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Roll It on Him


1. When I called yesterday,

I could tell you’d lost your way.

Be assured you are loved

By our God up above.


When you’re broken, he is near.


Trust in Jehovah; don’t give in.

Just let it go; roll it on him.

You’re not alone; you can pray.

He hears your words; he feels your pain.

Don’t keep that burden in.

Roll it on him. Roll it on him. Roll it on him.

2. Raise your eyes up and see;

The new world is in our reach​—

No more tears, only love

Through the gift of God’s dear Son.


We can endure down to the end


Trust in Jehovah; don’t give in.

Just let it go; roll it on him.

We’re not alone; we can pray.

He hears our words; he feels our pain.

Don’t keep that burden in.

Roll it on him. Roll it on him. Roll it on him.


Trust in Jehovah; don’t give in.

Just let it go; roll it on him.

We’re not alone; we can pray.

He hears our words; he feels our pain.

Don’t keep that burden in.

Roll it on him. Roll it on him. Roll it on him.

When you’re depressed, continue to rely on Jehovah for strength and comfort.

Oh me oh my, I want Pie!

Oh my, we need pie! Spring is right around the corner, and there is nothing we like more than making up fresh, tasty, spring like pies! Of course you can always get a few of the classics – like our caramel apple pie, and peanut butter chocolate ganache, but here are a few others you may find on our shelves in store, or you can special order anytime!

Our star of the show: Lemon Chiffon, is light, airy, creamy with lemon custard cream added on top! This pie has our signature flaky crust on the bottom. One piece is never enough, so make sure you order enough to share.

Mint Chocolate, a favorite that finds itself on our shelves each spring and summer! This pie has us singing ” oh me oh my, I want pie. ” We can’t get enough of this satisfying minty goodness!

French Silk, okay so we know it is not really a summertime pie, but lets be honest is there ever a time that french silk isnt in season?! This is the pie that really should make an appearance at all special events and occasions throughout the year!

Stop in, or call in an order, either way we will be happy to whip one up for you!

Our Top 10!

Whether you are looking for low carb options, a few of the baked good classics, soft and fluffy bread, or a wonderful place to stop by and grab a few cupcakes or cake for an upcoming event, we have what you are looking for!

Often when people first drop by the bakery they ask us, “what do you suggest?” or “what is your favorite?” so we decided to compile a list of our “must haves”.

Now you have the inside track on what to order, and what to try when you drop in. There are the must haves, that you cant find in other bakeries (think FRIED donuts!!) and than there are just the classic favorites (salted caramel cupcake!!) that are just to good to pass up.

why we love them. Ahh, the classic cake ball. When you need just a little something for an after dinner snack, or lets be honest for breakfast…these are the perfect little trea t. They come in a variety of flavors and colors, which makes them, well, fun!

Oh the days when you could just pull a pan of lasagna out of the oven, or a warm up to the smell of a good marinara sauce simmering on the stove. And, what makes this all blend together perfectly…of course..garlic bread! This will not disappoint as it tastes like the “real thing” rich with flavor ready for you to enjoy!

8) Molasses Cookies

a tasty little surprise you will find tucked away at the bakery are BOTH baked up molasses cookies, and cookie mixes for the do it yourselfers. We love that these are packed with flavor, and just the right balance of crisp and soft for all to love.

We are bringing back the classics in a big way. Remember when you could go down and grab a red velvet cupcake piled high with frosting and sprinkles… well now you can again. Whether you are seeking some good old fashion vanilla, red velvet, salted caramel, mint chocolate. You can always chose in store from a large variety of cupcakes!

6) French Macaroons

I mean this one could technically be almost the whole countdown but that would not be fair to the rest of the goodies! Forget grabbing these out of the freezer section, and come experience what a fresh baked macaroon should be like!

If you have been our customer long, you know about these little, amazingly soft, melt in your mouth (dairy free!!) dollar buns. They come in a pack of 7 and they are perfect for the little ones lunches, snack and just about anytime!

4) Cinnamon Swirl bread

of all of the things to love in life, this has GOT TO BE one of them. Its like a giant cinnamon roll, all soft and yummy and ready for you tummy. You might as well just buy 2 because you wont be able to stop yourself after just 1 loaf.

3) Cinnamon and Caramel Rolls

When we think back to those Sunday Mornings in life, when, one thing we miss was having that fresh from the oven gooey caramel or cinnamon roll. Now you can have that again! These are so close to the “real thing” you are not even going to miss the difference. Pop it in the microwave to warm it up and enjoy

Maybe its just us, but we love to celebrate! We also love cake, so it is easy to see why this easily makes the #2 spot. When families come together for a birthday, a baby, an anniversary, so often cake is a part of the event. We love (and i mean love!) to be a part of these events, in our own small way. Life simply needs more celebration and when you are gluten free, it seems like you have to miss out..but no more of that! We have all your celebrations covered.

1) and the winner is

FRIED DONUTS. Did you know it? Hands down the best and most sought after item in the bakery. People come in over and over to get these hot out of the oven donuts! They taste the way donuts are supposed to take, crunchy yet soft, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, or dunked in chocolate ganache. This alone is worth the drive!

Well, here are our top 10, what do you think? Did we miss one? Let us know if you think one should be added! I mean there are so many to chose from!

Maple Grove and Elk River Delivery!

We will be posting when the next delivery is soon. Keep watch on Facebook under our events tab for any new delivery days!

We will be stopping at Elk River at 9am to drop at the Home Depot Parking Lot. pre ordered goodies 320-259-7105

Maple Grove we will be there at 10am at the Pier 1 Parking lot to bring your treats to you! Make sure you arrive on time and pick up your holiday pies.

You must pre-order, we do not bring extras 🙂 320-259-7105

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