purple vaporizer

Purple vaporizer

1 Percent found that the quality of the vaporizer as well as service provided by Ploom for the Pax were both severely lacking. Numerous problems surfaced in a matter of weeks including one incident where they refused warranty service and literally made one of our customers cry (sweet girl). That doesn’t work for us. Plus the whole Made in China, overpriced, many flaws, a non starter.

If you’re in the market for a Portable Vaporizer, check out the many quality models we carry from trustworthy companies. If already willing to spend on a Pax2 a better choice is the #1 Rated Portable from the company that brought you the Volcano; the Crafty Vaporizer. Made in Germany instead of China and it works with both flower and concentrates.

All of our top rated vaporizers include a Free Space Case Grinder & Free UPS Shipping (cont US only). (Just not the Pax Vaporizer anymore)

In conclusion, The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom may be a vaporizer that fits in a pocket, is shiny and delivers some vapor but based on our brief experience with this product and the company behind it, we cannot recommend this Vaporizer.

The Pax Vaporizer may include:
1 Pax Unit with 1 Screen
1 Mouthpiece and 1 Lid
1 AC Wall Charger Dock
1 Small Cleaning Kit (5 Pipe Cleaners & 5 Cleaning Wipes)
2 packets of Mouthpiece Lubricant
1 Pax Instruction Manual

How it Works
Load herbal blends into the Pax Vape oven and lightly tamp down. Power on Pax by pressing in the retractable mouthpiece and allowing it to spring in to the “On” position. The Pax indicator light will turn green once ready to go. If you want to adjust the temp just remove the mouthpiece to reveal temperature button and cycle through presets as needed.

Vaporization Temperatures
Pax features 3 temperature presets for optimal vaporization. Remove the Pax mouthpiece to access the temperature button and cycle through presets according to the

LED indicator color:
Yellow: 370 °F (188 °C)
Orange: 390 °F (199 °C)
Red: 410 °F (210 °C)

Pax should be cleaned on a regular basis. Remove the mouthpiece and soak it in soap and water. Let mouthpiece dry before replacing. Remove the mouthpiece and oven lid to clean the Pax body. Start with a moistened cleaning tool using the supplied alcohol wipe. Insert moistened cleaning tool into the vapor pathway, starting at the mouthpiece end, and then pushing out the oven screen. To clean Pax oven, oven lid, and screen, use a moistened bent cleaning tool or moistened cotton swab to remove residue. Screens can be replaced as needed (depending on volume of herbal material used). Apply some lubricant after every cleaning session.

Measures 4 1/8 ” x 1.4” x 7/8”. Anodized aluminum exterior providing strength and durability. Medical grade stainless steel air chamber.

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is an ultra-portable vaporizer available in Amethyst Purple at 1 Percent. Free Space Case Grinder and Free Shipping with each vape. Fast shipping and secure online ordering of the best vaporizers since 1995

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Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer – Purple (Out of Stock)


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Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer – Purple (Out of Stock)

Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer


      • True convection ceramic chamber
      • Slip-on mouthpiece heat guard
      • 40 second heat up time
      • 1600mAh lithium ion battery
      • 5 graduated heat levels (356°-428°F)

The Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer is a portable, affordable vape at an incredible price! Give your customers palm-sized portability that goes anywhere they dare. The APX means the highest level, and with true convection heat at a price that can’t be beat, these little vapes set the bar very high!

Features include a 10x16mm ceramic chamber for even heating and great vapor, a 5-click power function, 5-minute auto turnoff time, a unique wax & oil concentrate tank.

The The APX Limited Edition Series includes THC Molecule, Camo Leaf, and Ras Terms designs.

*This product may not be eligible for further discounts. Please contact your Sales Rep for further details.

The kit includes 1 vaporizer, 1 mouthpiece, 1 USB charge cord, tweezers, 1 wax tool, 1 cleaning brush, 4 replacement screens, 1 wax and thick oil concentrate tank, and 1 user manual. The APX is covered by a 6 month end user warranty. Everything comes packaged in a reusable gift box.

Free Shipping! On Orders of $100 or More Home Vaporizers Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer – Purple (Out of Stock) Pulsar® APX Dry Herb Vaporizer – Purple (Out of Stock)