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Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-Roll joints are one of the best ways that you can enjoy your marijuana without having the hassles of preparation. A lot of people opt for buying pre-rolls for convenience. It is far easier to take a pre-roll out in a joint container than it is to roll when you are out, especially if you are going on a trip, or if you are going to a friend’s house.

As well as being convenient, this way of smoking requires pre-roll packaging that can properly contain the joint. If not, you can risk it getting damaged by water and not being able to smoke the joint, also, you will risk it being cut or snapped in half. If you accidentally sit on your joint then you may have wasted money.

Another reason for a joint container or a joint holder case is if you are unable to roll your marijuana joints. Marijuana is prescribed as a medicinal product for a lot of conditions such as parkinson’s disease which can make rolling very difficult. Pre-rolls can take all of these issues away from the customer, but only if you have good quality pre-roll packaging to offer.

Our pre-roll cones can enable you to take multiple options out and about with you but they protect more from the environment (such as items getting wet) than things like crushing your joints accidentally.

Pre Roll Joint Packaging

116mm Glass Screw Top Preroll Tube

116mm Opaque Child Resistant Black Preroll Tube

116mm Translucent Child Resistant Clear Preroll Tube

126mm Glass Corkscrew Top Preroll Tube

84/26mm Classic White Cone

The Best Pre-Roll Packaging For Your Dispensary

If you go for pre-roll cones, you can give a little more protection by using a joint holder case, which can contain multiple pre-rolled joints for you to enjoy, you don’t need to roll every time you need to smoke. Customers will want some form of protection and pre-roll cones can provide.

A joint container can also come in the form of pre-roll tubes. These are more hard-wearing, and can be purchased as either translucent models so you can see the contents, or as opaque pre-roll tubes. These can be made out of glass, with either screw-top or cork toppings. They can also come as opaque tubes. Our 116mm tubes are sized for extended pre-rolls, such as king-sized cones and vape cartridges.

One of the benefits of the opaque joint container packaging is the fact that it is childproof and also stops any intrigue about what is inside as you cannot see the contents. Also, the opaque design looks great with customized branding. Why not put your brand name or logo on the side and sell pre-rolls from your dispensary or smoke shop? As these are transported a lot they can help to spread the word about your cannabis business.

If you have any questions about our pre-roll packaging or how it might be able to help your customers then feel free to get in touch today. If you are wondering about branding, check out our custom packaging page for more information about what we can offer, turnaround times and how these products protect cannabis products.


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