power hitter pipe for sale

Power hitter pipe for sale

The ultimate in smoking accessories!

Wondering how to party like a rock star? The PowerHitter™ blasts a steady stream of smoke into your melon. Get’s you higher faster without wasting any smoke. Just a perfect Power Hit every time.

Share with your friends. Since the PowerHitter™ is virtually unbreakable, you can literally toss it across the room – giving new meaning to ‘passing the joint’.


“The first time I used the power hitter was back in the ‘70’s in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show. After I smoked an entire joint by myself in three minutes, I knew I had to have one of my own.

For the next ten years, I carried my power hitter with me everywhere – from hundreds of festivals and concerts to whitewater rafting the Colorado River to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, my power hitter was a constant companion…until it blew away out to sea at Maho beach in St Maarten — where the airplanes literally land over your head just off the beach. Crazy as it sounds, the jet wash blew the power hitter out of my hands and into the distant surf and out to sea. I looked and waited until I knew we could not wait any longer. Such a sad day.

I looked everywhere for a replacement for over a decade, but power hitters were almost impossible to find. Thankfully, an eBay listing for a vintage version ended my search many years later – but as soon as I opened the package, I began to wonder how such an awesome product could be so hard to track down and slip into relative obscurity. That’s when I made the decision to resurrect and modernize the original design and enable a new generation of smokers to enjoy the PowerHitter™ experience for themselves.

Try it yourself – once you take a PowerHitter™ hit, you’ll never want to smoke a joint traditionally again.”

Be the first in 40+ years to own a brand new Power Hitter! The ultimate way to smoke. Smoke anywhere-even in the wind. Just roll up a smoke, insert it into the holder, screw on the cap, squeeze the bottle, and enjoy a Power Hit. Pre-order Limited Editions Now!