smoke shop in chicago

The best smoke shops in Chicago for all your glass needs

Chicago has a huge selection of smoke shop paraphernalia, so we searched high and low to find the best smoke shops

Chicago is home to plenty of heady smoke shops, man. We found the best places in the city to purchase your next bong, bubbler, bowl or dope volcano vape. Add some great stoner food at Chicago restaurants, trippy art galler ies or some groovy live music at concerts in Chicago, and you’re sure to have a mind-altering experience.

These are the best smoke shops in Chicago for bongs, pipes, vaporizers and all of your other cannabis paraphernalia

Pipes & Smoking Access.

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to enter the smoke & vape shop. All products are intended for use of tobacco and legal herbs only.

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For Tobacco use only!

-American Made
-local artist pieces
-Scientific Glass
-Steam Rollers
-Ceramic Pipes
-Vortex Pipes
-Oil/Concentrate Rigs
-8″ Water Pipes with triple Honeycomb
-Bubblers with Honeycomb
-Gandolf pipes
-Triple chamber bubblers
-Large water pipes
-One-hitter pipes
-Bat pipes
-Acryllic Pipes
-Triple and Double Perculator Pipes
-Colored glass pipes
-Colored changing pipes

-Ash catchers
-Titanium nails
-Quartz nails
-Brass and steel screens
-Pipe cleaners
-Stash box

Herb Grinders
-Aluminium window grinders
-Sharpstone grinders
-5-chamber grinders
-Window crank grinders
-Grinders with screens
-Acrylic grinders
-Wooden grinders

Novelty Pipes
-metal pipes
-Twister/folding pipes
-Super stick pipes
-Highlighter pipes
-Sparkplug pipes

Rolling paper in your favorite sizes
Raw, Elements, Smoking, Rizzla, Zig Zag, Job, OCB, Bob Marley, and more

Portable and desktop vaporizers offer discrete vaping in a variety of forms. We carry popular brands such as Pax, Firefly, Da Vinci Ascent, Atmos, Magic Flight, Puff It, G Pen, VaporX and Encore. For dry herbs as well as e-liquids and oils.

The best head shop in Chicago, off the Red-line Sheridan stop. Water pipes, grinders, dugouts, chillums, Vaporizers, Pax, G-Pen, Atmos. For Tobacco use only ]]>