replacement for rolling papers

Substitutes & Alternatives to Rolling Paper

Everyone has been stuck without rolling papers at least once before and it can be an alarming situation if you don’t have some tricks stashed up your sleeve. Every stoner should be prepared for the worst, and this article is all about creative alternatives to rolling papers. So if you are looking for a paperless solution, keep reading this article!

  • Rolling a Joint with a Leaf…?
  • Don’t believe in blasphemy? Use a Bible.
  • Rolling a Joint with an Apple/strawberry/fruit pipe
  • Empty a cigarette
  • The hot knives method
  • Make a bucket bong
  • Improvise with a corn husk
  • When there’s really nothing else…

You’ve been dying to smoke this joint all day… and then! Of course, your housemate has finished your papers or you have forgotten to swing by the headshop for a packet of OCB’s on the way home. Well, maybe you’re the kind with enough energy to run back out to sort out the problem.

If you’re not, and like to be a little bit more creative and resourceful, we’ve got some ideas for substitutes and alternatives to rolling papers. Some other sources out there will make suggestions that mean using tin foil. However, we would strongly recommend against smoking out of anything made from tin foil because of the toxic chemicals that can reach the body!

Substituting rolling paper for any of the following suggestions is a fun way to make the most of a mediocre situation! There will be no need to run out of the house to buy anything, as all of these alternatives can be fashioned together with just a few household items!

Rolling a Joint with a Leaf…?

Things must be really desperate. You don’t even have a pipe lying around, or anything that resembles something you can smoke out of. Never mind! There must be a plant safe to smoke in your backyard or in a neighbour’s front yard. Make sure you don’t pick a leaf that is unsafe to smoke! Roll it up into something cone shaped and sprinkle some buds in the top. Use it like a pipe!

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Don’t believe in blasphemy? Use a Bible.

If you are a Christian, you can skip straight through this one. Everybody remembers being in high school and trying to make rolling papers out of magazines, receipts, school books and regular paper. None of them really work properly, and you end up losing most of your weed to the mission of successfully rolling it.

There is one kind of paper that works extremely well as a substitute for rolling papers: Bible paper. It’s thin, like a rolling paper and sticks extremely well with enough saliva. If Jesus were in your situation, what would he do?

Rolling a Joint with an Apple/strawberry/fruit pipe

Fruit pipes are a great way to solve the no papers dilemma. You must have a piece of fruit lying around somewhere. It doesn’t even really matter which one. The only other thing you will need is something to drill a hole through the piece of fruit with.

People swear by using a hollowed-out pen. Unscrew the top and take the ink tube out, and you’re left with a hollow plastic tube. You can use this to poke holes in the fruit.

First, poke a hole through the top. This will act as your cone piece. Don’t poke all the way to the bottom, or your weed will fall straight through. Go about half way down. Then, from one of the two sides, poke a hole that goes just far enough to meet the first vertical hole you made.

So you now have two holes that meet somewhere inside your piece of fruit. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Pack your bowl into the vertical hole, and smoke out of the horizontal one!

Empty a cigarette

Most joint rollers would call this one blasphemy, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you don’t have any papers around but there is a friend who smokes cigarettes, you can use the age-old method of emptying out the cigarette. If you’re really adamant on doing the best job you can, you should take out the filter and replace it with a cardboard one. Carbon filters completely ruin the marijuana experience.

Fill it up with your favourite green, and problem solved! You’re smoking now, and the ganja gods will forgive you for this one.

The hot knives method

Who remembers being a teenager? Hot knives pack a powerful hit that goes straight to the head. All you need is a stove, and some butter knives. Roll up your buds into small balls that fit on top of the butter knife. Heat up your hot knives over the stove – and I mean, make them hot! You only need to heat the tip of the knife where you will put the weed, which means you can keep the handle cool.

When both your knives are hot enough, sandwich one of your little pieces of bud between them. They will instantly start incinerating into a big cloud of white smoke, so be ready to inhale quickly! Having a straw handy is one of the best ways to get all of the smoke in. Be careful not to burn anybody in the process!

Make a bucket bong

To make a bucket bong, you just need a bucket, an empty soft drink bottle and some water. Cut the bottom of the bottle off and fashion a cone piece out of the top of the bottle.

Submerge the bottom half of the bottle (the end that has been cut) into a bucket with water, you want to leave enough space in the bottle to fill up with some smoke. Put the buds in the cone piece.

The trick is here. While you are burning the buds, slowly be lifting the bottle out of the water, this is what allows the empty space in the bottle to fill up with smoke. Once it has completely come out of the water, pull out the cone piece and smoke up a bottle full of smoke!

Improvise with a corn husk

Did you know in tribal Native American culture, tobacco was traditionally rolled up in a corn husk because of the sacred properties of corn? While the cultural context might not interest you too much, the very great idea of rolling up a joint using a corn husk might.

They smoke extremely well if you can successfully get the joint together! Rolling is a little bit of a challenge, but it can be tied together with a few pieces of string. Once it’s together, it gives the joint a very special twist!

When there’s really nothing else…

We never recommend smoking off something that contains aluminum foil, because so many toxins come out of this material when it is heated. However, there is an age-old trick of using the wrapper of a piece of gum.

These wrappers are usually made up of two layers of material: a thin piece of paper with a thin layer of foil attached.

By scratching gently, you can remove the foil from the piece of paper and you are left with something that eerily resembles a rolling paper. Be careful to get all of the foil off before rolling and only use this method when there is no option left!

But… do you keep running into this situation where you’re out of paper? Invest in a good vaporizer and you’ll never need paper again 😉

Running out of papers doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Read this article for creative alternatives to rolling paper.