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Mini Bongs

Looking for a more discreet way to enjoy your smoke? SmokeDay has mini water pipes and bongs that give you the same feel and impact as a traditional-sized bong. With a mini water pipe, you’ll find the 5-inch bong gives you just as much smoke without hesitation. Our mini water bongs come in glass or acrylic with some models using a glass-on-glass design. Some of our mini water pipes have no need for a downstem as they use a chillum as the bowl catch.

Smoke Day features an extensive line of mini water pipes that will give you a satisfying smoke experience. Mini water bongs are a functional way to smoke as they offer easy storage and cleaning. You’ll find these bongs more affordable than a traditional bong with the option to replace the glass if it is broken or damaged.

We carry the top brands including Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg Pounds, Mountain Jam Glass Company, and many more. We guarantee you’ll find a mini water bong that fits your needs as well as your smoke style. We accept returns on all unused products, giving you the option to buy with confidence.

Our mini water pipes will fit anyone’s budget as we over a significant range of options to choose from. Available in a variety of price offerings, you are sure to find a mini water bong to meet your smoking requirements as well as being cost-conscious.

You’ll find the smoke impact from a mini water bong is generous and mighty. You’ll feel the hit and get a large inhale of smoke. Many find our mini water pipes will provide with a pleasurable smoke experience without too much or too little smoke.

SmokeDay also offers a large collection of cool mini glass pipes in a full array of colors and styles. We even have mini bong gift sets and a series of cool options that will help you get your smoke on. Start shopping our full range of mini water pipes now.

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