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Sonic Vaporizer – Black *DISCONTINUED*

This item has been discontinued. Check out the Related Products below for a replacement.

You’re here because you’ve heard about the benefits of using a Sonic Vaporizer to vape on the go. But what if you’ve never used a vaporizer before? We’re aware that many people who are recommended herbs for therapeutic benefit may not be aware of the different kinds of vaporizers out there — and boy, are there a bunch of vapes to choose from. A Portable Vaporizer is a device that heats your herbs or tobacco to a temperature that is much lower than a lighter flame or butane torch emits. The best portable vaporizers, such as the Sonic, feature a heating element with a variable temperature control that allows vaporization to occur between 220 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

A portable vaporizer is characterized by its ability to heat up much quicker than a standard desktop style home vaporizer, which uses AC power to raise the temperature of the heating block. In a portable vaporizer there is much less surface area since it is designed for stealth. Hence, the heating process takes far less time. In a portable vaporizer, there is a separate heating chamber for the dry herbs or tobacco to live in and a conduction or convection current sends hot air through a screen then around and through your ground up herbs or tobacco.

The first thing you need to do in order to use a portable vaporizer is to charge the internal battery. Most portable vapes charge fully within a 2 hour timeframe. Secondly, you want to grind up your favorite aromatherapy blend or tobacco into very fine shreds. This will ensure more efficient extraction of the plant’s ingredients and create a more flavorful and satisfying vapor. Third, take two or three pinches of ground herbs or tobacco into the chamber, close the lid and attach your mouthpiece. Fourth, it’s time to set your desired temperature. While some popular vaporizers function at a single temperature, the best portable vaporizers employ user-controlled temperature system and a digital display; this is the kind of system you’ll see on your brand new Sonic Vaporizer. Fifth and finally, wait until you see the light change color and then begin to inhale gently on the mouthpiece for about 8 seconds to get a nice, fluffy cloud of tasty vapor.

The benefit of a portable vape like the Sonic is that it provides the same type of healthy vaporization with no combustion or burning that you would get from a plugged in unit at home, except this is the size of a wallet, so it’s easy to take your herbs with you wherever you go.

The Sonic Vaporizer has arrived. Meet the newest and most efficient portable vaporizer ever created. This sleek and portable unit is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with it’s advanced heating technology and precise temperature control system. Unlike many other portable vapes that struggle to produce vapor, Sonic is one of the best handheld vaporizers for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor. It also features a ceramic heating chamber that ensures you’re receiving only the cleanest and best quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer utilizes an advanced ceramic heating chamber that vaporizes your dry herbs with maximum efficiency. Unlike many other vaporizers that only heat half your herbs, the Sonic employs superior heating technology to ensure your herbs are heated evenly and efficiently. This allows for the user to receive the best quality vapor possible.


There’s no waiting around with the Sonic Vaporizer. This advanced unit is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures within 30 seconds. Simply load your dry herbs into the heating chamber, set your vaporizing temperature, and your ready to start vaporizing within seconds.


The Sonic Vaporizer employs a precise temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature with incredible accuracy. Simply adjust the heating temperature higher or lower with the push of a button.


With only 3 buttons to utilize, the Sonic Vaporizer is extremely user-friendly and requires very little maintenance. Simply turn the unit on, set your preferred vaporizing temperature, and slowly inhale through the mouthpiece to begin enjoying your high-quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer features a compact design that makes it very easy to transport and use in virtually any setting. It’s small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse and it utilizes a removable mouthpiece for extra convenience.


    1. Fully charge the unit.
    2. Grind herbs and place inside heating chamber. Do no overfill or pack too tightly.
    3. Power on by pushing switch on side of unit.
    4. Set vaporizing temperature by pressing + or – buttons. We recommend vaporizing at 360-380F.
    5. Press heat button on front of unit.
    6. A red light should appear as unit heats up.
    7. Once the light has turned green, the vaporizer has reached the desired vaporizing temperature.
    8. Inhale slow and steady.
    9. Repeat Step 8 until desired effects are reached.
    10. Turn off by pushing switch on side of unit.

    1. A slow and steady inhale will produce the best results.
    2. Do not overfill or pack your herbs too tightly. This will restrict airflow and produce negative results.
    3. If you’re unsatisfied with the amount of vapor being produced, try raising the temperature. If the vapor is too thick, try reducing the temperature.
    4. Use the included brush to clean heating chamber after each use. This will keep your Sonic Vaporizer performing optimally.

Product Features:

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Heating Technology
  • Sleek & Portable Design
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Long Battery Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • Compatible with Dry Herbs

    Accessories (Included):

    More Information

    Name Sonic Vaporizer – Black *DISCONTINUED*
    MSRP $249.99
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimensions 3 x 6.5 x 4.75 in.
    Voltage 120v

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    Sonic Vaporizer, SONICV portable vaporizer small and affordable at

    Sonic Vaporizer

    The sonic vaporizer is a handheld vaporizer that appears like a typical walkie-talkie especially when the removable mouthpiece is in use. Easily to operated with only 3 buttons, the vaporizer comes with an LED display to keep on track of temperature and battery level.


    The Sonic vaporizer is a handheld herbal vaporizer known for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor as it utilizes a ceramic heating chamber. The vaporizer heats in less than 30 seconds at the exact temperature it was set on.

    Handy and discreet
    The hand-sized vaporizer can be easily snug onto jeans and purses. It measures at only 6.50 inches x 4.72 inches x 2.99 inches with 1.10 lbs of weight. The walkie-talkie looks definitely would not attract attention when used in public places or family gatherings.

    Precise temperature control
    The temperature is displayed on the LED display, portraying the current temperature of the oven. It is controlled easily by the plus and minus button on the side of the vaporizer, allowing flexibility in finding the perfect temperature of material vaporized.

    Ceramic heating chamber
    Comes with a magnetic cover lid, the Sonic vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating chamber which is known for producing pure and flavorful vapors as it eliminates metal taste. The vaporizer heats up by conduction system that passes heat to the dry herbs to vaporize huge clouds while avoiding combustion.

    Chamber light
    The heating chamber is LED illuminated, thus allows filling up the chamber in the dark or simply ease the filling process. It is rare but quite valuable attributes if you’re the type of person who enjoys your herbs in the dark.

    Sonic vaporizer video

    Here is a detailed review of the Sonic Vaporizer :

    • The supposedly power button on the vaporizer engages the heating chamber, therefore switch the vaporizer on and set the temperature first.
    • It can be used while charging.
    • Don’t pack the herbs too tight as it may block the circulation, resulting less than perfect vapors.

    What’s in the box

    • 1x Sonic Vaporizer
    • 1x Mouthpiece
    • 1x Cleaning brush
    • 1x AC charger
    • 3x Replacement screens
    • 1x Manual


    Small and mighty you can call it, the vaporizer is not only easy to use and heats up quickly, the stamina of the battery may be another consideration to get the vaporizer. Moreover, the ceramic heating chamber will not permit burning of herbs used. Not to forget, illuminated heating chamber.

    The sonic vaporizer is a handheld vaporizer that appears like a typical walkie-talkie especially when the removable mouthpiece is in use. Easily to operated with only 3 buttons, the vaporizer comes with an LED display to keep on track of temperature and battery level.