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5 Most Unbreakable Glass Bongs

A smokers worst nightmare goes something like this: While distracted with a task other than smoking you accidentally knock your bong over and it shatters on ground or table.

We have all been there at one point or another. It’s a tragic occurrence that we all have experienced at one point. However most people don’t want to resort to cheap substitutes for glass bongs because if we are being honest, smoking out of an authentic glass bong is an experience like no other.

This post outlines the best unbreakable glass bongs on the market. By the very nature of the material, anything glass can break. However the bongs listed below have some of the thickest glass you can find which would make it much more difficult to damage these bad boys.

Straight Tube Water Pipe

This piece is a fantastic straight tube bong made of thick, durable glass. One of the best parts about this bong is that while it is made for smooth and clean hits, it is designed so that it is extremely difficult to break. With ultra dense glass the piece is resistant to accidents and it also has a wide, and heavy baseВ to make it difficult to knock over to begin with.

The bong comes with a removable down stem with 6 slits at the end for maximum diffusion. Keep in mind that the three pinch ice catcher also allows for an even smoother smoking experience. It’s a prime pick for anyone looking for a resilient glass piece that provides a smooth smoking experience. Check it out.

Black Leaf Beaker Bong

This beaker base bong by Black Leaf is a simple but classic design that is made to last. It is constructed with 9mm thick borosilicate glass that is extremely resilient to the usual wear and tear bongs are subjected to. 9mm glass is just about as thick as it gets when it comes to bongs.

Fortunately this bong has a carb hole and a rubber plug if the carb just isn’t your style. The base is also wide enough to contain more water than a straight tube bong. This gives the piece just a bit more stability.

The glass is also extremely resilient to heat. It wont crack or deform even from highest temperatures over time making it a great piece to attach a dab attachment on.

AMG Glass 15 inch Beaker Bong

You can never go wrong with American glass. Hand made American glass pieces such as this one are dependably durable and are certainly not as easy to break as your typical cheap smoke shop piece. It certainly is well-made and of top quality.

The beaker shape of the bong is prime since it is so stable and centered. Also unlike some of the other bongs listed here this one is a bit longer. At fifteen inches tall, this piece has plenty of length to fill with ice and to milk up to the brim.

In addition this bong has a removable down stemВ which makes it much easier to clean. The diffused down stem also allows for some of the cleanest hits. You can choose to add on a ceramic domeless nail, or a titanium nail bundle with your free glass bowl as well.

WS Smellchecker Stemless Glass Bong with Inline Perc

If you are looking for a larger piece that you can really draw smoke from that is nearly unbreakable, this might be the one for you. The sheer size of the chamber allows you to fill the piece with a massive amount of smoke before you pull.

The shape of the piece is what is appealing to many. It is as sturdy as can be with a wide base and a down stem that doesn’t protrude out in a way that might make the bong easy to knock over. There is also plenty of lead way to fill the chamber up with ice.

Take caution however… this nearly unbreakable glass bong hits hard! Due to the width of the chamber it is easy to take in a large pillar of smoke without even realizing it at first.

9mm Thick Glass Beaker BongВ

At 9mm thick, this bong is a force to be reckoned with. It has one of the simplest designs but its shape is tried and true until the end. Not only that but this bong is virtually unbreakable.

Its not the largest bong in the world but it certainly does pack a punch. The compact character of the piece allows it to be easy to use but at the same time it allows for a smooth smoking experience.

This customer review from sums up the piece nicely…

“I’ve broken too many bongs… Purchasing this bong was an effort to find something basic, glass and durable. This fully checks the box on all 3. It also checks the box for a super heavy paperweight and as an improvised bludgeon”

This post outlines the best unbreakable glass bongs on the market. By the very nature of the material, anything glass can break. However the bongs listed below have some of the thickest glass you can find which would make it much more difficult to damage these bad boys.

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“This is the most functional water pipe I have ever owned or seen. Not only is it a great delivery for my medicine, being unbreakable helps keep me active and out moving in nature without fear of damages. Great work, you’ve truly changed my life”

“Just bought one of these tonight. Went home and tried it. Loved it. This will make a perfect addition to my disk gold bag. And they weren’t kidding, that suction cup base is no joke. Totally worth the money! ”

“I tip my hat to you sir. Kudos on an immensely useful, durable and straight up bad ass piece! Oh and thanks for selling them at such a reasonable price!”

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