rihanna rolling a blunt

Just 22 Photos of Rihanna Smoking Weed in Honor of 420

Nothing puts us more in the 420 mood than Rihanna’s smoking weed photos. It’s no secret that the “Love on the Brain” singer loves her cannabis. From photoshoots to music videos, Rihanna always finds the time to blaze it and puff. In honor of 420 and RihRih’s love of marijuana, we rounded up her best Instagram photos of her with a blunt.

But Rihanna’s relationship with weed goes beyond her Instagram. The Fenty Beauty founder has even dressed as Mary Jane for Halloween, as well as released music inspired by cannabis lifestyle. Her weed habits have gotten her in trouble, though. A few years ago, she was photographed rolling a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard, which led her to delete the post on Instagram and apologize. “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else,” she tweeted at the time.

But that was then. Nowadays, Rihanna is more carefree when it comes to when she puffs and posts on Instagram. From at-home photoshoots with her, a cloud smoke and a fired-up joint to selfies in her natural habitat, the Barbadian songstress has never been shy to blaze it on the internet. In honor of 420, fire up a blunt with Rihanna and scroll through the best photos of her smoking weed.

Rihanna's smoking weed photos of 2020 include pictures of her blazing up with marijuana for 420. See the shots of the "Diamonds" singer smoking.