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Cheap One Hitters

Cheap glass one hitters are the most sold products not only for the amazing price but also for the look and functionality. We offer very wide selection of all different designs, colors and shapes, all made from durable Pyrex glass. The size of the cheap one hitters is just perfect for hiding it in your hands or pockets. Most of the cheap one hitters for sale in our online smoke shop have an anti-roll marble to prevent rolling and falling from the table.

Glass One Hitters for Sale

One hitter mimics the shape of a cigarette and they are called one hitters because you basically get one hit from them. One hitters provide a bit cleaner smoking than only a joint or blunt and also reduce the smell.

Cheap One Hitters – wholesale bulk discounts

Although our glass one hitters for sale are allready cheap, you could get even a better price. If you buy more than 10 pieces, you will get a bulk discount. Don’t keep such great products just for yourself and share them with your friends. We also offer special wholesale prices for those who buy more than 50 or 100 pieces. Because we are the producers of these amazing cheap one hitters, we can make small adjustments on customer’s demand for free.

Colored one hitters

Spring and summer are full of bright colors – flowers, sea, trees, birds, everything is so vibrant during this part of a year. If you like to wear more colorful clothes and accessories during spring and summer you may also fancy a matching one hitter.

In our online smoke shop we offer the whole collection of colored one hitters with playful designs – so perfect for summer parties and spring spicy barbecues. The colors are unlimited and every one hitter is an original hand blown piece.

Colored one hitters – MUSH HAVE for spring/summer

The prices are so affordable that you can pick one of our cheap one hitters also for your best mate. What’s more we offer special bulk discounts starting at 10 pcs!

Choose your spring/summer one hitter from large variety of colors, designs, lenghts and pot sizes. Made of thick and durable Simax glass for your maximum smoking pleasure. Colored one hitters are simply the MUST HAVE for spring/summer 2018!

Thick glass Chillums

Chillums are special pipes which are often called bats, one-hitters, or simply hitters. They resemble a cigarette because of the size and appearance. Chillums have a shallow recess into which the smoking substance is loaded. A narrow artery, through which the smoke from the weed is channeled, extends from the recess to the opposite end of the pipe. Thick glass chillums are much thicker and stronger than the Cheap One hitters and provide nice smoking.

Main features of our thick glass chillums

Thick glass chillums sold in our online shop are made of durable and heat-resistant Pyrex glass. Our handy glassblowers make really wide range of the thick chillums. All different shapes, sizes and designs. Most of our thick chillums are silver fumed for great color changing effect. An anti-roll marble is added to prevent unwanted falls and breakage.

Purpose of hand blown Pyrex chillums

Chillums are nowdays used by stoners everywhere, but orginally were used in a spiritual manor by Hindu priests. Chillums bring the hot smoke straight to you lungs. The larger the chillum is, the cooler the smoke is.

Animal Chillums

Thick glass chillums with animlas from our production are very sturdy and heat-resistant because of the used material, which is called Pyrex. All of our animal chillums are silver fumed so they provide really nice color changing glass effect. You can choose either the smaller one or bigger one but all sizes are just perfect to fit in your hand or pocket. Animal chillums are decorated with beautiful 3D animals in lovely colors.

3D decoration on our animal glass chillums

Animal chillums produced by our skilful glassblowers come in three different sizes. All of them are heavily silver fumed and decorated with absolutely amazing 3D animals. You can choose in our online smoke shop from a lizard, snake, octopus or a frog. It is also possible to choose color of the animals by simply making a note in the order form.

Thick glass chillums with animals

Fine hand blown chillums with heavy speckled inside out working with intense silver fuming to give it deep color changing properties. The chillum tapers heavily just below the bowl and is adorned with a hand-worked animal across the mid-section of the piece.

Dollar Chillums

Very original chillums in unique shape of a dollar sign are made from strong and durable Pyrex glass, which is also heat resistant. Dollar chillums come in either plain glass or gold or silver fumed glass, which provides nice color changing effect so you can have a different piece after each use. Its handy size is just perfect. Our dollar chillums are hand made by our own glassblowers and are of excellent quality.

Dollar chillums as an unique pendant

The best thing about our dollar chillums is that they are made as pendants so with the leather included, you can wear them on your neck as the perfect accessory. You can not lose it and its always ready to be used.

Good bargain for the set of 3 dollar chillums

Only 2.36“ length makes it the flawless accessory for everyone. Make your friends happy and get them great present. Or just delight yourself. You can get only one piece or buy our deal Set of 3 Dollar Chillums and have a different dollar chillum every day.

We make only the best quality hand-blown one hitters for sale in our own glassworks. We use Pyrex (PHX) glass. All weed one hitters are hand painted. Free gift with every order. ]]>