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Filters & Tips

Ever taken a nice drag from your hand-rolled cigarette, only to be left with tobacco or herbs in your mouth? Not any longer, because we cary a good selection of filters and tips for hand-rolled cigarettes. The high quality tips we carry will not only filter out larger particles that can be sucked through the cigarette, but will also allow you to finish your cigarette without your fingers and lips burning. Perfectly shaped and styled, these tips and filters will surely enhance your smoke; try them today!

Filters & Tips Ever taken a nice drag from your hand-rolled cigarette, only to be left with tobacco or herbs in your mouth? Not any longer, because we cary a good selection of filters and tips

Rolling Papers, Tips & Filters

The Western use of rolling papers dates back to the 16th century in Europe. But recently, rolling papers have been undergoing a renaissance in popularity thanks to the crippling taxes on pre-rolled cigarettes. With rolling papers of all lengths and widths from around the world, we guarantee to stock the perfect skins, whether you’re looking to construct a standard spliff or a humongous party-sized joint.

We’ve got extra fat and extra thin rolling papers, made from wood pulp, hemp, rice straw, and pure transparent cellulose, in various flavours (strawberry, menthol, liquorice, etc). We also have packs of cigarette-style filter tips and cardboard roach strips. If you lack the manual skillz, they can be used in rolling machines; and for the really fumble-fingered, we have a full range of pre-rolled cones.

Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We take pride in presenting our very own branded carefree set for rolling joints and spliffs. Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips contains 32 extra thin king size leaves for an even and slow burn and 32 tips. Size of paper is 10.8 x 4.5cm.

Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We are proudly presenting our own Zamnesia branded hemp rolling papers! Made from unrefined hemp, these rolling papers don’t burn too fast and don’t go out as often as rice papers. These papers have a slightly sweet note due to the natural taste of hemp. Each pack of Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size + Tips comes with 32 king size leaves and 32 tips. Size of each paper is 10.8 x 4.5cm.

Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

Our own branded set of unbleached rolling papers for rolling joints and spliffs. Each pack of Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips comes with 32 extra-thin, king size leaves for an even and slow burn, and 32 tips. Unlike chlorine-bleached papers, these rolling papers are naturally brown for cleaner smoking, without altering the taste of your roll-ups! Size of paper is 10.8 x.

Zamnesia Premium Cones (3-pack)

We’ve all had those moments where we weren’t able to roll so well. Whether you’re too stoned or your rolling skills are lacking, it doesn’t matter. With these Premium King Size Cones by Zamnesia, you can achieve dispensary-ready joints each time. The only difficult part is picking which strain to fill them with. But there are worse problems to have!

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Did you ever think of smoking in a way more in line with Mother Nature? These RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim are made of 100% organic unrefined hemp, for a smoother, more natural experience.

RAW ‘Black’ Rolling Papers King Size Slim

These RAW ‘Black’ rolling papers are the thinnest to have ever come out of their factory in Alcoy, Spain. The humidity in this part of Spain is optimal for the production of rolling papers. The booklet has a stunning gold print. 32 leaves per booklet.

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps

Juicy Hemp Wraps are made out of pure hemp and are all natural. Each pack contains 2 wraps and are sold in a resealable zip pack which helps to maintain freshness. Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps are available in multiple mouthwatering varieties including Blue, Purple, Red Alert, Original, and Manic. Choose the colour that resonates with your current mood for an optimal blunt smoking experience.

Rolling Papers Juicy Jay’s Flavored King Size

Tickle your taste buds with Juicy Jay’s Flavored King Size range of pure hemp slim papers. They’re printed with soy-based ink and use natural sugar gum.

Vibes Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Vibes King Size Ultra-Thin rolling papers hold more herb than standard rolling papers and bring out the full flavour of your smoking blend! With these ultra-thin papers, you will have less “paper taste” mixing with your smoke, making for a pure and untainted experience. The larger size is ideal for long sessions and for sharing. Each booklet contains 33 ultra-thin rolling papers.

Vibes Rice Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Vibes Rice King Size Slim rolling papers burn slower than hemp papers and also pack more material (up to 1g of dry herbs) compared to standard papers. This makes them ideal for longer sessions and great for sharing. The ultra-thin rice paper ensures you can enjoy full flavour from your herbs without a nasty paper taste. Each booklet contains 33 king size rolling papers.

Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Known for their premium rolling papers, Vibes has upped the ante with their high-quality King Size Slim papers. Slow to burn and big enough to hold all of your favourite herbs, these all-natural hemp papers bring out the full flavour of your smoke, without all the chemicals and additives that other papers can contain. With 33 papers per book, you’ll be rolling many joints before you need a.

Mascotte Slim Size PINK EDITION

This paper has a slow burn and a very noticeable pink colour. Definitely not for people who like to stay stealthy.

Zamnesia Rolling Papers

We are very proud to introduce our own king size rolling papers – extra thin and neutral in taste, perfect for rolling spliffs and joints. A booklet contains 32 leaves.

Smoking Gold King Size Slim Rolling Papers

Ultra slim width and super lightweight papers, the Gold Smoking variety is the skin for the experienced joint roller.

Smoking Blue King Size Rolling Papers

Ultra thin, slow burning skins from Barcelona’s favourite cigarette paper makers.

Smoking DeLuxe King Size Rolling Papers

Ultra fine slow burning skins from the Spanish masters.

Smoking Eco King Size Rolling Papers

33 leaves of pure hemp rolling paper from the Spanish skin makers.

Smoking Master King Size Rolling Papers

Silver pack of Ultra thin slow burning skins from the venerable Smoking brand.

Rolling Papers Elements King Size

Your quest for a very clean and very slow burning rolling paper is over. Elements is it. Made from ultra thin rice paper. Produced without chemicals, pulp, hemp. The thin line of Acacia gum exempt, these papers are absolutely clean.

Rolling Papers RAW Huge

These huge rolling papers by RAW are most likely the biggest rolling papers you will find today. These monster papers are 30cm long and are made from purest natural fibers. Unbleached, ultra thin and vegan friendly. 22 leaves per booklet.

Smoking Deluxe Medium Size Rolling Papers

No. of leaves per booklet: 50 Length and width: 77×44 mm

Smoking Brown Rolling Papers King Size

Extra thin, slow burning, unbleached and chlorine-free, with the standard 33 leaves (gummed).

Smoking DeLuxe Rolling Paper On Roll

The DeLuxe rolls are narrower (44 mm) than the Gold variety, but of equally high quality paper. There’s 4 metres in a roll, if you’re feeling very ambitious…

Rolling Papers Irie King Size Xtra Light Hemp

The extra light hemp rolling papers in King Size by Irie are made from pure hemp and are very thin, almost transparent. These 110mm x 44mm papers burn very slowly and barely leave any ash. A pack for the power-smoker: 64 leaves.

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Information About Rolling Papers, Tips & Filters

Out of all the possible ways to smoke weed, the humble joint still tops the list for many cannabis lovers. Not much compares to the meditative ritual of turning on some music, rolling a fat cone, and passing it around a room full of kindred spirits—or simply enjoying it all to yourself.

Some smokers get very creative with the rolling process. A joint could manifest as a simple single-paper structure, an intricate 30cm cross-joint crafted from flavoured papers, or anything in between. Check out some of the best rolling papers and filter tips below to take your rolling to another level of flavour, quality, and creativity.

Rolling Papers Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Rolling papers form the body of every joint. This critical piece of equipment—invented a long time ago in Spain—comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. Thanks to the diversity of rolling papers, every single option offers a unique smoking experience.

Some weed lovers prefer to roll small and stealthy pocket rockets that burn down instantly—ideal for smoking out in public. Others prefer to spend more time crafting a joint than smoking it. Skilled rollers use several sheets to craft tulips, spirals, and diamond joints, creating smokable art. However you prefer your joints, there are papers out there to facilitate your taste.

Different Rolling Paper Materials

When we say “papers”, we’re really referring to rolling “sheets”. Sure, most rolling products are actually made of paper, but others are crafted from a range of other natural materials. Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers offer a basic material—free of chlorine—that burns evenly and slowly.

OCB X-Pert Slim Fit papers offer a similar smoking experience. These ultra-thin sheets combust less paper and allow the taste of terpenes to really shine through.

Smokers in tropical regions of the world often skin up using banana leaves, and many smokers all over the world roll up their herb in dried cannabis leaves. Some manufacturers have set about developing natural rolling sheets on a large scale, making it easier for all smokers to access these alternatives.

RAW Rolling Papers are crafted from 100% organic hemp and provide a smooth, natural, and slow-burning experience. Smoking cannabis using cannabis just feels good!

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Kingpin Hemp Wraps utilise the versatile hemp plant in all-natural, tobacco- and nicotine-free wraps that burn at a delightful pace. Roll up using these on a lazy afternoon and really take your time.

Coloured Rolling Papers

Using your mind’s eye, what do you see when you think of a joint? Probably a large, white cone, right? Well, that’s about to change! Papers come in all manner of different colours, from dark shades of black all the way to bright pinks and baby blues. Spice up your smoking sessions and bring a smile to your buddies by rolling joints in different colours.

Are you planning on smoking at that upcoming party? Bring some Mascotte Slim Size Pink Edition rolling papers to add some colourful vibes. These vibrant papers will get you noticed and strike up some interesting conversation.

Flavoured Rolling Papers By Juicy Jay

As one of the tastiest herbs on Earth, cannabis produces an array of aromatic molecules. Some strains are more fruity in nature, some are earthy, and others extremely floral. Whatever the taste, Juicy Jay Papers offer a flavour that will go hand in hand with the bud you’re smoking.

These slim papers are made from pure hemp and come in an assortment of different flavours. Choose from Green Apple, Blackberry Brandy, Blueberry, Very Cherry, Double Dutch Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Watermelon, and more.

Big & Small Rolling Papers

Different situations call for different sizes of joints. Luckily, rolling papers are available in a range of sizes to accommodate each and every event. Looking to enjoy a quick high-CBD smoke during your lunch break? Open up a booklet of Smoking Deluxe Medium Size Rolling Papers for a quick session to get your mind in order.

Got a circle of friends over waiting to get stoned? Then it’s time to pull out the big guns. RAW Huge Rolling Papers are a whopping 30cm long! These vegan-friendly hemp papers can hold enough weed to get the whole room in a positive vibe.

Buy rolling papers of all lengths and widths at Zamnesia. Our headshop has skins to construct a simple spliff or a huge party-sized joint.