salvia divinorum vaporizer

Vaporizing Salvia divinorum

Salvinorin A is said to have a melting temperature of 238°C to 240°C, with salvinorin C requiring only 196°C – 198°C to evaporate. Someone (Lux from Erowid) asked me whether it was possible to vaporize Salvia with a Volcano and I was quite curious myself.

It took me a while to do the experiment, but last night I finally did it. I placed a small amount of 20X in the Volcano Easy Valve filling chamber, and turned the temperature to the maximum (231°C / 448°F). I filled up one balloon and inhaled very slowly, keeping each inhalation in for at least 30 seconds. I immediately recognized the effects, but they didn’t engulf me. I could report to my girlfriend what I was experiencing. Within 5 minutes I took a second balloon, keeping in the vapor even longer, and then for a while I was pulled into the Salvia space, and going with it, although I could still recollect my mind if I wanted to.

Tonight I will repeat the experiment with a larger amount of Salvia. From what I experienced last night I’m quite certain one can vaporize salvia to such an extent that one balloon will give a strong trip. Not sure if it could be considered a salvinorin A trip though: it may be mainly salvinorin C.

The benefit of inhaling psychedelics with a balloon is that you can already turn off the lights and sit/lie down and relax before you take the dose. This is especially useful if you want to trip alone. It works quite well for DMT, though some of the crystals will settle on the inside of the balloon.

PS: As some of you may know, I never really liked the effects of Salvia. Last night however I enjoyed the feeling, and most surprising of all I had a short flash of ecstasy. Ecstasy defined as having goosebumps and one’s hair standing on end, an extremely pleasurable feeling. I usually experience such ecstasy while contemplating certain philosophical issues or listening to uplifting music while walking outside (stoned or not), or reading an encouraging news item. I had not expected this to occur while on Salvia. If it happens again tonight, it may be salvinorin C related.

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