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Beaker Bongs vs Straight Bongs

There are a several differences between straight tubes and beaker bongs. Neither of their little quirks should prevent you from buying one over the other so buy whichever one you think looks the coolest.

Beaker Bongs

In general, beaker bongs are much more stable than other types of bongs. This is because of their wider base and larger area able to hold more water; thus holding them in place. Tipping becomes less of an issue with beaker bongs.

Beaker bongs have more volume, which allows for a few things. First, you are able to hold more water, and therefore better percolation. Second, this allows you to milk up your piece more (fill with more smoke) giving you huge soul crushing hits. Try this: do not put any water into your beaker bong, fill the entire beaker with smoke, and clear it. Hopefully you have an ice catcher to help cool the smoke because there is no water for percolation.

There are a few reasons not to get beaker bongs. The volume can work against you, making it harder to clear the bong.

Straight Tubes

Straight tubes are a very efficient way to smoke.They travel straight up the tube with minimal drag and effort on your part. They percolator smoother like a bubbler because they hold less water. They are very quick to clear, which can be either good or bad depending on what you like.

Straight tubes tend to have smaller bases making them more prone to tipping over. The UPC 16″ beaker bong is one of our most popular beaker bongs, and for good reason. UPC is made with thick borosilicate glass in California. It comes with two tree percolators that provide great filtration with minimal. It has a deep bowl and a wide mouth piece makes it a comfortable fit. Another fan favorite is the 16″ grav labs beaker bong. Grav labs is a glass manufacturer based out of Austin TX. They are known for their thick, functional, and affordable glass bongs. This bong comes with a wide stable base and ice pinch to cool down your smoke. My personal favorite, because I own one is the HeadshopHQ beaker bong with 8 tree percolator. The glass is super thick and feels sturdy and well-made when holding it. It milks up really well and produces minimal drag when clearing. The skinny neck makes it easier to clear than wider necks. The flared mouthpiece is comfortable when smoking out of. It also comes with a keck clip which keeps your downstem in place when you pull your bowl out to clear it.

There are a several differences between straight tubes and beaker bongs. Neither of their quirks should prevent you from buying one over the other.

Straight Tube Bongs

Straight as an arrow and shoot just as hard, straight shooter bong are a classic smoking accessory that creates some of the most direct hits imaginable.

Benefits of Straight Shooters

The benefit of a direct hit is that you get zooted faster and get a fresher flavor from the smoke since it doesn’t sit around in the bong for too long. But with so many options out there what makes straight tubes (otherwise known as straight-shooters) such a popular option among smokers around the world?

  • Easy pull – You don’t need to pull smoke very hard to get great hits, which is great for the lazy or impatient smoker.
  • Get blasted faster – The straight tube shape creates super direct hard-hitting rips for a more efficient high, which is ideal if you like your hits like you like your coffee, straightforward and strong.
  • Perc-able – Straight tubes can have percs or diffused downstems which use dozens of tiny holes to create bubbles that filter and diffuse smoke for smooooooth hits. Check out more of our percolator bongs.
  • Easy to clean – The simple shape makes straight tube bongs extremely easy to clean, even with percs.
  • Easy to pass around – Straight shooters are generally a great size and shape to grip with one or two hands and pass around at a party or just chilling out with your friends.

Other features to consider:

  • Splash guards – These rings protect you from getting a mouthful of nasty bong water.
  • Ice catchers – These let you pile in a few cubes of that cold stuff, for ridiculously fresh and easy-to-take hits. Ice catchers are a must for many smokers.
  • Percolators – Our percolator bongs have many different types of percs for any smoking or aesthetic preference.
  • Diffused downstems – These are downstems with holes that work almost as well as a perc for creating more bubbles and filtering smoke.

How does a bong work?

How to use a bong will soon become second nature after the your first smoke sesh. If the downstem isn’t fixed remove and fill the bong’s chamber with water so it fills beneath the carb hole or 1.5 inches above the end of the downstem. It may surprise you but more water than that isn’t actually always better. You don’t want it spilling through the carb hole, for you to breathe in nasty bong water or make your lungs work harder if it’s not necessary since the smoke will get filtered regardless. If your straight shooter duals as a percolator bong, make sure the percolators are also filled with water. If you have an ice catcher, grab a few cubes from the fridge and pop them into the neck of the bong for even cooler hits. Put your downstem back in, pack a bowl and test it out. I mean it’s a straight tube bong so act like you’re a mad scientist and experiment. If water reaches your lips or you even breathe some in, you’ve put too much so pour some out. The percs should bubble as you inhale. Now it’s time to pack a bowl, make sure it’s loosely packed and leave a little room at the top so the material doesn’t fall out. Put the bowl in the downstem, place your lips on the mouthpiece sealing it so no air escapes. Inhale as you light up the bowl and watch as the bong’s tube fills with smoke. Clear any remaining smoke by removing the bowl. Now you know how to hit a bong!

How to clean a bong

Luckily for you we’ve created a guide for how to clean all of your favorite glass pieces so the passage is not obstructed, your smoke doesn’t taste stale and you can get the most out of your herb! Check out our blog post 3 Tips for Cleaning Your Smoking Devices.

How much is a bong?

Straight shooter bongs can be made from glass, silicone or crylic although the most popular material is high quality borosilicate glass which is used in high-end restaurants and laboratories so you know its extremely strong and can take heavy hitters like you! Simple mini straight shooter bongs made from borosilicate glass can go for as little as $25 but the bigger the bong the more pricey, especially if you add percolators, ice catchers and other cool features. The upper threshold is normally around $200 and these bongs can be up to 35 inches tall or just under three feet tall. That’s the size of a small child! Anyone smoking from one of these is a true stoner and the investment is worth it especially when they have parties and want an impressive piece that the whole gang can toke from. If you’re looking for a cheap bong, a mini silicone straight tube bong can even go as low as $20-$30 and is a great place to start for new smokers who want something that’s virtually indestructible, easy to clean and transport.

Straight Tube Bongs for Sale near me

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