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About Stink Sack

Stink Sack was founded with a scrappy spirit and a daring objective: develop great products which further the legitimacy, safety and acceptance of cannabis, and serve as a catalyst for social change. Every idea starts with a problem. In March 2009 our founder was diagnosed with epilepsy. Equipped with a new focus on reducing triggers like stress and lack of sleep, he struggled to find a perfect fit. However, thanks to widespread media attention and decriminalization in the US, the medicinal benefits of cannabis had become increasingly top of mind. Why not give it a try? Sure enough…DING! DING! DING! It worked. Still, two big problems existed – Cannabis was illegal in our state, and friends, family and neighbors didn’t enjoy that uniquely stinky (to us, delicious) smell penetrating every container and room in the home or office. And just like that – we knew a smell-proof solution was necessary and started the Stink Sack revolution. Four years later, we’ve mastered first-class production, directly engaging with dispensaries and growers to provide the most effective and durable cannabis bags, with prices, designs and features to fit the needs of today’s cannabis patient. We believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, alleviating symptoms and side effects of some of the world’s most serious illnesses and treatments. At Stink Sack, we are on a mission to ensure all patients and consumers who chose to use cannabis should be able to do so politely, discretely and without risk of public scrutiny. It may be our story that started Stink Sack, but the solution is universal.

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