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Combining the Passeo-18 Lux Drug-Coated Balloon and the Pulsar-18 Bare Metal Stent: 12- and 24-Month Outcomes of the BIOLUX 4EVER Investigator-Initiated Trial.

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To report the outcomes after treating stenotic or occluded femoropopliteal lesions with a drug-coated balloon (DCB) followed by the implantation of a thin-strut self-expanding bare metal stent in the BIOLUX 4EVER trial ( identifier NCT02211664).The prospective, multicenter, physician-initiated BIOLUX 4-EVER trial was conducted at 5 centers in Belgium and enrolled 120 patients (mean age 70.9±10.5 years; 79 men) with symptomatic stenotic or occluded de novo femoropopliteal lesions. A fifth of the patients had diabetes mellitus and nearly half had previous peripheral artery interventions. The lesions were a mean 83.3±49.5 mm long with a mean reference vessel diameter of 5.26±0.59 mm. Lesions were treated with a Passeo-18 Lux DCB followed by the implantation of a Pulsar-18 bare metal stent. Follow-up visits were conducted at 1, 6, 12, and 24 months postprocedure; the main outcome was primary patency at 12 months.Technical success was obtained in all patients. Primary patency was observed in 89.9% of patients (95% CI 84.0% to 95.8%) at 12 months and in 83.5% at 24 months (95% CI 89.9% to 97.3%), and freedom from target lesion revascularization was 93.6% (95% CI 89.9% to 97.3%) and 86.1% (95% CI 79.9% to 92.3%), respectively. Ten patients died throughout the course of the trial (90.7% survival at 24 months), all of noncardiovascular causes. The ankle-brachial index improved from 0.68±0.09 at baseline to 0.93±0.11 and 0.93±0.12 at 12- and 24-month follow-up visits (p –>

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To report the outcomes after treating stenotic or occluded femoropopliteal lesions with a drug-coated balloon (DCB) followed by the implantation of a