sample kits in all areas of their products, from smoking and tin pipes to pouch and bulk pipes. Each sampler kit includes at least three or four different tobacco flavors and brands.

With their help and assistance, you’ll pinpoint your favorite pipe and tobacco to smoke in no time.

Let’s Take a Look at Tinderbox

Tinder Box is one of the internet’s largest and finest purveyors of everything tobacco-related, from pipes to tobacco and everything in between.

Tinder Box supplies you with an extensive sampler pack that enables you to try out their very best tobacco products. This will help you to narrow down your personal preference and rule out the types of tobacco you don’t like.

Their first sampler is the mixed pipe tobacco sampler. This sampler kit contains two Aromatic mixtures of tobacco. These are called Captain Spice and Black Russian. The other two in this sampler kit are English style mixtures. These are named Connoisseur and Philosopher. Each tobacco sample comes in a pouch weighing one and a half ounces.

Their second sample pack contains aromatic tobacco. All of these tobaccos fall into the aromatic category. As well as containing Black Russian and Captain Spice like the first sampler pack, it also includes Royal Estate and Honey Maple.

With Tinder Box’s extensive sample packs, you’ll be able to smoke eight of their best-selling tobacco flavors. This way, you’ll know which one you like best, and be able to order it exclusively in the future.

Give Burn Box a Go

If you’re trying to find somewhere online where you can get all your green goods in one go, Burn Box is the place to be. Burn Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers high-quality smoking products in a discreet, convenient brown box.

With Burn Box, you have three different boxes and monthly subscriptions to choose from. The first is the Super Box. Then there is the Stay Classy Box. Finally, there is the Keep It Rollin’ Box. Each of these boxes is available on four different plans – one month, three months, six months or twelve months.

The box you get in the mail is quite small. However, this doesn’t mean they have left anything out. It’s still filled to the brim with smoking tools and accessories. It makes you feel like every dollar you’ve spent on this box has gone towards delivering quality items to your door.

Along with a glass pipe, you will receive other accessories that fit the adult demographic. You won’t find any colored or flavored papers. Instead, each box is full of practical items that you’re guaranteed to use at some point when smoking.

Tobacco Pipes and Accessories Subscription Boxes

With gas prices as high as they are, it’s often cheaper to buy the items you use every month online and have them delivered to your door. While you sometimes have to pay for shipping, it can easily equal what you would pay driving to the store.

Get on board with a tobacco subscription box and discover the convenience of receiving your monthly habit in the mail. All the best products delivered right to your door.

It's often hard to find new and exciting things to try when it comes to your tobacco hobby, right? Often we find something and stick to, but now you can try something new with these tobacco subscription boxes!

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