push trees grinder

Push Trees x RAW Rolling Tray

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Push Trees x RAW Rolling Tray

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Push Trees x RAW Rolling Tray

PUSH TREES Rock Grey Edition

  • Unique Design and collaboration with PUSH TREES
  • Special Push Trees Logo on top and inside
  • CNC machined, hand assembled, hand polished
  • Patent-Pending Magnet lock system (truly thread-less)
  • Patent-Pending Airtight Seal (smell-proof and water-proof)
  • 3 Layer design – 4 part construction
  • Screw-less changeable mesh
  • Made in California, USA
  • QUBUS comes with LIFETIME warranty.
  • Includes one extra o-ring.
  • Description
  • Additional information
  • Reviews (3)


Cube-shaped design helps users grip the grinder much more efficiently, as the geometry allows for a better grip, while also remaining comfortable. Circular grinders encourage slipping and awkward handling, while the QUBUS’ shape allows for rounded edges to catch comfortably, resulting in a much more efficient and easier use than other grinders.

One of the biggest issues that arise with grinders are contents building up on the thread s, making it harder to close and harder to achieve a full seal. The QUBUS was designed with a 4-point magnet design which allows the grinder to close and seal completely, eliminating the possibility of build up ruining the mechanism. The magnets along with the O-ring allow the users to easily twist and remove the bottom piece which makes it much easier to access the contents than conventional thread lock grinders.

Strong N48 magnets and O-rings create a strong, airtight seal which is guaranteed to keep contents secure and fresh for an extended amount of time compared to traditional grinders. This design also allows for users to quickly and easily open the grinder while maintaining a full seal each time. Threaded designs allow for air to escape, which makes contents stale and allows smells to escape as well. QUBUS maintains a smell-proof seal which allows users to remain discrete while keeping contents fresh.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

3 reviews for PUSH TREES Rock Grey Edition

420Twisted – April 25, 2020

Great grinder only thing I have to say is that after a lot of use you either have to clean the O-Rings or replace them but that’s not hard

Modern Jesus – May 11, 2020

Great grinder for someone who smokes a lot of blunts/grinds A LOT OF bud. The grinder holds a lot of bud too so for all you joint roller/stuffers out there, keep that in mind. 100% smell proof cuz my mom thinks its a “paperweight”. My only complaint is that the magnets may weaken throughout use (not to where its non-useable) but all you have to do is clean it w isopropyl alcohol & a rag or soak the whole grinder in zep or acetone. Probably once every 10-12 mo if you smoke a lot a lot. The actual shred of the bud is great for blunts, as i was saying. However, some weed tends to get stuck in the prongs becuz of the magnet style and o-ring. Not a big deal at all considering i roll up tobacco leaves, but some people may find that annoying (friends that have used my qubus). Nonetheless the fucking thing is worth every penny $ wont break until you lose it. Yep thats the only way to break this thing is to lose it. Actually.

dylandayalleman – September 12, 2020

Qubus has changed the game. I’ve had my grinder for over a year. I have zero complaints about it and a plethora of compliments on my “weapon” of a grinder.. haha.

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PUSH TREES Rock Grey Edition Unique Design and collaboration with PUSH TREES Special Push Trees Logo on top and inside CNC machined, hand assembled, hand polished