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The Most Expensive Bong(s) In The World

Yeah, ok that $15 pipe you picked up down at the gas station is nice and all but you could be smoking out of something a bit… more. A basic bong will do the job, sure, but if you aren’t smoking out of a five foot tall platinum encrusted water pipe shaped like a Sumerian death goddess then what are you even doing with your life?

…W ell, likely saving money that can be spent on more weed, but we digress (for now). The world of glass blowing and pipe making is one filled with fragile, expensive, and in many cases breathtakingly beautiful artwork. In today’s article we’ve compiled a whole bunch of the world’s most expensive smoking devices for your viewing pleasure – Bongs, dab rigs, and pipes alike.

Most of these are out of most anyone’s price range, not to mention already sold to private buyers, but if you’re thinking about becoming a collector these might give you some inspiration on where to start out; even if they’re a bit financially out of reach at the very least we can all appreciate this look into the beautiful world of glass pipes together. Let’s dive in!

Would you believe that the most expensive bong in the world was worth $1,000,000? Check out these 12 glass pieces that will blow your mind!

Artsy Bongs With an Expensive Price Tag

If your pockets are itching to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars (or, more realistically, if you want to window shop for some one percenter bling), look no further than these high-end bongs. Each is unique, creative, and has price tags that will make your eyes pop.

Some on this list were featured at Grey Space Art in New York City (now touring the U.S.). Grey Space is a functional glass art gallery that pulls in hundreds of creatives and collectors around the world. Others are on display around the U.S. in galleries or collectors’ homes. All are functional, gorgeous works of art that any cannabis aficionado could hit.

Fab Egg Collab

(Photo courtesy of Dude Grows)

This Mothership Glass piece was a collaborative design by Sagan Glass and Scott Deppe. The Fab Egg Collab sold at auction in January 2016 for $101,000. This isn’t the only high-end design Mothership produces – their $5,000 – $30,000 works are so popular that when a new piece is about to drop, many wait in long lines or camp outside of certain stores just to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind piece that is rarely (if ever) replicated.

Pirate Ship

The Illuzion glass pirate ship pipe is a collaborative piece by Buck Glass, LaceFace Glass, and Joe O’Connell. It was constructed in 2010, completed at Cornerstone Glass in Eugene, Oregon, and is now on display at the Illuzion Glass Gallery in Denver, Colorado. This $30,000 piece is complete with six cannons that act as dry pipes and an eerie yet beautiful mermaid figurehead. Its shape and color is reminiscent of any childhood imaginings of the Dread Pirate Roberts.


The most expensive pipe on this list goes to Banjo and Joe Peters’ Sedna, which is priced at $300,000 and is one of the most expensive pieces featured at Grey Space Art. Sedna is an underwater humanoid boasting intricate detail and ocean scenes that are so lifelike that it’s hard to look away from this unparalleled design.

Hayabusa Satellite

Another feature at Grey Space Art is the $110,000 piece by Sagan Glass (who also collaborated on the Fab Egg Collab above). The Hayabusa Satellite bong pulls inspiration straight from Japan’s own Hayabusa spacecraft that was built in 2003 by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. It’s a high-priced piece of functional art that is sure to excite any space enthusiast.

The Skull

Last but not least is an honorary mention to Scott Deppe and Mr. Gray Glass’s $100,000 collaborative skull hookah. Adorned in gold cannabis leaves with a glittering grin, this jewel-accented piece has become a widely sought after fan favorite.

If your pockets are itching to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, check out these cool, artistic, but very expensive high-end bongs. ]]>