stok r2 vaporizer

SToK R Series 2 & Roil Review:

SToK USA is a newer manufacturer of vaporizers that is making a name for itself with the creation of their devices for wax collection, known as the R Series. The slogan for the company is #ThisThingRips, making the bold claim right off the bat that their portable vaporizer pens rival the quality of rig style waxy oil models.

  • Affordable price on the complete series of wax units
  • Advanced air flow design reduces draw resistance
  • Overall very good vapor quality
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to load
  • Stylish design that resembles an electronic cigarette
  • Long battery life

  • Polycarbonate plastic chambers do detract from vapor quality
  • Short warranty
  • Vapor quality is a little lower with the R Series 2 wax pen
  • R Series Roil is a little large and not as compact

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In-Depth of SToK R Series

Price – One of the biggest selling points of both the Roil and R2 in the R Series is their price. The Roil sells for around $80, while the R2 retails for about $50. That’s much less than some of the high-end wax vaporizer units like the ones from Source.

Vapor Quality – Both of the R Series provide a great vaping experience. They both give you large clouds of potent, smooth vapor; however, the ceramic coil-less heating chamber in the Roil tends to outperform the R2’s ceramic rod. While the effects may be similar to a rig, it’s important to note that these vapes do have polycarbonate plastic heating chambers rather than metal. This does slightly reduce the flavor and purity of vapor.

Guarantee – The SToK R Series only have 90-day warranties. That’s a lot shorter than the 5-year warranties that Atmos RX provides on their vape pens.

Prep Time – Both of the wax pens offered by SToK USA heat up quickly and are easy to load. The R Series Roil is extra simple due to its deep dish design.

Portability – The R2 is very compact in size and easy to carry with you. The R Series Roil is larger and a little more bulky; however, it’s by no means the biggest wax pen vaporizer on the market.

Ease of Use – The R Series are simple to use with one button functionality. Both have innovative air flow systems that give you a nice draw with little to no resistance.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – With the SToK R Series 2 Vape Pens, you only have one heat setting to choose from. It’s optimized to work well with thicker and oilier waxes, though.

Power Supply – The R Series Roil has a very long lasting battery. The R Series 2 offers impressive battery life for a vape of its size, thanks to its processor chip.

If you’re looking for a cheap vaporizer that is able to provide reliable performance and great vapor quality, the SToK R Series wax vaporizer pens are a good choice. The R Series Roil will give you a slightly better experience, but its size might make it a little less desirable if you want a very compact vape pen for sale.

For more information, or to purchase one of these devices, you can check out the SToK R Series Roil and SToK R Series 2 pages. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about the vape pens, too.

SToK R Series 2 & Roil vape pens for wax are very simple to use & load. Affordable price for a dab pen vaporizer with advanced air flow design, but how worthy?

Stok r2 vaporizer

When a manufacturer uses the hashtag #ThisThingRips as their slogan, you know they’re serious about delivering an incredible vaping experience! SToK USA has been hard at work perfecting the designs of classic vaporizer pens for wax, improving performance, and developing innovative solutions to common problems like clogging and poor air flow. Their line of unique dab pens offers a great value for the money by providing great-tasting, potent vapor without costing a fortune. Now with four concentrate models in their lineup, SToK brand offer the perfect vape for everyone.

Say goodbye to your bulky, non-portable dab rigs and say hello to the beauty that is the SToK R Series. If you prefer your waxy concentrates over the herbs, the R Series is for you. These wax vaporizers forgo all of the bells and whistles to bring you a simple solution for all of your dabbing needs.

  • R Series 2 Info
  • OG Four 2.0 Info
  • R Series Roil Info
  • R Series Remix Info

R Series 2

The Stok R Series 2 portable vape is entry-level model and is small in size for easy carrying and use. Its coil has been calibrated to heat to a lower temperature for even heating and more flavorful vapor that allows you to enjoy the natural taste of your waxes. The ceramic rod reaches working temperature quickly, so you can get to vaping in a hurry.

With its durable poly-carbonate visual heating chamber, you can watch the vapor form before drawing through its comfortable mouthpiece. The R+ airflow system virtually eliminates resistance for easy inhalation. Disassembling and cleaning R Series 2 is easy, and the 6500 micro Amp battery has a microchip processor that allows it to hold double the charge compared to other batteries its size. That means you’ll be able to vape a lot longer before recharging.

OG Four 2.0

The Stok OG Four 2.0 is a step up from the R Series 2, as it offers many of the same benefits as the entry level with some additional features. This wax vaporizer has a larger heating chamber that allows you to load more material. It also features a direct quad airflow system that gives you even less resistance and very large clouds.

In the OG version, you’ll find a calibrated low temperature controlled coil that keeps vapor flavorful. Its deep dish design greatly simplifies loading, and the lava quartz technology ensures even vaporization, so that you get the most out of your material. The dab pen can rival the quality of many eNails due to its advanced features.

R Series Roil

Higher up of the SToK collection is the R Series Roil. It has the same patented deep dish design and quad airflow system as the OG Four 2.0, but it also has some extra features that the slightly less expensive model lacks. This wax pen vaporizer is a coil-less vape that utilizes a ceramic ring as its heating element instead of a metal coil. With its direct quad airflow system which lasts 50% longer, it is no stretch to say this thing indeed rips. It features a removable top cap that helps to keep your business strictly your own. It also comes with a polycarbonate visual heating chamber and a safety feature that will shut the R Series Roil device off after 10 seconds along with a color coded, three stage battery indicator light.


The design of every SToK R is simplistic yet trendy. The size of a regular vaporizer pen, it has a sleek, black finish that is very nice to look at. The clip on the cap allows it to be stored in a pocket or bag for on the go use. It is clearly intended for not only convenience, but also for style, as you can watch the vapor build up in the transparent polycarbonate heating chamber. The ceramic ring works to heat your concentrates efficiently, and you can clearly see as it does just that. The R Roil also has a unique funnel-shaped heating chamber with the heating element placed down at the bottom. This funnel shape lets you load the concentrates without incident and enhances the efficiency of the vape. Instead of a coil system, this device features a low temperature coil-less ceramic ring that is highly efficient, and gives you delicious flavor that is unparalleled for device of its price. You can vape for 50% longer with the Roil because of it’s unique variable voltage battery. As a result, you have the ability to adjust the working temperature to suit your taste.

The SToK R Roil produces vapor that matches well with other high-end expensive vapes. Thick and flavorful, this vapor is consistent throughout the entire session. The 6500UA battery with a microchip processor is incredibly long lasting, able to go for 24 hours of use without needing a charge. When it does need to be charged, you’ll know thanks to the three stage color battery life indicator, which makes it even more convenient. Charging the vape is as simple as plugging it into a USB charger. In order to fire up this vape pen, you must press the start button five times quickly, which helps to keep it from misfiring in your pocket. There is also an auto shut off once its been idle for 10 seconds.

All in all, if you want something for your concentrates that is simple to use yet exceptionally high in quality, the SToK R Series Roil vaporizer might just be for you. It has everything you need to dab safely and on the go with great vapor production, a long lasting battery, and beautiful design. It is a rather cheap vaporizer as well, and for the price, you get everything you need to get started right away.

The Stok R Series ReMix is a coil-less wax vaporizer with a ceramic thermal cup to ensure that concentrates heat evenly and completely. It comes with three different voltage settings to customize the temperature: blue (low) 3.6 volts; orange (medium) 3.8 volts; and red (high) 4.2 volts. The Stok R ReMix remembers your last heat setting, so the next time you turn it on, it will automatically heat to that temperature level. The vape pen’s heating element is also a polycarbonate visual chamber, allowing you to see the vapor as it is being produced. Resembling an electronic cigarette allows this wax vape to be ok to use in public. Two airflow slits at the bottom of the atomizer ensure heat comes in from the bottom and rises to the top and easily into the mouthpiece. Dab pen has been designed for ease of use, as all it takes to load the ReMix vaporizer pen is to unscrew the polycarbonate slip from the heating element and then load the chamber with the included dabbing tool from the silicone jar provided with the kit.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The wax pens in the Stok R Series are known for their large, dense, milky hits, and the ReMix is no different. It produces even bigger, tastier clouds than its predecessors since the atomizer does not use any coils and can last for up to 2-3 weeks with proper care. The draw resistance coupled with its great airflow means comfortable draws each time. The Stok R ReMix features a powerful 6500 mAh battery that can power days of moderate use. It comes with a 10-second safety shut off feature, and, once the battery drains completely, it can be easily recharged using the included USB charger.

SToK R OG Four 2.0 Vape Pen for Wax . Stok R vaporizer line of unique dab pens offers a great value for the money by providing great-tasting, potent vapor without costing a fortune. Now with 10 concentrate models in the lineup, SToK brand offer the perfect vape for everyone! Get yours here!

Stok R vaporizer line of unique dab pens offers a great value for the money by providing great-tasting, potent vapor without costing a fortune. Now with 10 concentrate models in the lineup, SToK brand offer the perfect vape for everyone! Get yours here!