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How To Make A Snow Bong

Snow days are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Nothing beats a solid excuse to ditch your ‘real’ obligations in exchange for a day of fun and relaxation. A few inches of snowfall was all it took to send me into stoner engineering mode. I wanted to see if I could make a working bong completely out of snow – no glass slide, no tin foil, no nothing – just snow.

So, is it possible to smoke out of something completely made of snow? I had my doubts, but keep reading. The results are nothing short of awesome!

Materials Needed to Make A Snow Bong:

  • Snow.
    This is by far the most important thing. All of the other materials are negotiable.
  • A bowl. (the kind you eat cereal out of – not the kind you use to smoke weed)
    This is going to give you something to build on. Alternatively, you could just build it directly into a pile of snow.
  • Dowel.
    This will let you make the smoke chamber. You can use all sorts of other stuff if you don’t have a dowel. I bet you could make a shower curtain rod work.
  • A skewer.
    This is to form the bowl. You could also use a small screwdriver, clothes hanger, small stick, etc.

Step 1: Pile Some Snow Into the Bowl

Step 2: Insert the Dowel Into the Snow, and Pack it in.

Make sure you don’t push the dowel all the way to the bottom. Leave about 2 inches of snow between the dowel and the bowl.

Step 3: Grab More Snow and Build It to Your Desired Height.

This is also your chance to show of your sculpting skills. I obviously have none.

Step 4: Remove the dowel.

Step 5: Use a Skewer to Poke a Thin ‘Downstem’ into the Chamber.

Step 6: Then, Use the Skewer to Carve a Small Bowl.

Step 7: Pack it Up and Enjoy!

Does it actually work? Hell yeah it works! Well, kinda. I was able to get about 5 good puffs off of it before it melted beyond use. It’s quite a bit of effort for just 5 hits, but it sure was fun. You could certainly add a glass bowl and get a good bit more time out of it, but I wanted to see if you could smoke out of just snow – and yes, you can. Awesome.


That is a pretty good idea lol. I would put a few raw cones with some Phunky Feel Tips just in the snow, maybe the glass tips would hold up against the cold when the heat comes. Good Post though.

Easy step-by-step instructions to make a bong completely out of snow. With a few household items, and some ingenuity you'll be smoking out of snow in no time.

‘Tis the season to build a snow bong

How to make your own using four simple things

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    Article content

    It’s that time of the year where you have a choice to make.

    Embrace the cold and enjoy all that winter has to offer. Or bundle up and stay inside and wait until it’s over (which in Canada means you haven’t been outside in years).

    ‘Tis the season to build a snow bong Back to video

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    For those who choose to embrace the winter and coincidentally also love pot, there’s one more cool option: make a snow bong!

    Yes, it’s possible — and it’s easy, too. Heck, invite a few friends over, light it up and have an epic snow adventure.

    Here’s what you’ll need

    • Snow (du-uh!)
    • 1 bowl: nothing big, nothing fancy. Just a good, old’ regular-sized bowl. But maybe don’t use your grandma’s fancy china
    • 1 rod: could be wood, could be metal. Just something that is firm on the outside and hollow on the inside. This will act as a smoke chamber
    • 1 skewer: easily available in a local hardware store


    Article content continued

    How to make a snow bong

    • Throw that snow in a bowl and pile it high along its base. The estimated quantity of snow would depend on the desired bong size.
    • Insert the rod down the centre of the pile, running straight up and down. Leave about two inches of space (snow) between the bottom of the rod and the bowl. Pack the rod in with snow.
    • Mould the bong to a desired shape. Opt for a classic pipe look, or even make a snowman, which will be more festive and exciting.
    • Remove the rod, leaving a nice pipe shape in the packed snow.
    • Don’t mess around reshaping the bong after this or it will cave in and you’ll have to start over.
    • Grab the skewer and create a ‘downstem’ in the chamber (just above the bowl, poking into the empty space left by the rod).
    • Carve out the downstem a little bigger, about the size of a finger.
    • The snow bong is ready!

    Pack the weed into the downstem and blaze that bad boy to life! If you chose to shape it into a snowman, then bong will make it appear that the snowman’s belly button is on fire and the smoke is blasting out of his head. Quite the show!

    Since the bong is made of snow, it will eventually melt. You should be able to get a handful of hits before the whole thing fades away as if it never existed — a great way to hide the evidence that it did.

    Or, try… the lazy snow bong

    Alternatively, grab your regular bong and pack the chamber with snow or ice cubes and smoke it that way for an icy hit.

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    How to make your own using four simple things