smoking torches and candles

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Download File Smoking Torches and Candles

Smoking Torches and Candles (by mindflux)

#1 TechAngel85

  • Administrator
  • 12,977 posts
  • Adds smoke effects to both candles and torches. Subtle and effective.

    #2 EssArrBee

  • VIP-Supporter
  • 7,461 posts
  • I like the torches, but the candles shouldn’t have the wide thick smoke trail. Candles don’t really smoke while they are lit, it’s after you put them out that they create a smoke wisp.

    Torches->running with torch->candles

    #3 Neovalen

  • Mod Author
  • 5,593 posts
  • #4 TechAngel85

  • Administrator
  • 12,977 posts
  • Actually. I’ve googled and researched it. Torches do smoke but it’s mainly dependent on the accelerant. I have yet to research whether or not the old style candles (mainly made from bee’s wax) smoked or not.

    #5 EssArrBee

  • VIP-Supporter
  • 7,461 posts
  • Hmm. I didn’t even read the compatibility thing. That’s disappointing. Those old resin and tar torches would smoke pretty good. No one would ever take one of those things indoors and they’d only last 30-40 minutes at most. If they had some proper wicks and kerosene then it wouldn’t smoke that much.

    #6 TechAngel85

  • Administrator
  • 12,977 posts
  • So there are two types of candles; tallow (animal fat) and bees wax. The tallow candles were less expensive and used by the more common folk, smoked, and often came with a bad odor. The bees wax were more expensive, used mainly but churches and nobility, but came with no odor and very little smoke.

    #7 EssArrBee

  • VIP-Supporter
  • 7,461 posts
  • The problem with the candles isn’t so much the appearance of smoke, but the way the candles smoke. It would be a smoke wisp that came off the tip of the flame. You’d think they would have used all that Horker fat to make some oil for lamps. Those date back to the Stone Age. Hell, it would probably be one of the biggest exports of Skyrim to the rest of Tamriel.

    Smoking Torches and Candles (by mindflux) – posted in Skyrim LE Mods: Smoking Torches and Candles by mindflux   Adds smoke effects to both candles and torches. Subtle and effective.