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Tobaccos Smoker’s Pride – Natural Blend

A mild, satisfying blend of quality tobaccos.

Brand Smoker’s Pride
Blended By Lane Limited
Manufactured By Lane Limited
Blend Type Burley Based
Contents Burley, Cavendish
Flavoring None
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 12 ounce bag
Country US
Production Currently available
Where to Buy

The burley is lightly nutty, earthy, barely sweet with a minor cocoa note. The Virginia cavendish is a little grassy with very little citrus or honey flavor. Has a couple rough edges. It burns very well, but needs some hydration first. Needs to be sipped, or it can get a little warm on the tongue, and get a little cigarettish. I never experienced any tongue bite though. Smoked at a slow to moderate pace, it’s fairly smooth. Won’t leave any moisture in the bowl, and hardly needs a relight. Has a mild nic-hit. The strength and taste levels are very mild. The after taste is rather plain. An all day innocuous smoke that makes lots of smoke, and can be a mixer in home made blends.

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I have smoked exactly one pouch this and would probably not buy it again unless it were the only option. It is very dry in the pouch, and smells of a mild tobacco. I don’t discern any particular “note” in the pouch. I tried hydrating it, and that did not help it much.

Smoked , it tasted like a slightly milder Prince Albert. There is a temptation to puff too fast to try to get more flavor out, and it goes from an “ok smoke” to really hot quickly.

This one falls in the “better than nothing” category for me. I can smoke it, but would not if I had a choice.

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I agree with the SWR comparison. This is very similar, even the cut. Haven’t smoked SWR in a while but this seems about the same strength. Since so many reviewers extolled this blend in a cob, I tried it. Actually, it IS better in a cob than in the several briars I used (all dedicated to Burleys). This ain’t bad, especially for the price. That’s not a cop-out, either. If I’m paying nearly $20 for 50gr of tobacco, it better be really f’n good. For the price, this passes muster.

This blend is quite mild, not a bit of it wild, so if you want a nic hit, honey, just pass on it.

This is about a 2.5-star blend, but I can’t give it that, obviously, so I am going with three stars, which it deserves if you are not hung up on every bowl being a nic-fest. After Uhle’s Perfection Plug Burley (also cube cut), this is weaker stuff, but not everybody wants a strong blend, and Natural Blend is good for what it is. The codger aroma is nice, too. I grew up around a lot of old white and black men smoking stuff like this, so it’s kind of a wayback thing for me. I prefer SP’s Rich Taste for a mild Burley smoke, I think.

It also nicely cuts harsher Burley blends. I mixed some of this with Five Brothers (60/40 Nat/5Bro), and though they have not married yet, the mixture is promising.

Pipe Used: Cob, Vauen and Brebbia briars

Age When Smoked: New

Similar Blends: Smoker’s Pride – Rich Taste, Sir Walter Raleigh, Uhle’s – Perfection Plug Burley.

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For a cheap tobacco this is very pleasant and served nicely as a change from the English blends I tend to smoke. I must recommend that instead of purchasing this and smoking it right away,cellar it for at least a month before dipping into it and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what this turns into.

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This is an incredibly inexpensive blend that makes a decent corn cob blend. Take it fishing, rake the yard, work on the car, etc. It can have an ashy finish, but what do you want for the money?

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This is a nice uncomplicated tobacco blend. Nothing special here and it won’t impress the fellows at the club, but who cares it lights easily and doesn’t require too many relights. A perfect blend for puttering around the homestead, or add some body to an aromatic.

Age When Smoked: P&C

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It’s OK. But just barely. The pouch note reminds me of a household cleaner. Windex perhaps? It burns OK but can get a little hot. Bites a little if pushed too hard, which doesn’t take much. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t care much for it. There’s far better choices out there in this price range. After I finish what’s left of the pouch (which is now stored in a jar in the cellar) I don’t think I’ll be buying any more. I give it 1.5 stars because it could certainly be worse.

Age When Smoked: Fresh and a few years aged.

Purchased From:

Similar Blends: Prince Albert Middleton Cherry (without the cherry)..

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No body, no taste, no room note for the smoker (not much for the non-smoker either). Nice price; if you got some enjoyment out of smoking hot air as it is less than $12 per pound bag. Sorry to say, but I can’t even recommend this to a new smoker. Since it doesn’t even meet you half way, I’m afraid it would turn a newbie off from pipe smoking as they mutter, “What’s the point?”

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I grabbed a pouch of this about a month ago while on a business trip out of town. I had run out of the good stuff and found this in a 7-11 type store just off the highway. I was initally too embarrassed to admit I smoked a few bowls, but since WNDE has fessed up to smokin’ this tobacco, I guess I will too.

Indeed this Burley tobacco is cube cut in very similar fashion to Sir Walter. It is milder in taste and does not get quite as bitter as you travel down the bowl.

This stuff will never enter my top-10 (or, top 100), but it was interesting. Okay, I feel better now. Confession is good for the soul.

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Unlike the vanilla Cavendish which I really enjoy, I can’t recommend this blend to anyone. I cannot think of any good attributes to this tobacco. It’s bone dry, it burns very quickly. It’s not even worth the low price tag that is attached to it. I find it tastes and smells like perfume. This is a shame because smokers pride has impressed me with some of they’re other products.

Pipe Used: Various briars, cobs

Age When Smoked: Fresh

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While this tobacco is very plain it isn’t nearly as bad as one would have guessed. Add some Latakia to it and you have a pretty good smoke.

The bag I bought was much drier than I expected. Most of these bagged tobaccos are covered in something to keep them from drying out. Maybe this bag was on the shelf for a couple of years? At any rate I found it to be quite pleasant even on it’s own.

Believe me when I say you could do a lot worse.

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I know, I know why not recommended it is cheap to get 3.49$ However even at 3.49 I rather get the whiskey flavor. The natural burnt hot and the room note was tolerable at best. It didn’t burn well in any pipe I have which is about 12 pipes. I’ll be making some soon though. Lets see ontop of the burning issues it doesn’t like to stay lit, it leaves quite a bit of dottle. It just wasn’t an enjoyment to me. My personal notes give this a 2.1 for uninteresting.

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Ok, if anyone takes pride in smoking this one your taste buds are no longer active. I bought a large bad of this stuff thinking it would be ok compared to their Vanilla blend which I quite like but this tastes like bitter fermented wood chips. Don’t know if the bad was old or what but I ended up using it as kindling for a camp fire, I’m not joking. It was the worst $10 i’ve ever spent. It’s natural in taste but seems bitter as heck to me. Sorry to disappoint but this stuff tastes and smells as cheap as it is. It must be discarded old tobacco they kept in a barn with cow manure. It smells like urine out of the bag, sorry to be so negative about it but it really ruined my day off. yuck!

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Well, its tobacco, and its cheap.

More of a natural cavendish, if such a thing makes sense. It isn’t bitey, doesn’t have a burley type flavor, isn’t really sweet, doesn’t really stand out one way or the other.

I got a huge bag of this stuff about a year ago and I’ve used it in blends of my own devising, and have smoked it on its own now and again. Its another of those no-brainer smokes good for mindless puffing. As others have said, its good in a cob.

A classic two-star. Its not disagreeable, but its pretty mundane.

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´╗┐Another winner from Smoker?s Pride. Not only does it taste great, smell great and smoke great it?s cheap too! Definitely one of the better budget tobaccos out there. This tastes like straight tobacco with no flavoring or casing added. It is very mild and similar but not as good as Prince Albert or John Rolfe. It smokes cool, does not leave any goop in the pipe, does not bite at all and even has a pleasing aroma. It smells a lot like Price Albert but not as strong. If there was a down side to this tobacco it would be it?s strength. It just is a little milder than I like. I like Price Albert a little more in that respect. But none the less, this will be a staple in my rotation, as I am sure I will never tire of the straight tobacco taste of this blend. I am starting to like the Smoker?s Pride Blends as so far the only one I did not like at all is the Cherry and I might even give that another try as tastes do change.

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Sorry, made a mistake. When I purchase bagged or bulk I put them in mason jars. This review should have been for Smokers Pride Rich. Cigarette plain taste wise. Fact is purchased to roll. Cut is wider than cig tobacco and just did not work for me. Smoked a little strong and wet for cigs. Now the good part. The flavor is tobacco, plain tobacco. Alone it is bland for me being an aromatic smoker mostly but as a blender it is super. It is a blender that can tone down flavor without robbing the experience of flavor. It mellows out not waters down. For instance, a pinch of Lanes BS-005 with Lat, a couple pinches of Smokers Pride vanilla cav and a couple pinches of SM Natural let it sit in a can a least a week and you have a tasty blend similar to HGL.

Pipe Used: Cob and briar

Age When Smoked: New and aged

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

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I’ve tried the Mellow Blend and this, Natural Blend. This has more flavor than the Mellow Blend, but this one burns a bit hotter. Sip it gently and it ain’t too bad. Don’t know if I’d buy this one again. Let me get through the 12 oz. bag and we’ll see. Still for the price, it’ll definitely get smoked.

Pipe Used: Calabrese straight.

Age When Smoked: Fresh from the pouch

Purchased From: Discount Tobacco, Indianapolis, IN.

Similar Blends: Prince Albert or Carter Hall. Similar, but not quite as good.

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Well, good for mixing. Cheap. Good in a Cob. That’s about it. Burns better than the corner store brands, but tastes less. It’s a toss between the two if I’m outta the good stuff.

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This an extremely neutral blend. I too feel it is mostly burly. I smoke this stuff two ways. straight in a cob, while working, or mixed with a strong burley blend to dilute the casings I am always promised are not present. a little “Hair of the dog”, without the teeth! This is Prince Albert before the royal promotion. My wife enjoys the aroma, and can’t tell the difference between this and the Prince.

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For a time, some of the blends in the Smokers’ Pride range were readily available in Mexico City. Regular was perhaps the best of the lot. Slightly dry and stale in flavor, it nevertheless delivered a passable tobacco smokiness (Burley). The added Cavendish (Burley again) makes it, in my opinion, richer than either SWR or PA, but it should be smoked slowly because it can bite. A very simple, undistinguished smoke, good enough to move about when nothing else is available.

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This blend is about as simple as it gets. No frills, no thrills, just plain old tobacco. The taste and aroma remind me of Sir Walter Raleigh Regular, although I think I like this a little better. It appears to be another predominantly Burley blend. It smokes well and doesn?t offend but it just doesn?t stimulate either. This would be good to use to mix into stronger blends that you want to cut the taste of.

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The burley is lightly nutty, earthy, barely sweet with a minor cocoa note. The Virginia cavendish is a little grassy with very little citrus or hon…