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This weed company just made a smart bong and it’s awesome

When technical advancements combine with legal cannabis, you get a smart bong.

Cannabis company Puffco announced a new product on Monday that takes your standard, everyday run-of-the-mill bong, and brings it right into 2018. The Puffco Peak is a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape, but the best part is that it incorporates water filtration — it’s a smart bong, dude.

Dubbed the “first-ever smart rig for concentrate consumers,” the Peak heats up in just 20 seconds and operates completely wirelessly, making handoffs a breeze. The rig has four pre-programmed heat settings, as well as a “boost mode” to clear out any leftover concentrates so nothing goes to waste.

Dab rigs have been a huge trend in the cannabis world since Colorado voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012. The concept is pretty simple, though it can be a bit intimidating for a beginner. Instead of using cannabis flower, a dab rig takes use of cannabis concentrates, which often come in wax form. The wax is heated using a heated coil, instead of a flame, which delivers a cleaner and more pure form of extracting THC.

It also gets you stoned out of your mind.

Dab rigs can be hooked up to most bongs with little modification, but they’re big, bulky, and require a power source. It basically looks like a science experiment.

But the Peak is small enough to hold in your hand, and you’re not bound to an outlet while using it.

One of the more impressive features on the Peak is the Intelligent Temperature Calibration. According to a Puffco, the feature “allows the device to maintain a consistent experience when sharing with friends. If the device was just used, it pivots its heat setting to account for the change in temperature, and delivers an adjusted heat cycle for the next person, guaranteeing quality flavor and vapor each time.”

Of course with anything battery-powered, you’ll have to recharge it. Puffco says the Peak charges to full power in just two hours, which is good for 30 or more cycles. Heat cycles and battery level are indicated using and LED light band, and changes for settings are indicated with haptic feedback.

The Puffco Peak will be available for preorder on Jan. 15. Info on pricing was not immediately available.

The Puffco Peak is a smart bong that just made dabbing way easier.

Power bong

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