pipe won’t stay lit

Tobacco pipe won’t stay lit?

I just got a new corncob pipe and my issue is that it won’t stay lit. I tried the light, then more firm, then more firm packing method but it won’t stay lit more than three minutes. Any suggestions.

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Your packing your tobacco to tight. Try the three step method. Step one, gravity fill your pipe with your tobacco to the top, then tamp the tobacco down till it is half the height of your pipe. Then fill the pipe back to the top again with more tobacco. Tamp that down so its half the distance from the first tobacco pack to the top of the pipe. Then the third and final tobacco will take it to the top. Next comes lighting, you will do a false light first, then tamp the ash down just lightly. And you will have to re-light any pipe during the smoking process, its just the way pipe tobacco is. Pipe tobacco is all natural and has no chemicals added like cigarette tobacco does.

According to my handsome husband who was a pipe smoker before he was forced to quit due to diabetes problems, a corncob pipe would not be hard to let it stay lit when you have the proper technique to do it. He suggests that you fill it first lightly with your tobacco, then lit it and attain a good smoke. When a few minutes has passed, try to get out some ashes from the pipe and then fill it some more with tobacco. If the light is extinguished, lit it up and suck it a little to savor its aroma and continue smoking it until it is all over. The re-filling midstream is a guarantee that it would stay lit because the tobacco has already smouldered, sort of. Try it. Good luck to you, says my handsome husband and from me too. God bless.

I would start out with fresh tobacco if I was you. What might be in your best interests is to get pipes with some smaller bowls if you cannot finish smoking the tobacco in your current pipes.

I just got a new corncob pipe and my issue is that it won't stay lit. I tried the light, then more firm, then more firm packing method but it won't stay lit more than three minutes. Any suggestions.

Mister Moo’s: The Ultimate “My Pipe Won’t Stay Lit!” Thread

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Original post by Mister Moo.

Inability to keep a pipe lit seems to be the #1 problem for new guys. There is good news and bad news.

The good news! Einstein could smoke a pipe and you can smoke a pipe. I am thick-headed but I still figured it out. I couldn’t keep a pipe lit to save my life when I got serious about pipe tobacco. It was definitely harder than keeping a cigar lit and, for me, quite frustrating. Now, I routinely smoke a pipe to ash (or nearly to ash) without much attention to relighting after an initial light, charring, tamp and relight. Yeah, so sure, there are a few relights now and again depending on tobacco moisture, the specific pipe, flake vs. ribbon and how much attention I’m paying – but let’s just say “frustrating” relights are a thing of the past.

The bad news! Hah. There isn’t any. It just takes a while to learn the ropes. Here are Old Fart Top Tips to make relighting frustration a thing of the past.

1. Don’t sweat it for, say, a year. There is a learning curve.
2. A definition of “crazy” is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. If you constantly have relighting hassles change something.
3. There is great wisdom in starting out with a Missouri Meerschaum Legend and a tub of Carter Hall. Virtually all Old Farts employ or respect this combo. This benchmark creates a clear common language to troubleshoot problems. If you smoke 10 different pipes with 10 different tobaccos we can try, but; if you start out with Prince Albert or Sir Walter Raleigh or Carter Hall or Half & Half in a Missouri Meerschaum Legend we know exactly what you’re talking about.
4. Get your tobacco right. Most tobacco comes three ways – too wet, too dry and just right. Test tobacco with a pinch. If it crumbles it’s too dry. If it flattens it’s too wet. If it flattens and springs back it’s probably just right.
5. Got a new briar? Many new pipe smokers do. Here’s the deal. The bottom half will be harder to keep dry (and burning) than that of a caked, broken-in, pipe. See #1, above. Give it some time and, definitely, smoke only half-bowls to lessen the moisture soaking into the heel of the pipe. Too much moisture will prevent the pipe from burning nicely. A wet pipe will encourage a new guy to relight, without hope or joy, over and over.
6. Hint of moisture in your pipe mid-smoke? You can swab out a pipe stem with a pipe cleaner mid-smoke. You don’t need to wait until the pipe is kaput to swab it.
7. It’s all in the fill. Fill your pipe half- to 3/4 full evenly, don’t “pack” it. Whatever fill method you use, don’t restrict the draw to more than a light resistance – like sipping on a straw. If your pipe gets “packed” you will suck your cheeks off, burn your tongue and your pipe will keep going out; don’t even think about poking holes in this kind of wad with a pipe tool – it’s a wasted effort. If the draw becomes too free, tamp very lightly to encourage continued burning. There is a balance between proper filling, sipping on lit tobacco and tamping. It is like sliding down a razorblade if you’re inexperienced. A little attention to this balance will sort it out soon enough.
8. When you light a pipe, don’t pussyfoot. Light the darn thing all the way across the top of the pipe. If, on a first light, the tobacco fluffs up and quickly goes out, that’s normal. Tamp gently and relight thoroughly. If the pipe won’t stay lit reread 1-7.

Original post by Mister Moo. Inability to keep a pipe lit seems to be the #1 problem for new guys. There is good news and bad news. The good news…