plasma pipes

Plasma cutting of metal. Thermal.

Plasma cutting of metal. Thermal.

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Plasma cutting of metal. Thermal.

Plasma cutting is among the core lines performed by LLC “SavVATS”. We provide metal cutting and metal plates cutting services. Our company is equipped with a powerful plant for highly-precise thermal and plasma metal cutting.

Advantages of thermal metal cutting line:

•This production line enables the steel cutting of 1…200mm thickness and of the part maximal length 12 m;
•The highly-precise equipment provides the high quality cutting;
•The multipurpose metal cutting of parts is available, accelerating in its turn the cutting process and the order execution;
•Small and large parts of any complexity configuration can be cut.

This method is notable for the high productivity, economy, effectiveness, simplicity and reliability.

The plasma cutting technique was developed over 50 years ago and gained a widespread currency due to its simple use. Plasma cutter requires neither additive for precious metal processing nor gas cylinder permanent refilling. This technology requires only electricity, air, electrodes and nozzles. The metal cutting is performed by means of constricted electrical arc thermal melting and the further removal of fluid metal with plasma flow.

We perform the pattern cutting from metal sheets against the customer’s order. The shaped parts cutting of any complexity from metal sheets in correspondence with your drawings and drafts is at your disposal. Our up-to-date CNC equipment for plasma cutting enables the patterns cutting with the maximal accuracy and minimal metal residues. The cost of your order depends on the thickness of metal sheet to be cut, the scope of cutting works and of your order urgency. We can additionally remove slag from the metal edges

Plasma cutting is one of the main areas of the company. We offer thermal cutting services for ferrous metal and metal plates.