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Pipes and stuff

We are a family-owned professional tobacco shop. Paul and Pat Schwab started the business in 1977. After Paul’s death in 2002, Jeff left law enforcement to work with his mother in operating the shop. We specialize in imported premium cigars, the best brands of pipes and have a tobacco bar with 25 blends of pipe tobacco we blend ourselves from Paul’s recipes. Tobacconists, Jeff and Pat Schwab and staff offer expert advice on cigars and pipes. Schwabs Pipes n’ Stuff is a long time member of TAA and IPCPR.


We have always been a major pipe dealer because Paul Schwab smoked a pipe primarily. We carry both Briar and Meerschaum.
Our Briar pipes are by traditional pipe carvers and originate from England, France, Ireland, Denmark and Italy. We carry artist carved Meerschaums from Turkey.
We have all styles of pipes such as: standard bowls, Free Hands, and Churchwardens with assorted finishes. We also have pipe racks, tobacco jars, tobacco pouches, pipe cleaners, pipe lighters, reamers and pipe tools.

Our popular pipe brands include:


Our cigars are kept fresh in a humidor room measuring 16ft x 26ft.

Our popular cigar brands include:

Fuente’ Drew Estate Oliva
Ashton Tatujae Macanudo
Padron Cohiba Punch
Davidoff Kristoff La Gloria
My Father Brick House Monte Cristo
La Flor Dominicana Rocky Patel Miami Cigar

Our cigars come mainly from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. These cigars are hand rolled by cigar rollers that come from families where this is a tradition.

We have a good selection of humidor boxes for your cigars, cigar lighters, tools, ash trays, cigar matches, humidifiers and smoke exterminator candles – everything for your smoking pleasure.

Hand Crafted Pipe Tobacco

Our tobacco bar has approximately 25 blends of tobacco that we have blended ourselves for 30 years. We order straight tobacco in bulk from the manufacturing companies. This tobacco comes in five-pound bags and we do our mixtures in an electrified concrete mixer in our back room according to our private recipes. We have a mixture for every taste from our English blend to our other flavors. We use assorted Cavendishes, Burleys, Virginias, Latakias, Orientals and Perique.

Shaving Stuff For The Discriminating

All of our straight razors, double edged razors and blades come from Solingen, Germany. We also have an assortment of fine brushes, soaps, strops, beard wax, combs and shaving mugs.

Our Gallery

Smoking Lounge

Featuring a TV for business news, current affairs and sports and Wi-fi for computers.


Our patio is private and both covered and uncovered depending on your preference. There is also a firepit for chilly days.


Our store is easily located and has plenty of parking. It is a 3,000 sq. ft. free standing shop on Southland Dr. that we built in 2012

Satisfied Customers

Friendly Service

I was a newcomer to pipe smoking when I first went to Schwab’s. The atmosphere was and is still great: friendly, and smokey the way such a place should be.

The owner is not only ready to share any number of stories, but is also excited about his craft. He set me up with everything I needed to get started and even has a classy old pamphlet on hand to give me the basic knowledge I needed to get started.

I have since taken three friends into the store to introduce them and get them accustom to this new pastime of mine. It’s nice to know there are still stores that cater to men and offer the tools for classical men’s society. What a great group of folks!

Love this place!

I have been going here for years off and on. I remember when it used to be in the old Lexington Mall, the customer service is still excellent! Have gone in there to try new cigars & the owner is really cool & pointed out some suggestions. Got a cigar cutter & great lighter there. I came in the new store recently to get some dry snuff, & the owner was super nice as usual & really welcoming. Great store, really cool atmosphere & tobacco items. Best tobacco-related specialty store in town.

Nice Athmosphere

This is a really homey place, owned by a couple of really nice guys, who are always ready to chat and tell stories. While it’s not the biggest or fanciest, it’s friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to enjoy a cigar with some friends.

Pipes and stuff We are a family-owned professional tobacco shop. Paul and Pat Schwab started the business in 1977. After Paul’s death in 2002, Jeff left law enforcement to work with his mother


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Pipes And Stuff XX

We’re hiring for a part time position! Looking for someone with sales and customer service experience! If you’re interested drop off a resume.

Pipes And Stuff XX

Pipes And Stuff XX

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