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10 Best Mini Bongs in 2019 – The Ultimate Guide!

A mini bong is the ultimate travel companion, but how do you know which is the right one to select? Follow us as we show you our favourites; from mini glass bongs to the more accident friendly acrylic bongs. If you are looking for a baby bong then come take a look at the best mini bongs available in 2019.

The bong is one of the oldest and well-loved apparatuses for smoking weed. They were around before the new age of ingenious smoking apparatuses like dabs and vaporizers. However, just because they’ve been around since long before Pineapple Express (or Cheech and Chong) doesn’t mean they are irrelevant in today’s budding weed market. In fact, bongs seem to be on a high again, with new designs swirling in from all corners of the cannabis marketplace.

So, are you a newbie on the bong block or are you a bong connoisseur, looking for the best bong for your buck? Wherever you rank on the bong expertise level, you may be wondering just how to select the best mini bong. Well, this is the ultimate guide for you. If you already know all about bongs then skip ahead to the list of the best bongs! This guide covers all you need to know about bongs, the essential features and the tops things to keep in mind when hunting for the best micro bong.

If you need a refresher on bong basics, scroll down to the bottom of this list for a recap!

Blowjob Glass Mini Bong – $20.99

A scandalous name for an undeniably awesome bong.

This little glass bong is available at an affordable price and provides an excellent first toke without taking up too much space. That’s why it’s one of our favourite all-around mini bongs!

What we love!

  • A slightly curved mouthpiece
  • Carb
  • Round ‘ball’ base
  • Downstem
  • Made from durable glass
  • It has small yet potent hits

If you are looking for a small glass bong to add to your smoking apparatus, then this little ball is what you are looking for. However, one con is that the bowl and the downstem cannot be separated, but for the price and quality of materials as well as the smoke, it is a small trade to make.

Headway 6” Acrylic Bong – $14.00

Acrylic means your bong is more durable and is likely to last longer!

Six inches tall may sound small, but if you are looking to purchase cool mini bongs then this is will have a tag ‘M’ for medium in this category. This is one of those cute mini bongs that satisfies all the requirements of a waterpipe. What’s so great about an acrylic bong? Well, we all know that glass is the superior material here, but if you are looking for a portable bong that can be easily moved around without too much concern for breakage, then you better make friends with the acrylic bong. One of the best acrylic bong manufacturers is Headway Acrylics, as they have already been the front runner in acrylic bong making for two decades.

This particular bong has the following measurements and dimensions:

  • 6 inches tall
  • 2 inches in diameter
  • 9mm metal pull slide

For those creatives out there, you can even select your colour: blue, black, green, purple, red or white. However, if you are looking for a small pink bong, then you may have to settle for the red.
The best part about this bong is that it can be completely disassembled, which means that you can purchase a separate glass bong bowl if you like and you can clean this little gadget with ease.

Planet X The Flux Black Mini Acrylic – $14.36

Tiny but mighty, Planet’s X’s mini acrylic bong is dangerously deceptive.

This is one of the smallest bongs on the market. However, do not be fooled; it packs a hefty punch. This bong is made from acrylic, and it comes with a removable stem and bong bowl and a metal mouthpiece. This is one of the best bongs to start with and is available in an assortment of colours: black, pink, yellow, or even blue.

Check out this mini bongs’ dimensions:

  • 3 inches in height
  • 23 mm metal mouthpiece
  • 50 mm base

Mini Swirl Bong – $14.20

We love the fun touch of the swirling colours in the glass!

Want a little bit of swag with your small beaker bong? Take a look at this 5.5-inch glass bong. It is small enough to fit in your glove compartment or even your handbag. There is an assortment of colours to choose from, making this a delightful yet classy cheap bong.

We love this mini beaker for several reasons:

  • 5.5 inches in height
  • 5.1 oz in weight
  • Comes with an ash catcher
  • Seven different colours to choose from

Mini Lab Glass Bong Mushrooms – $10.30

Cute and delicate – treat this little ‘shroom bong with tender loving care!

This is one of the cheapest mini bongs on the market, yet it is made from pure laboratory glass. The design may be simple and relatively basic; however it does the job, and it does it well. On the downside, the glass is thin so it will not work if you want a bong to carry with you wherever you go.

Some key features:

  • 6.3 inches in height
  • 2.27 oz in weight
  • Glass on glass joint type
  • Carb hole on the left side that can be closed with a carb cap

Acrylic Bong 8” X 1” $5.00

Keeping things straightforward with this handy acrylic bong!

If you are looking for basic and cheap water pipes that still manage to offer smooth hits, then this 8 inches tall bong is for you. It has a metal bowl and downstem and is as simple as it gets. Because it is an acrylic bong, it is stable and straightforward to clean.

Some key features:

  • 8 inches in height
  • 1 inch in diameter
  • Simple and effective

MJ Arsenal “The Merlin” Mini Rig + Rollie Bubbler – $41.49

Things are about to get magical once Merlin is here!

Otherwise known as The Merlin Recycler, this water pipe rig is creative and innovative. It has a built-in recycler system that allows water to move through to the upper chamber where smoke can be filtered through several times. This increased surface contact between the fresh water helps to cleanse the smoke and cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth. This system allows for a smooth hit that is beyond comparison while still maintain a full flavor profile.

Includes the following key pieces:

  • Merlin multi-functional bubbler
  • Set of silicone banger clip and carb plug
  • Quartz banger

SMOKEA 8” Cut Glass Mini Bong – $54.99

The cut glass on this mini bong adds a beautiful touch.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and straightforward bong, with a unique edge, then this is the mini glass bong for you. At only 8” tall, you would be forgiven for thinking it would be easy to overlook this bong. However, it has a unique cut glass body and neck design that make it stand out. One of the best features on this glass bong is that you can add a banger, converting it into a rig. Another well-appreciated feature is its showerhead perc, providing you with a smooth and silky rip.

Check out some of the details:

  • It is a handcrafted piece, so that means that each will be unique and one of a kind.
  • The bong can be ordered in several colours, depending on availability.
  • Unique cut glass design
  • Showerhead perc


  • 14m Female joint size
  • 14mm funnel bowl (included)
  • 8” in height
  • 2.5” base diameter

10” Zong- $34.20

Looking for something a little more unique?

Even though the bong itself is slightly larger than other small zion bongs, mini bottle bongs or roor mini bongs, this 10” z bong is small enough to be considered a mini bong.

It’s trademark ‘z’ shape allows for higher volume for the smoke to build up before reaching your mouth. This increased volume allows the smoke to cool down significantly. Therefore, you can expect smoother, larger rips. Furthermore, the kinky ‘z’ acts as an ice catcher, providing a refreshing hit.

Check out some of the key features:

  • Built-in splash guard
  • 10 inches in height

Grav Helix Beaker Water Pipe – $159.99

Beautiful and functional, a Grav pipe is a great addition to any bong collection.

If you are looking for mini glass bongs, then you should pay attention to the designs coming in from GRAV. They are leaders in innovative bong designs and are a staple for any bong connoisseur. These beautiful beaker bongs made from borosilicate glass are certainly one of the staples in their collection of creations.

Check out some of the key features:

  • Helix mouthpiece uses spinning and air injection to reduce smoke heat
  • can be used with 14mm bowls
  • made from high-quality borosilicate glass
  • 9 inches in height
  • 4 inches in width (base)

For those in need of a refresher.

What is a Bong?

How to Smoke a Bong

The Smoke Chamber

Bowl, Downstem, Joint


For the bong to work efficiently, some pressure needs to be created within the structure. Bongs have small holes, known as a carb hole, which need to be covered by your fingers as you inhale, thus creating the right amount of pressure within the bong, and the smoke to have a higher degree of concentration. These carbs are usually made above the watermark; otherwise, the water would spill out. If you release your cover on the carbs, you will allow the smoke within the chamber or bowl to escape instead of being inhaled.

Some bongs, however, do not have carbs but have slides in their place. These slides simply need to be removed before inhalation.

Those are the top three type of ‘accessories’ that you will find on a bong. However, you will notice that some contemporary designs will have additional features like catchers, percs, and diffuse stems that can enhance the overall bong smoking experience.

What’s the difference between micro bongs, or tiny bongs, and regular bongs?

Pros of a small bong:

  • Better tasting with more flavour
  • Extremely handy and portable

Cons of small bong:

  • smaller rips compared to a big bong (or maybe this isn’t a con to you!)

Pro’s of big bong:

  • Bigger rips
  • More distillation and space for smoke to cool

Con’s of big bong:

  • Can be more potent
  • Can induce coughing (especially for novices)
  • Can have a harsher taste, without flavour.

Therefore, if you are looking for a portable bong, then you should look out for a 4 inch bong, 5 inch bong, 6 inch bong or even an 8 inch bong. If you are looking to purchase your first bong, then considering a baby bong is in your best interests.

Before you purchase your bong, you should know what type of bong you are looking for and which design will be the most suitable for you. You’ll only be able to buy the best bong that works for you if you know what to look for and what type of smoking session you want to create.

Need more details before you add a bong to your virtual shopping cart? Leave lingering questions in the comments section below!

Whether you're looking for a tiny bong because it's cute, you want a travel buddy, or you're easing yourself into toking from a waterpipe, we've curated the list for you! This collection of mini bongs ranges in price, material and design. They've got one thing in common though – they're all awesome mini bongs!