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California’s Royal Blunts Have Been Innovating The Wrap Game For Over Two Decades

Royal Blunts is a notorious name when it comes to wraps and smoking accessories. The Southern California-based company began operations in 1995 and has taken the industry by storm in many innovative facets. New Image Global Inc. has been manufacturing Royal Blunts’ products for well over two decades. They have been able to consistently push the boundaries with their inventive flavors, as well as quickness to meet rising consumer demands.

Their classic line-up of products includes their EZ roll single, the original single cigar wrap that twists up quickly. The XXL cigar wraps, which will allow you up to four opportunities to enjoy a tasty blunt. Lastly, their mini cigar wraps make it super easy to roll up something quick to enjoy on the go. In recent times they’ve come out with hemp wraps to offer diversity to their product line, as well as meet the rising demand for tobacco-less blunt smoking.

Hemparillos have joined the Royal Blunts family, which comes in a four-pack. They’ve also taken their classic XXL line and made it into their new XXL herbal wraps. Royal Blunts usually comes out with a few flavor options for each version of their wraps. The range of these flavors can go from “sweet,” “mango,” and “blueberry,” all the way to their popular “Chicken & Waffles” flavor.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Pre-Roll

Most recently, they’ve even gone on to produce a CBD pre-roll. This includes one gram of full-spectrum hemp flower inside a hemp wrap with a variety of flavors. Each batch is testing at over 20% CBD, with three flavors offered currently. Royal Blunts is a staple of California and continues to push the envelope by giving the people what they need when it’s time to roll-up something delicious.

Royal Blunts is a Southern California based company that has been in the wrap game since 1995. They've continued to produce innovative smoking accessories.