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Scorch torch price


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Scorch Torch Products are well known in the industry for its unrivaled quality and attention to details. After years of establishing ourselves as a reliable supply chain of smoke accessories, we take pride in providing the highest quality and architectural designs in the industry.

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Me and my Husband LOVE these torches and would recommend these as a big GO TOO for a quality torch. Ive already ordered 6 and there will be a lot more to order in the future for us with these. These are HIGH quality, extremely Durable, Trustworthy products, right out of the package it lights up and goes. The grip is amazing, and fits in your hand very comfortably better than any other torch we have held before, its very easy to refill and has a extremely long life.

Any bad reviews are crazy and they probably had a reason the torch stopped working, dropping it or bad butane or whatever, I’ve been using mine for a year almost maybe over a year and it still lights every pull of the trigger, its been dropped probably 150 times lol, all in all great product!!

Love this brand of torches in general. Can’t go wrong with any scorch product! This particular torch just happens to be my favorite model.

Pretty small and needs to be refilled a little more often than others. but it gets the honey badger perfectly hot every time. Very sturdy, reliable firing every time.

Scorch Torch® is your proud and distinguished manufacturer of reliable, high-quality lighter products for the demanding modern world. Your lighter comes standard with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, sold by one of the following authorized online retailers.