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You’ll find a wide section of Sherlock Holmes style hand pipes from SmokeDay, that are ideal for your smoking needs. Select from wood-grain colored glass – one of our most popular pipe styles – or from a variety of colorful designs that will match your personality. These Sherlock Holmes pipes are a perfect way to capture the detective in you. Not to be confused with Sherlock Bubblers, these pipes feature a traditional Sherlock Holmes look that is derived from Sherlock Holmes himself. Take look at our extensive collection of Glass Sherlock pipes without commitment as we will gladly allow returns on unused items if you are unsatisfied.

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Sherlock Bubbler – 6in

Sherlock style glass bubbler. Built-in splashguard and percolator.

Check out our modern improvement on a classic favorite with our 6” Sherlock Bubbler made from borosilicate colored glass.

🕵 TRAVEL SIZE – Take it with You

🕵️ SWISS CHEESE PERCOLATOR – Smooth Diffusion and Filtration

🕵️ 2 FUN COLORS – Green or Blue


🕵NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard

At six inches high, this bubbler is great for taking with you or using outdoors. Get the clean filtering of water filtration along with the large heady hits of a bong style piece even when you’re out and about.


We’ve upgraded the diffused downstem into a diffused upstem with two swiss cheese percolator holes for more bubbles and smoother cleaner hits.

Choose from either a green or blue colored handblown glass. The colored glass is a single piece from the colored bowl and base that leads into a colored inner downstem. The top of each bubbler is made from crystal clear handblown glass.


Unlike more classically shaped Sherlock bubblers, ours is more a more vertical up and down smoke chamber and mouthpiece. This is awesome because it means the bubbler is more steady and less likely to tip over than bubblers that spread out horizontally.

A built-in splash guard separates the top of the smoke chamber from the mouthpiece to protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

We care about our products and our customers…that’s why we ship everything in protective yet discrete packaging from our brand new warehouse in Los Angeles.

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to see how awesome this bubbler is…click add-to-cart today!

Check out our modern improvement on a classic favorite with our 6” Sherlock Bubbler made from borosilicate colored glass.🕵 TRAVEL SIZE – Take it with You🕵️ ]]>