quickdraw 500 vaporizer review

Product Review: QuickDraw 500 Class Vaporizer – Mrs. Nice Guy

The QuickDraw Vaporizer comes with a smart-cartridge system that gives users the option of using three different material types to enhance their vaping experience. Each cartridge attaches magnetically and users can fill them with herb, extracts, or liquids. The QuickDraw boasts to have increased temperature that delivers rich and flavorful vapor and a long battery life. The QuickDraw 500 comes in 4 colors and will run you $160 .

Kit Includes:

  • 500 Class QuickDraw Unit
  • 1 Dry Herb Cartridge
  • 1 Liquid Cartridge
  • 1 Extract Cartridge
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • Tool Kit: 2 loading tools, 1 cleaning brush and extra screens for herb use
  • User Manual

Loading and Turning On/Off:

Loading your QuickDraw is simple, remove the mouthpiece and decide which cartridge you’ll be using and load with your product, remember that if you’re using the dry herb cartridge you’ll want to grind your herb down before loading, make sure not to over pack so everything burns evenly. Once your product is loaded reattach the mouthpiece and press the power button 3 times to turn on, the white LED ring around the power button will blink three times, to turn off press another 3 times, the indicator ring towards the bottom will blink red 3 times. Charging your device is simple, the cord will attach magnetically to the bottom of your device.

Setting The Voltage:

The Quickdraw has 3 different voltage settings for liquid and extract cartridges 3.7v, 4.2v, and 4.7v. The higher the setting the harder it will hit, producing more vapor. Once your unit is on using the instructions above you’ll press the power button twice, once you’re in Voltage Setting mode the LED lights below the power button will cycle through the different settings starting with the lowest setting, to choose press the power button once.

Indicator lights: 1 light for 3.7v or low, 2 lights for 4.2v or medium, and 3 lights for 4.7v or high.

When you’re ready to use hold the power button down as you draw

Setting Dry Cartridge Temperature:

The QuickDraw has 3 different temperature settings for the dry herb cartridge 390 F, 415 F, and 440 F. The higher the temperature the harder it will hit, producing more vapor. Once your unit is on using the instructions above you’ll want to press the power button twice to get into temp settings, just like you do when setting the voltage. When you’re in temp settings the LED lights below the power button will cycle through the different settings starting with the lowest, to choose press the power button once.

Indicator lights: 1 light for 390 F or low, 2 lights for 415 F or medium, and 3 lights for 440 F or high.

Once you’ve decided on the voltage/temperature for whichever cartridge you use, you’ll want to hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin heating, the lights will go: red, yellow, and then green when it’s ready.

Cleaning your cartridge is easy, for the dry herb cartridge carefully remove your used herb with the loading tool and brush, you’ll want to be careful to keep the screen safe. For your extract cartridge use some rubbing alcohol to clean the product or heat your unit upside down over some foil while the product drips off. You’ll want to keep the heating coil safe as well.

Much like the Dr. Dabber Aura Vape pen , the QuickDraw 500 Class comes with multiple cartridges and multiple temperatures which gives users the option to have a versatile vaping experience. Most of the vapes I’ve used haven’t this feature and it’s nice to have the choice to vape extracts that aren’t in a small chamber like vape pens. I was unable to use the liquid cartridge, so I have no notes on how that cartridge worked.

The unit itself is on the heavier side when compared to other handheld vaporizers, but the unit itself does fit well when you’re vaping. Removing and reattaching the cartridges and mouthpieces are a breeze, something those who use it on the go can appreciate. This might seem like a small thing to like, but I was so happy it came with a USB charging cable and wall mount, for some reason most handheld kits and pens don’t include a wall mount.

I’ve had the unit for about two weeks and I’ve only had to charge the unit once since, so battery life won’t be much of an issue. When I first used the QuickDraw I tried the herb cartridge on the medium setting (415 F), but found that I prefer to use the lower setting more. It hits just as well and doesn’t cook my herb as much giving me optimal flavor and rich vapor. On each setting I’ve gotten a decent amount of draws, did I mention that the herb chamber is nice and big?

The extract chamber holds more product than a vape pen, but not much more. While I did enjoy the power of each draw, I found that it did heat through my product more than vape pens do. I found that depending on how much product you use, you’ll get the best flavors on the low and medium setting.

Product Review: QuickDraw 500 Class Vaporizer – Mrs. Nice Guy The QuickDraw Vaporizer comes with a smart-cartridge system that gives users the option of using three different material types to

Quickdraw 500 vaporizer review

Various vape pens that are available today give individuals the freedom and choice to convert between material types. However, to this date, there has not been much when considering multi-functional portable and high-quality vaporizer options.

But the QuickDraw 500 is a portable option that acts as a dry herb, wax or oil vaporizer. Here is some information on this highly rated vaping pen.

What You Will Find In The Box:

  • wall adapter
  • Cleaning tools
  • USB charger
  • QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer
  • The X 500 Cartridge designed for the use of solid concentrates
  • The L 500 Cartridge designed for the use of liquids
  • The D 500 Cartridge designed for the use of aromatic blends

The Design:

Many vaping fans are impressed by the design aspects of the QuickDraw 500. The design has actually been considered to be one of the top designs when it comes to portable vaporizers.

The Interface:

Similar to the iPhone, QuickDraw 500 revolves around just a single button. In order to power up the device the button needs to be held in for a count of three seconds, this same rule applies for shutting the device down.

In order to go through the various heating temperatures, all that is required is to push the button two times and then a final tap once the desired lighting sequence displays in order to stay in that position. These instructions are only when using the “herbal cartridge.”

Having just a single button when using a vaporizer has the ability to make life much easier, however, it can become a bit confusing if the user forgets the various button sequences. An example of this: if the user has a variety of portable vaporizers that they like to use.

When taking time away from the QuickDraw it can take a while to get used to the functions again. But the user-friendly manual can help one to get back to all the settings pretty easily.

The Price:

The QuickDraw 500 retails for about $200 that makes it more affordable to several other models, but also more expensive than a few of economy portables available today. However, when taking into consideration that when purchasing separate wax vaporizers, herbal vaporizers and oil vaporizers and all the functions you can achieve with the QuickDraw, it makes it well worth its price.

Vapor Quality And Flavor:

When it comes to vapor quality, the QuickDraw offers a satisfactory result. It is better or comparable to the vaporizers that retail for the same or similar price regardless of the different heating chambers used to vape.

In order to achieve a flavorful vapor, it is advisable to complete a session in a single sitting. Leaving behind the material in the chambers and later returning to vape has the ability to produce a poor taste.

When it comes to a portable vaporizer a plastic mouthpiece has the ability to either produce a good or bad flavor and the QuickDraw is made out of plastic. On the good side the mouthpiece on the QuickDraw does not have a bad effect on the flavor but using the same material for more than one session will definitely produce a bad flavor in the mouth.


This particular vaporizer only comes with a low 1-year warranty, which is actually shorter when compared to many of the other vaporizers in the same class.

Preparation Time:

The QuickDraw is considered very easy when it comes to loading. This specific vaporizer has been created to sense what the user is vaping and will proceed to heat up quickly to the desired temperature. This means that you no longer have to wait in order to begin a session.

Size And Portability:

The look of the QuickDraw 00 is extremely stylish and sleek. However, it is slightly larger than many of the other vaporizers in this class. It may not have an ergonomic-shape but it is very easy-to-grip. This vaporizer can easily fit into a bag or a coat pocket but is definitely not the smallest option available when it comes to vaporizers.


It is very easy to start with the QuickDraw 500 right away due to the extremely straightforward design. There is a low draw resistance which means that beginners will have a simple time using it with oil, wax or as an herb vaporizer.


Unlike many of the other types of portable vaporizers at similar prices, this particular vaporizer offers variable temperatures and will automatically self-adjust depending on what the user decides to vape. When testing out the device it may not pose a problem. However, for those experienced vapor fans, they may not enjoy the lack of control.

Heating Chamber:

When compared to the QuickDraw 300 the QuickDraw 500 has a considerably bigger oven size. This causes the entire packing experience to be more than 10 times easier. One of the other favorable features of the QuickDraw 500 is that the ability of the oven to heat the materials efficiently. Remembering that it is actually a cartridge compared to an actual dedicated-oven the heating time is really impressive. When turned on to even the highest temperature, the device has the ability to heat up within 20 seconds which is incredibly fast.

Power Supply:

The battery featured on the QuickDraw 500 is extremely powerful. When using the device regularly, an individual can typically vape through a number of sessions before it will require a recharge. This unit comes along with a wall charger and a USB for added convenience.

The battery on the QuickDraw 500 is where this device outshines its competition. Many users have stated that can go through an entire day before having to recharge their vaping pen. Another fantastic feature associated with the QuickDraw 500 is the charging cable. Opposed to traditional micro-USB this device makes use of a “magnetic snap charger.” This means that there is no need to struggle with wires, but rather a snap-and-go function which is incredibly simple to use.


When it comes to usability, many users have stated that they prefer to use this vaporizer in the comfort of their home. This is due to the fact that it is more simple to pack the device sitting down than it would be to try and load it while walking in a public area.

Advantages Of The QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer

  • Works equally well when used with either a dry herb, wax, oil or liquid
  • A value-for-money device based on its multi-functional design
  • An above-average quality when it comes to vapor
  • An extremely versatile battery-life

Disadvantages Of The QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer

  • The heat setting cannot be adjusted
  • Bigger when compared to the other types of portable vapes in the same class
  • A shorter warranty, when compared to others similarly, priced
  • The taste deteriorates if the material has been used for more than a single session


The overall rating of the QuickDraw 500 is pretty impressive. This is largely based on the fact that the device features a triple-action vaporizer and the results of the herbal cartridge are particularly impressive. In addition, the wax and oil cartridges also offer an impressive function.

For the affordable price of $200, this is a fantastic multi-functional device that offers so much more than the low-performing vaporizers offered at the same price. The QuickDraw 500 is also a fantastic device for those who are just starting out on their vaping journey. Given all these fantastic features it really is worth the price that it goes for and really is convenient with its fantastic battery life.

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