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“This is the most functional water pipe I have ever owned or seen. Not only is it a great delivery for my medicine, being unbreakable helps keep me active and out moving in nature without fear of damages. Great work, you’ve truly changed my life”

“Just bought one of these tonight. Went home and tried it. Loved it. This will make a perfect addition to my disk gold bag. And they weren’t kidding, that suction cup base is no joke. Totally worth the money! ”

“I tip my hat to you sir. Kudos on an immensely useful, durable and straight up bad ass piece! Oh and thanks for selling them at such a reasonable price!”

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What is a Silicone Bong & Why Should You Have One?

What is a Silicone Bong & Why Should You Have One?

When it comes to smoking paraphernalia, the world is as vast as the number and variety of cannabis strain. From the ancient way of toking to the most recent discovery of vaporizers, the list is just endless. Bongs are one such historical and ancient smoking accessory that has been going strong since the start of smoking herbs and tobacco and looks like there is no backing it down.

From the ancient bongs where they were accentuated with gold and luxury to the more adaptable glass, plastic, and silicone bongs, it is no surprise that you are presented with more options than you ever were. Walking into a headshop can feel like walking into a stoners heaven, and for novice smokers, this can be a little unnerving too.

For a pothead, their paraphernalia is as good as their crew, and we keep it as close and love it as much as possible. For this reason, if you’re venturing into the world of Silicone bongs and are confused about how they work, are they safe, and why they should be added to your collection, keep reading ahead. I will be taking you in-depth into the working, functioning, and safety of the silicone bongs. Let’s get started.

What is a Silicone Bong?

Silicone is a compound known as a synthesized polymer which is the result of combining silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It is a chemical element which is not found in isolation but mainly exists in silicon oxide or silicate. Interestingly enough, silicon is one of the most abundant elements on the planets, making up around 25% of the crust. It is available in two different forms – plastic or liquid. The plastic form has several qualities that are similar to rubber, which includes flexibility and malleability.

So, where does silicone bong come from?

A silicone bong or pipe is a cheaper and alternative take on the traditional glass bongs that we have all come to love. The bong is made using high-quality heat resistant silicone that will be able to withstand the high temperatures without emitting any toxic chemicals. Most of these bongs are equipped with a glass bowl and downstem that allows you to taste the true flavour of the herbs.

The reason why they are suited to make any smoking accessory is that they are extremely heat resistant, and can withstand up to 600°F/315°C without losing its shape. Moreover, they are also chemically inert/inactive making them a safe material to use for the smoke.

It’s not just bongs that have adopted the use of this very plentiful resource, but you can also find silicone in many cooking utensils, shoe insoles, insulators, bathroom sealant, and much more. It’s not just the smoking accessories!

Now that we know what silicone bongs are, let’s take a look at how we can use it?

How to use a Silicone Bong?

Silicone bongs are pretty simple to use. They don’t demand the use of any fancy accessories or gears. In fact, the only thing that you need to do is add the required amount of water and fill in the herb bowl.

The design is pretty similar to the general round or beaker bong. If you go for the really cheap ones, you may have to fill it with water to keep it sturdy and standing. But the general ones have a robust, durable base that keeps the bong standing tall.

Just ignite it up with your lighter, inhale the flavoursome smoke and enjoy the high!

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Why should you have a silicone bong in your collection?

Glass bongs are all hailed for their unique designs, additional features, and not to forget, the aesthetically pleasing look. But there is something about being clumsy with a bong that gets you. And that’s not the only reason why you should opt for a silicone bong.

Let’s have a look as to w hy silicone bongs are a good alternative to the glass ones.

No breaking!

No matter how beautiful and sturdy your glass bongs look like, there is a high chance it will shatter when toppled over. Whether it is borosilicate glass or any other high-quality material, there is always the possibility of breaking it. Whereas with silicone bong, the most you will experience is the spilling of Stanky bong water. It will bend and hit, or fall from a great height, and still be as functional as it was.

Take it anywhere!

Concerts, hiking, road trips, or a simple get together; all you have to do is stash your silicone bong in a bag and be on the go. The rubbery texture makes it not only flexible but also prevents any permanent damage from the twists and turns. Moreover, they are more convenient and comfortable travel partners.

You can find roll-up designs that are way more discreet than glass bongs, allowing them to sit easily in a piece of luggage. Take them anywhere you want, and all you’ll need is some water and a dank herb!

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Bongs are all fun and games until you have to clean it. Let’s face it, reaching all the nooks and crannies with the brush, soaking it in vinegar and salt, and all the other advice that you took from the internet. But with silicone bongs, you have an easy way out.

The easiest way is to put your bong in the dishwasher since it is heat resistant and easily bends and twists. My only advice would be to rinse it a little to get the resins out before you put in the dishwasher. If your silicone bong separates into different sections, that’s even better.

The second way to clean the silicone bong is by freezing it – yes, you heard it right. Since it is also resistant to cold temperatures, place your bong in a freezer for up to 12 hours. This process allows frozen residue to crack and fall off. This works better with concentrates, as the buds leave a tarry resin on the inside of the bong & freezing it might not always work.

Unlimited designs

Glass-blowing is an art, but nothing is as flexible and versatile as silicon. There is absolutely no limit to the variety of designs you will find, and they can be moulded into any shape and size. From your favourite tv series to the most flamboyant and extravagant colour, you will find everything in a silicone bong.

Choose your design based on your style ranging from hippie or mellow ones to cosmic ones with glow-in-the-dark.

Glass bongs are usually on the expensive end of the spectrum, and a good piece usually costs more than $100. You can get the cheap ones but they are not designed to last for a long time. Silicone bongs negate this problem by offering good quality bongs at the most affordable price.

Even if you misplace these bongs (because they are not going to break), finding a replacement shouldn’t be too heavy on the pocket. Even if you’re going for the expensive silicone bongs, you know you won’t break it in a week.


Q. Can you clean silicone with alcohol?

It is not recommended to use an alcohol-based cleaner with silicone products as it tends to break it down. Instead, use a silicone-cleaner, or just a mild soap & water will do the deed.

Q. How to clean silicone bong with vinegar?

To clean your silicone with vinegar, submerge your bong in a combination of warm water, vinegar, and a little bit of dish soap. You can alternatively use baking soda to get rid of the resins and build-up.

Q. What kind of water do you use in a bong?

You can use any kind of water in your silicone bong, ranging from tap water to ice water.

This brings us to the end of our blog on silicone bong. Hope this was helpful. Feel free to drop your comments below.

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