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Dipstick Vapes Review


Dabbing is becoming an increasingly popular method of consumption, but it remains one of the most difficult ways to consume due to the amount of equipment used and the complexity of setting it up. What if you could lose the butane torch all together and dab on the go? What if you could also vaporize concentrates in the same device? Keep reading to learn about how Dipstick Vapes is revolutionizing mobile consumption.

Visit Dipstick Vapes ===>

Visit Dipstick Vapes ===>


  • Dipper Vaporizer $149.99
  • Colors: Chrome, Charcoal, Rose Gold
  • 1-Year No Hassle Warranty
  • Micro-USB cable for charging
  • 1 Quartz Crystal Atomizer (dual quarts rods and TI coils)
  • 2 Vapor Tip Atomizer (ceramic tip with Ni coil)
  • Loading Tool
  • 2 replacement O-rings
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Refunds available only on new and unused products purchased on and must be returned unopened within 14 days of receipt
  • Returns accepted outside of the warranty on unopened products in original packaging
  • 25% restocking fee on all returns
  • The company may reject a return request

Where does this stand in relation to the market for this kind of product in general?

Dipstick Vapes stands out on the market for a few reasons. First, it’s a two-in-one device. You can consume concentrate just like a normal vaporizer where the concentrate chamber is located inside of the device. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer attaches to the device for normal vaporizing. The other capability that the Dipper has is to dab on the go. You can attach the Vapor Tip Atomizer to the Dipper, hover over your favorite concentrate, inhale, and consume on the spot. Both the Vapor Tip Atomizer and the Quartz Crystal Atomizer are detachable making it incredibly carry with you. Second, this device stands out because of its price point — $149.99 is a reasonable price for a vaporizer with these capabilities. In general, it’s always best to check out any vape company’s warranty to see how far your money will go. Vaporizers are frequently made in China and can have a reputation for breaking down easily. If the warranty isn’t solid, you may find yourself paying for a device again in the near future. Ask other users and read reviews to see what customers are saying in order to make an informed decision. Dipstick Vapes has a one year warranty on the Dipper.

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What are your feelings about the design?

I love the slick, compact design. The tips are easy to interchange and for the most part, they work. There is certainly a difference when dabbing with a rig versus the Dipper. The Dipper offers a lighter hit and requires you to tilt your head down toward your concentrate jar. I like that the Dipper gives you a lighter hit and therefore, a certain amount of control over the dab. Finding the perfect size dab to load into a desktop device can sometimes be an art, so the Dipper gives you a bit more control over this. In addition, desktop dab rigs are often bulky, made of glass, and require regular amounts of cleaning. There is much less set up and maintenance with the Dipper. A desktop device may allow you for a stronger hit, but in my opinion, not having to use a blow torch or clean the device makes up for this. Finally, the slick colors give off a high-tech vibe. The Rose Gold is my favorite.

What is your feeling about the usefulness?

As a vaporizer, the Dipper is highly competitive with other vaporizers on the market. The sleek design is slim easy to hold in your hand. The extended mouthpiece isn’t near the heating components so it’s not hot to the touch on your lips. Like many vaporizers, it charges using a micro-USB which can be conveniently plugged into a laptop or charging cube. The most useful aspect of the Dipper is the ability to dab. A normal vaporizer might cost the same amount or more but without this functionality. However, the Dipper is not compatible with flower. If you prefer consuming concentrates, the Dipper might be a great product for you.

If you were describing it to a friend how would you explain it and give it relevance?

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is unique because it provides a simple, easy way to dab. This product is affordable and gives the user a clean, controlled hit of concentrate whether it’s a dab on the go or standard vapor. Dipstick Vapes also sells a DipWhip. This product attaches to the Dipper and your favorite glass piece or rig. This allows you to dab at home using your glass device without needing a butane torch. Using a butane torch can be dangerous not only because it shoots out heat but because the parts on a traditional rig that it heats up are left exposed, possibly putting the consumer at risk to burn themselves. The Dipper, whether attached to a rig or used independently, requires no butane torch whatsoever. Overall, the Dipper is no hassle, affordable, and multi-functional. What’s not to love?

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2020 Review and coupon code for The Dipper from Dipstick Vapes. This 2-in-1 dabbing vape pen vaporizer allows you to skip the mess when.

The Dipstick Concentrate Vaporizer

The DipStick Vaporizer is a revolutionary product designed for use with honey, oil and other waxy concentrates.

Whereas regular portable vaporizers require loading with your chosen vaping material, the DipStick completely dispenses with this time-consuming and fiddly process by allowing you to simply dip the heating element directly into your storage jar and vape away to your heart’s content.

The DipStick is incredibly simple to clean and maintain. The included scraping tool allows you to purge the vaporizer of reclaim quickly and easily – the whole unit can be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled in a matter of minutes.

The entire body of the DipStick is constructed from surgical and food grade materials. Hits taste clean, pure and untainted thanks to the food-grade coil and straight stainless steel airpath.


1 x Dipstick Vaporizer
2 x Vapor Tips
2 x Batteries
1 x Battery Charger
2 x Glass Concentrate Storage Jars
1 x Dabbing Tool
1 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Lanyard

The DipStick Vaporizer is a revolutionary product designed for use with honey, oil and other waxy concentrates. Whereas regular portable vaporizers require loading with your chosen vaping material, the DipStick completely dispenses with this time-consuming and fiddly process by allowing you to simply dip the heating el