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Bent Neck Tubes

As the name implies, bent neck bongs feature a curved or angled neck that typically points the mouthpiece back towards the user’s mouth horizontally, as opposed to the vertical use requirement of a straight tube bong. These bent neck bongs tend to be shorter in overall height when compared to their straight tube counterparts. This makes them more ideal for traveling, given that their smaller size makes them easier to conceal and carry. It also makes them more ideal as a piece of glass that you could sensibly use as a bong for flowers, or as a dab rig for your oils and concentrates.

There are some taller bent neck bongs available here at The Dab Lab as well, which are usually an ideal height for tabletop tokes. Overall, you might notice a higher number of heady and color worked designs in our selection of bent neck bongs as the design serves as a perfect canvas for the world’s best glass artists to implement their visions. You’ll also notice that there are many different options for percolator types . Some create a bunch of tiny bubbles that cool down easily as they pass through the water – great for flower. Some produce larger chugging bubbles that are better at retaining flavors – ideal for dabs.

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Mix and match with a custom heady glass bowl or slide and add a new quartz banger or bucket and you’ll have a double the fun!

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