pulsar curve

Light curve of Crab Pulsar

In this diagram, the time increases along the abscissa axis (1 pixel = 1.2 msec) and the momentary intensity (uncalibrated) is along the ordinate axis. One full revolution of the neutron star corresponds to the distance from one high peak to the next, and the diagram therefore covers six consecutive revolutions (about 200 milliseconds). Following thorough testing, this new observing mode will allow to investigate the brightness variations of this and many other objects in great detail in order to gain new and fundamental insights in the physical mechanisms that produce the radiation pulses. In addition, it is foreseen to do high time resolution spectroscopy of rapidly varying phenomena. Pushing it to the limits with an 8.2-m telescope like KUEYEN will be a real challenge to the observers that will most certainly lead to great and exciting research projects in various fields of modern astrophysics.

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Vape Review: Pulsar Curve

Frankensteins Lab Leader

about 2 months ago, I bought a Pulsar Curve vaporizer. I liked the size for stealth and with an ebay price under $50, ( I got mine for $37.89 shipped ), I decided to try one. Retail on vape sites is $109
I like inexpensive vapes for travel, if for some reason you have to ditch it, its not such a big loss money wise. And Pulsar seems to have a decent rep.

It comes in nice packaging. Besides the vaporizer, the box contains a USB power cable with a mini powerjack on the vaporizer end, and a standard USB connect on the other. The cable is rather short, but not unusable. Included also are a packing tool and a cleaning brush. The cleaning brush also functions to help change the screen. More on that later.

First time charge takes a couple hours. Once charged, the Curve heats to temp in about 20-30 seconds! Very fast warm up, and its ready to use right then! First one I’ve used that was usable as soon as it reached set temp!

The Curve has a smart design. The herb chamber is straight thru the vape and completely sealed. There is a silicone plug in the bottom, and the mouth piece on top unscrews to reveal the chamber. Yuo empty it by using the packing tool and push the herb out the bottom, once the plug has been removed. Run the brush thru once or twice and its clean!

The chamber hold probably close to .5 grams. However, I recommend only filling 3/4 full. Even so, this over .3 grams! I don’t fill it full so as to keep weed particles from plugging the mouth piece. Fill from the top. You’ll want to use the filling tool, I also bought a three pack of stylus at the dollar store that are perfect to use as a packing tool for this! That way, if I lose the tool, I have spares!. But most anything that will fit in the chamber will work.

The Chamber is tall and narrow, making it a little slow to load. I pinch some weed and holding my fingers over the chamber, I roll the weed gently between my finger and dribble the weed into the opening. If you drop too much, the opening plugs and you use the packing tool to push it in. I pack the chamber moderately. This helps keep it from plugging the mouth piece and increases the vapor volume.

This is a high draw resistance type vape, which I normally don’t like. I’ve learned to tolerate it however. This is a stealthy little vape! And it looks alot like the box mods ejuice vapers use, so even if its seen, it draws less attention. This vape take some getting use to as to draw, but “sipping” style works well.

If the mouth piece plugs, simply unscrew it, blow hard thru it, and screw it back on! The mouth piece is actually, two parts, the mouth piece, and a small cylinder the holds the screen and controls airflow. The cylinder is held in the mouth piece by a silicone O-ring. Simply pull the cylinder out to clean, and change the screen.

And changing the screen is very easy! The brush that comes with it, had a small tip on it. you poke this thru the end of the cylinder with the small airhole, and poke the screen out. the screen is held in place by a recess machined into the cylinder, you just push gently and the screen pops right into place!

The Curve has three temperature settings: 370F, 410F, and 450F. I really doubt those temps are accurate, but it does work well at all temps. I like to use mine set to 410F. At this temp, the Curve produces plenty of tasty vapor! In fact, I was surprised by the vapor production, this little vape hits well! It hits better than any other cheap vape I’ve used, and as well and several expensive units. The vapor is warm, but not hot as the heater seems to be at the bottom of the chamber. I figure this as the avb is darker at the bottom. You can get a good number of hits from this too! 10-14 hits is average for me.

Battery life is not long, but considering how small this is, its to be expected. The Curve has a digital temperature gauge and battery monitor. Each time you start up, it tells you the percent of battery life left. It kicks off below 50%. I can get four cessions from one batter charge, 5 or 6 if I st it to 370 and take a few quick hits.

The power button requires 5 clicks to turn it on or off. Once it is on, you change the temp by pressing and holding the power button, until you see the temp change, then just release the button.

Overall, this is really a quite nice vape if your looking for something small and stealthy!

Stealthy and small
fast warmup
good vapor production
feels good in your hand
All metal construction

Short battery life
needs better temp selections
o-ring on the screen cylinder fragile, you may want to see where to get some replacements, maybe the hardware store?

about 2 months ago, I bought a Pulsar Curve vaporizer. I liked the size for stealth and with an ebay price under $50, ( I got mine for $37.89 shipped ), I…