smoking out of a metal pipe

Pros and Cons of Metal Pipes

There are several materials pipes are crafted from. Glass is the most popular, both in the number of designs and in overall choice for regular smokers. However, glass is delicate, and some pieces can be quite expensive. Smokers looking for an alternative medium may consider metal pipes for smoking. Metal pipes carry many advantages, but not all are created equal.


Metal pipes are easy to form, and many are mass-produced. While you won’t get that one-of-a-kind feel with a metal tobacco pipe as you might with glass, you can count on your pipe’s uniformity and function almost every time.

Metal pipes also include features that glass, ceramic, and acrylic pipes don’t. For instance, they have hinges and tightly threaded removable pieces. There are even some metal pipes for smoking, like the Transformer Adjustable Metal Pipe, that can swivel into almost any type of hand pipe you want.

You can also buy a build-your-own pipe kit that lets you build your metal pipe the way you want. Although many metal pipes won’t be as artistic as some of their glass counterparts, you’d be surprised at some of the unique designs of metal pipes on the market today.


Metal pipes for smoking vary in price depending on the type of metal used, the company making it, and the features they include. Smaller hand pipes usually cost $20 or below, while tall water pipes can be upwards of $70. SMOKEA® has a metal tobacco pipe for every budget.


One of the best qualities of metal pipes is their durability. Glass, ceramic, and even wood pipes pale in comparison to the strength of metal pipes. Even the clumsiest smoker would be hard-pressed to ruin a metal pipe.

Of course, the type of metal used contributes a great deal to the overall durability of the metal pipes for smoking. Aluminum is one of the weaker metals, but aluminum pipes are often anodized to strengthen the structure. Titanium is another common metal used and is one of the strongest types of metals.


The quality of the metal is what most smokers are concerned about when it comes to choosing a metal tobacco pipe. Some users notice a metallic taste when they use metal pipes. Ceramic, wood, and even acrylic can also alter the flavor of smoke, but glass typically doesn’t interact at all. Luckily, there are a few ways to minimize the metallic flavor when using metal pipes for smoking.

First, you can “break it in” by letting resin build up on the inside of the pipe to cut down on the metallic taste. But this option really depends on user preference, and some people hate the taste of burning resin.

Secondly, before you purchase a pipe, do a bit of research into the type of metal it’s using. Food-grade titanium should leave the least amount of metallic aftertaste, if any, while other metals could produce more.

At the end of the day, choosing metal pipes for smoking comes down to preference. They do offer unmatched durability, but you may need to take some creative alternatives with some of the downsides. Try one out for yourself and make your own decision and be sure to sign up for our SMOKEA® Rewards Program to start saving on all your SMOKEA® purchases!

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using metal pipes for smoking. Shop for a metal tobacco pipe online at SMOKEA® and get shipping within 24 hours.

How to Clean Your Pipe

Introduction: How to Clean Your Pipe

Do you have a pipe? Then you know that after smoking Tobacco or other LEGAL things such as Saliva. After a couple uses the pipe can get full of resin and other things. This instructable will show you who to clean it.

Step 1: Parts

You need:
A pipe to clean
Rubbing Alcohol
Something to get the screen out
A new screen

Step 2: Pull Out Old Screen and Disassemble

Use a pointy object to remove the old screen, then disassemble as far as u can.

Step 3: Bag It

Put all the pipe related parts in a bag then fill with the alchol leaving some room.

Step 4: Shake

Shake and leave to sit over night, but not to long. mine leaked.

Step 5: Finish

Wipe up, reassemble and put in a new screen, and you’re done.

Here are the twins, as Bender would say “Make new friends and keep the old, because one is silver and the other is gold.”

Step 6: Other Ideas

If you are smoking a certain green substance and you want to keep the resin, pour the bag into a bowl. Then leave it in the sun to evaporate.

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50 Discussions

You know salt causes metal to rust, right? I wouldn’t use salt on anything metal.

Reply 5 months ago

Not sure but I believe salt speeds up the oxidation which only happens in oxygen environments. Since this piece is under water not A problem. Also it takes A fair amount of time and odds are these pieces will be resin soaked soon after cleaning. HA HA

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Not “rust” exactly. Rust normally refers to iron oxydation. Salt causes corrosion for sure, especially sodium salts, but any salt that is electrolytically active will do the same thing.

BUT, if the salt is not left on it for any length of time (days or longer) it will help remove some oxidation. An overnight soak and rinse shouldn’t hurt it at although I might not do this with copper parts.

i need to know how to clean a mushroom keychain pipe mine is so clogged with rez i cant even smoke out of it anymore

Reply 5 years ago

Or use a Bobby pin or something similar and scrape it if you plan on smoking it.

Reply 5 years ago

Add some sea salt in with it and shake, the grains scrub the sides. Or you could buy cleaning fluid from a headshop and follow the directions in the bottle, some don’t work very well if it’s caked full.

I think u meant salvia

If you add coarse salt to the bag and shake hard for a min or two it really helps alot. It acts as an abrasive. The salt will not dissolve in the alcohol.

Nice instructible. I have an instructible series coming out about kinds of smoking apparatuses and how to make them. by far, I only have one about making a bong, or “water filtered pipe” and I would strongly appreciate if anyone could view it and comment on it. Thank you.

alchohol and salt. you dont need anything else. get 90% iso- it works better(less water) and is clean disolving. all of the cleaners you could use or detergents or whatever are going to leave residue. residue that could react to heat, you dont want to breathe that in. even some chemicals that work well are generally industrial grade- not medical and the ingredients listed do not have to be 100% pure. when using something like napathol, try leaving some out on a glass dish for a few days before trying it on your piece and see what is left behind.
if you dont care about your piece or pan i suppose boiling is a good way to clean, but putting the stress on the glass all over from the heat is bad. it puts stress on any faults in the glass or tiny cracks and chips. this could result in a premature break. while heating is inevitable of some parts of the piece with use, why put undo stress on good pieces?
maybe im just a connoisseur

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Hey guys and gals, I have found a really cheap and simple way to clean a whole pipe. No matter what type or brand. If you go to a beauty shop or whatever (the way i found this was my wife was helping me clean pipes and she made the suggestion) buy some of the nail buffer, shiner and one of the rough ones. Then use long strokes and use the rough one to sand away any gunnk or residue left on the stem of the pipe. Then use the buffer to get any scratches off of it. Finally scrub as hard as you can with the shiner and watch your pipe shine.

you mean salvia, not saliva. smoking saliva would suck.

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Well, some people would do it. Ancient cultures that worshiped the Fly Agaric mushrooms found that there was a scarcity at one point, so the priests began to be the sole people that ingested the mushroom alone. Since the toxins in the fly agaric don’t get absorbed, for the most part, by the human body, the next lower social class would drink the urine of the priests in order to get the high that they desired, since it made them feel closer to ‘God’. It kept going like this until the lowest social class.

How to Clean Your Pipe: Do you have a pipe? Then you know that after smoking Tobacco or other LEGAL things such as Saliva. After a couple uses the pipe can get full of resin and other things. This instructable will show you who to clean it.