rebloeing a meth pipe

Making a Good Meth Pipe

by PremiumWood

I’ve read a couple articles on how to make a bulb for smoking meth, and I have yet to see one article that explains a good method. Over the past 3 years I’ve mastered the art of pipe making, and in this article I’ll explain how to make a meth pipe that works better than anything you can buy commercially.

First things first, your going to need a few things. Also a comfortable place that isn’t too flammable would be a good idea (bathroom, garage, work shop). Heres a list of materials, most of which can be bought at walmart.


  • a blow torch with a pencil flame (it is very important that the torch has a pencil flame. meaning, the flame must be long and thin with an inner peak of flame which is a lighter blue)
  • a light bulb (normal sized bulb, xmas light bulb, golf ball sized bulb, or appliance bulbs work ok; however, the long thin 25 w picture frame bulbs work the best)
  • tape (any type of tape other than packing or scotch tape. something that will insulate from heat is a bonus.
  • good scissors (kitchen sized friskars work well)
  • needle nose pliers

Once you’ve got all the materials, go to your work space and get comfortable (I prefer sitting cause there really isn’t any need to be standing up).

  • Using your scissors cut the metal end of your bulb. You should be cutting right on, or before the first thread closest to the end that screws into the socket.
    The scissors should bend or cut the metal quite easily, without breaking any glass. They may; however, cut through some ceramic material, don’t worry.
  • Once you’ve cut around the entire metal piece, remove the end with one good tug. There is just a wire holding it on. Now, there should be a small glass rod sticking up out of a hole (kind of like an outtie belly button). If you don’t see this, just ceramic stuff, cut away at the ceramic until you here a hissing sound or until you see a hole/glass.
  • take your needle nose pliers and break off this glass rod (it may shoot off, and there will be a hissing noise, don’t worry). if you have a hole resulting from the cermic removal, and you’ve already heard a hissing sound ignore this step.
  • continue to break away the glass until you’ve got the entire glass belly button thing broken off. you should be left with a hole in the glass that fits inside metal threads nicely, and the filament of the bulb dangling inside the bulb.
  • cut the wire for the filament and dump out all the loose glass in the bulb (should be left with an empty bulb, no filament, nothing). if the stuff doesn’t fit out the hole, you probably need to break away more glass.
  • if your bulb has the white colouring in it pour in some table salt (about a salt shaker full), cover the hole and shake it around, the colour will be removed. If it isn’t taken off, add more salt, or fill it with water and wash it out (dry completely before proceeding). Make sure you pour out the salt. If you bulb was colouring on the outside (xmas bulbs), use the edge of your scissors, a razor, an exacto blade, or something else sharp to scrape off all the colour (scrape all of it off. should take no more than 10 mins).
  • once you have a clear light bulb, with the end removed, use some tape and wrapp it around the metal end (layer it up so that it provides some insulation from heat [with electrical tape, tape down some kleenex or toilet paper]).
  • If your using a bulb other than the picture frame bulb, roll some paper into a tube and insert it into the hole u made (no more than 1/2 cm in). tape it into position.
  • light your blow torch. set it so the entire flame is about 2.5 inches long. NOT FULL!
  • now depending on you bulb, your going to hold the glass up to the end of the inner flame (the end of the inner peak of flame/the lighter coloured part). The glass will go red hot in the spot where the inner flame touches (fairly quickly). once this happens remove the bulb from the flame and blow into the hole. a bubble will form. repeat the heating/blowing steps in the same spot until the bubble pops to form a hole.
    • normal light bulb – from the middle of the opposite end as the opening, make the hole about 1 inch off.
    • xmas/chandelier bulb – heat the pointed end of the bulb until it is very hot, then push the end down on a piece of metal or concrete (so the point is turned into a flat spot). now make the hole along the edge of the flat spot on the side of the bulb.
    • appliance bulb – same as normal bulb, only smaller
    • 25 w picture frame bulb – after removing end you are left with a test tube shape. heat the end of the bulb and lightly blow out. do this all over the end of the bulb so you are left with a dome on the end of a glass tube, now make your hole on the dome where ever you feel is a good spot.
  • if you used anything other than a picture frame bulb, you will need to leave on, or make a new paper tube attached to the bulb. this is the end you will inhale through. if you used the picture frame bulb, simply remove the tape and inhale through the opening in the glass.

That’s about it. I learner all this through trial and error. You can fool around with glass blowing to find a technique of your own. a good tip to remember is, never use the blow torch on a bulb that you melted once already, it will crack/blow up that bulb. – Making a Good Meth Pipe – How-To make a good pipe for smoking Methamphetamine in a short amount of time.

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  • A glass cigar tube heated till glowing red from a torch. Blow into the end, not hard enough to pop it but with enough strength for it to expand into a bubble. Once you have your round bubble end, heat one point with the torch grazing the edge horizontally above the bubble when it is red hot keep the fire to the spot and blow until the hole pops. Then keep torching till the hole smooths out. DO not use foil, wastes your dope and the aluminum is horrible, far worse than the dope for you.

    . It was awesome but I was new to smoking and cleaned it with a torch to often which ruined it. Make sure you clean your glass piece after every bowl with a q-tip and saliva or water. You can torch it when necessary but always clean it with the q-tip first and leave the meth residue slightly moist so it burns off easier. Constant torching makes the glass porous from the reheating and cooling. Then it eats your meth. literally, it just soaks into the pores of the glass. You MUST smoke properly or u will burn up your meth and constantly be pissed that you aren’t getting high..

    I recommend using a long straw to drop the meth all the way into the bowl and not get it stuck in the stem. Heat the glass to the side of the shard pile, and let the heat spread up the glass to melt the ice instead of scorching it with a lighter. Everyone hold the lighter right under the meth, and that burns it up faster. Meth is technically vaporized not smoked, it melts on the hot glass. If you are alone, take your time and be patient. you will conserve your stash. Once the meth has melted and slid to where you are heating the bowl, Move Your lighter to the other side and repeat the process, rolling in your fingers from 90 degree angle slowly to opposite 90 degree angle. When it starts to smoke, put your lighter a good 1 1/2 inches away from the bowl and steadily rotate the glass back and forth, following the puddle of ice with the lighter, taking slow, even, soft breaths until the smoke is really rolling. Remove heat and take deep fast breath. Blow a little out and finish the smoke in the dick, still rotating back and forth.
    This is the proper way to smoke.
    I reccomment getting the clipper crystal refillable lighter. You will spend a fortune on bics otherwise. Butane is cheap and accessible.
    If you have a burnt taste, you burned it. I never burn my ice. I almost hate to let friends use my pipe because they smoke wrong, don’t listen waste dope and burn my bowl..

    . were the reason. I have a legal reason for everything that could be illegal. Everything has a reason, I am very safe, and I don’t think I will ever need to explain why I have a scale to the police. But If I had to, I could.

    As for blowing pipes – another thing that works great: At almost any gas station or liquor store you can find these “air fresheners” (that I’m convinced are for blowing pipes haha) that are little glass tubes with a white twist on cap, a cork-like thing to keep the liquid in, and . well the liquid inside it. They’re usually in a little box standing straight up right at the cashier counter, just like the BIC lighters. They work AMAZING for quick pipes (assuming you have the plumbers torch..) and only cost around $1-2. Downside is getting the cork out can be a pain, as well as cleaning them. not entirely sure what’s in there (air freshener juice?), but we used to use them constantly (8+ years ago – I rarely do meth nowadays and when I do I usually slam it). In any case, just make ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU CLEAN THE FUCK OUTTA THAT THING! I would rinse and rerinse for an hour sometimes with both grain alcohol and hot water when I was on a good one. Oh and the glass is really cheap so make sure not to blow the bubble too big otherwise it’s very thin – they break easily and only last a few weeks max if you’re a daily (and heavy) user, but hey they’re a buck! But yeah, follow IceQueens method for blowing a pipe. Here’s a link to what the air fresheners are that I’m talking about:$084126231%28240%29.jpg

    I used to get spun out and go on rants about how people didn’t understand the glass was absorbing the dope into it’s pores! No one ever believed me! Glad I found another with the same theory. I had a lil dope bong before that I torched clean after a saliva covered q-tip (I think spit’s better than water) bowl (wanted to keep it stellar for the large shards in the bag), but I had forgotten to clean the stem of residue beforehand once and it burnt all the resin in the stem and no matter how much I cleaned it, it always tasted funky afterwards. IceQueen or anyone else, you had this issue before??

    More excellent advice on THE PROPER WAY TO SMOKE!! We used to say “ten-to-two, ten-to-two” and “don’t rock the boat!” when someone was going crazy with the rotation (drunk idiots spilling superheated liquid shit all over themselves. ). The dope will actually “run” from the heat, can’t really put into words how having that knowledge helped me when learning how to smoke but it did, so maybe it’ll help ya’ll.

    I agree with most everything else said here. BE SMART ABOUT YOUR USE AND NEVER PARTY ON THE ROAD WHEN YOU’RE HOLDIN OR UNDER METH’S INFLUENCE! Not sure about anywhere else but here in Cali meth (as well as many other drugs) just got dropped down to a misdemeanor for anything under an ounce (just don’t have it bagged up). But if that’s not the case for your country, state, county, city. keep it near your hand to shove in whatever orifice that cop doesn’t wanna search!

    DRINK WATER CONSTANTLY!! I had read somewhere sometime that meth shuts down your salivary glands all but entirely (which after enough sleep loss, malnutrition and centering your focus the wrong way too long, it feels like it’s completely).

    EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT!! Get all your regular daily needs!

    That includes SLEEP! Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, especially for those under the influence of such a “psychadelic” substance as meth.

    Food, water, and sleep are the most important thing. Meth is like a fuel (sometimes like a jet fuel..), you can keep pouring it into you and your body will keep going (unless you die), but your mind will falter, and BADLY. Take it from me, I’ve was diagnosed with schizophrenia after prolonged meth (and lsd) use, and I damn sure know – based on vague memories of being awake for, on many occasions, a week/two weeks+. The longest I went I lost count at 24 days – that meth was a major contributing factor to this. You want your mind in peak shape which will easily be obliterated if you do not properly care for your body. Like focusing on a “screen” for too long: If you’re playing with your phone on shit for 12 hours before you look up you will not be happy with your decision for the night! Keep your focus on actual, physical, real world tasks as much as possible! Like sewing, carving wood, cooking!, cleaning, etc. Painting/drawing/art is magnificent when spun but bounce away for awhile and go back if you feel your mind start to laser in, if you don’t it won’t be long before you can’t even see clearly cause your body/mind is in such a need for rest that it has to stop proper function of your senses (visions the first to go under extreme physical conditions) to make up for it.

    I will say one more time, WATER. FOOD. WATER. SLEEP. WATER. WATER WATER! (and more sleep).

    Also, as IceQueen said, stay consistent with your hygiene, meth is terrible for that and no one likes being a filthy greasy, no teeth having tweak. Brush AND FLOSS (even if you’re not a smoker, but ESPECIALLY if you’re a smoker)! Don’t brush too hard as it can be just as bad for your teeth (my dentist informed me once it actually can peel off the enamel, even if you’re not on meth, as well as destroying your gums). Stay showered, the first sign to give away that you’re on drugs is the kind of sweat and grease on a tweaks face, it’s a weird, thick oil that really accentuates the “leathery” effect amphetamines have on your skin.

    Don’t know anything about the vitamin c and d shit but I only end up drinking that stuff when I’ve been up all night not taking care of myself like I should and I wanna come down and go to sleep anyways. Otherwise it’s water water water, I don’t like the introduction of even natural sugars when I’m spun due to the way sugar makes my teeth feel.

    Be careful about PLAYING WITH or chewing on your tongue/gums too much as, not only is it very damaging (do it once for an entire night and when you finally come down you’ll know what I’m talking about – on a side note, try eating a thai pepper (ghost) or taking a shot of some high proof booze after not drinking water and chewing on your mouth all night, it’ll be a burn you never forget! Last time I did it I at a few raw ghost peppers and whoo!! damn my tongue was on fire for a few hours!! I was chugging milk outta the gallon for quite a while and it still didn’t help), but it’s a great giveaway to the whole being on drugs thing. We used to call it parrot tongue syndrome – and the police are trained to search for it – if they didn’t learn it from experience.

    Like IceQueen stated, unless you’re specifically going for it, don’t overindulge. Keep your pipe clean, keep the dope inside it clean (no bogeys/floaters guys), and take it slow. Relax. The drug will do what it needs to and you can always do more, there’s no turning back once you’ve done too much and it’s A LONG TIME before you’re back to a “normal” state of being.

    ALWAYS WRAP IT UP ANYWAYS, BUT ESPECIALLY WITH OTHER DRUG USERS (AND EVEN MORE SO WITH METH AND IV USERS. I have a disease myself that I believe to have acquired during my days as an IV user – my shitty lying piece of shit uncle shot me up with his old needle after swearing it wasn’t used. This drug is known for turning people into freaks (sometimes permanently) – it just does something to the sexual zones of your mind).

    I have my own opinions about the weed and booze. I don’t like to burn when I’m tweakin cause it can feel like a waste of herb when you’ll probably want it later. It doesn’t always “help” with my comedown (or getting to sleep). In fact, I can really trip the fuck out (it makes me hallucinate 10x more and I get serious short term memory loss) after a few hits of some good bud when I’ve been up too long or am just being lazy on taking care of myself that time (which is weird since I’m a total and true stoner over any other substance). But too each their own about the 420 use.. I can understand IceQueens proposal though. As for the booze, don’t care nothing about the damage it’s doing mixed (I’m already using probably very low quality and made from horrible chemicals in the worst way meth). I drink when I’m on shit for one reason, it’ll put my ass directly to sleep if nothing else is doing the job (I don’t have access to the things I used to – kilonipin(sp?) was magnificent for getting to sleep though). Be careful with the booze though, the worst kind of tweaker is the drunk smoker, and the worse kind of drunk, is the tweak. (opinions anybody?)

    And lastly, DO BUY A SCALE (usually you don’t wanna let your dealer know you use it to check their bags, but if you’re friends they shouldn’t trip. I used to buy from shady shady shady people that when they found out I was checking the bags weight they sold me, it turned into a very bad business relationship. I mean very bad). AND ALWAYS HAVE A REASON FOR EVERYTHING!! COVER ALL YOUR BASES and keep your mouth shut in questionable situations (ESPECIALLY w/cops). Usually the less you say the better. Be smart, have fun and keep use reasonable, it’s a very powerful and intense drug and smoking it especially is VERY FIEND-Y!! Just follow IceQueens instructions on smoking and remember, 10 and 2!

    Before I forget! When it comes to hygiene.. DON’T SIT THERE AND PICK AT YOURSELF!! I think every tweakers gone through that phase at some point (even if it was just one time), and you’ll learn if you do, but it’s best to avoid doing it at all. The sores take forever to heal and can get infected, not only that but I’ve seen people do it to the point of needing medical attention and they couldn’t even realize it. Always ended up taking them to a dr. friend and on a couple of occasions droppin em off at the loony hospital (by their request)!

    Good advice for sure. As a very seasoned user myself I am not convinced to not smoke weed with meth. That's my correct combo at the moment. Yep, I have all…