pyramid pipe

Pyramid pipe

When transporting pipe from yard-to-yard or yard-to-rail, strip loading is preferred because pipe can be loaded and unloaded via forklift and in larger quantities. This loading formation allows for the maximum pieces of pipe per truck load, given the size and weight of the pipe.

Pyramid Loaded: Yard or Warehouse to Jobsite Transport

On the jobsite, trucks often require maneuverability to navigate through obstacles and must be able to accommodate lifting options other than a forklift. For example, sometimes pipe is unloaded by a vacuum lift on site in order to prevent damage to the pipe coating. With a vacuum lift, there can be a risk of the pipe rolling, which is mitigated through the pyramid load, where pipe sits within the grooves of one another.

Pipe Load Chart – Standard U.S. Truck Load

The chart below is a guide when determining the number of pieces of pipe that will fit on a truck. This is based on standard U.S. truck size.
These numbers are based on using a max weight fit of 45,000 lbs., load width:

102″h, and weight based on 40′ lengths pipe.

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SIZE O.D.(Inches)

0.154 293 44,197


*This information is to be used as a guide only, and shows maximum pieces of pipe and load weight for trucks using the following parameters:
MAX WI FIT -46,000 lbs. / LOAD WIDTH:

102″H / Weight based on 42′ lengths

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Pipe can be transported by truck in either a strip load or a pyramid load. While both techniques are efficient, reliable, and safe, it is important to understand the specific advantages of each method.