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Hot Box Vaporizer Review

The Hot Box is a very simple desktop vape, it only has one switch to turn it on and off.

It’s also one of the least expensive home units on the market, which makes it a model to consider for beginners who may not want to spend a lot of money to see if they like vaping.

I think it performs fairly well for what it is, the vapor production is definitely decent and it can be pretty potent.

Some of the drawbacks are that it takes a long time to heat up before you can use it (about 10 mins), the tubing (whip) is not very high quality and is a little too stiff or rigid, and it does buildup residue fairly quickly.

Overall I give it a good rating and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be worth the price.

As the name suggests, all this vape is, is a simple box. The outside is ceramic and the heating element inside is simple, but strong. There are not knobs or dials on this vape, at all. The only switch it has is on the cord, to turn it on and off. You don’t need to worry about setting a temperature or anything like that, which could be considered a positive or a negative, depending on how you look at that.

The reason that I have two of them here is because these are actually two slightly different versions. This one, in all black, is the standard, basic model, and this one has a standard glass connection. That means that the wand that they give you and the heater piece inside don’t really connect to each other and stay together. They do fit together while you’re taking a draw, but in between draws, you take it out. If you’ve seen my Silver Surfer review, it kind of works that way. This other one that I have is one of their custom ones with a custom graphic on it. It’s actually a little bit bigger than the standard one, also. This one happens to have a ground glass connection for the wand and heating element, meaning that these two pieces do fit together, and when you fit them in like that, this one kind of stays in. I’m going to talk more about that in a minute.

As I mentioned, even though this vape is very simple and inexpensive, I actually found that the vapor it produces is pretty good, and I think it’s a decent performer. Because of its simplicity and low price point, I would say that this is a pretty good starter vape for somebody who wants to see if they like vaping, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money, at all. That being said, though, there are a few drawbacks to this vape that you should be aware of. One thing is that it kind of has a long heat up time. When you first turn it on, you do have to let it heat up for like 10 minutes before you could really start vaping from it. That’s on the higher side, most vapes are around two or three minutes. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t have a temperature control, which can be looked at in a good or a bad way. I personally think that is just a neutral thing. One on hand it’s great to have the ability to adjust the intensity, or the heat, of your vape, but on the other hand, most of the vapes I’ve reviewed, once I found target temperature I like, I generally just leave it there; I really don’t change it that much. Luckily, this vape, out of the box, seems to be set in a good temp range. The way that you would really try to control what type of vapor you get with a vape like this, is how quickly you draw. The slower you draw, the hotter the air will be passing through will be material, and the faster you draw, the cooler the air will be.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after the vape has been on for a little while, the outside will get pretty hot. You don’t want to touch the top especially, that gets the hottest. Also, you need to be a little careful with the wand piece. If you hold it anywhere near the bottom where the tubing connects to it, it’s not really hot at all, but you just got to make sure that you don’t touch this part or this part, because this will be fairly hot. Lastly, I really wasn’t too thrilled with the tubing that it comes with, the quality of the tubing. It feels pretty cheap, but more importantly, it’s too stiff. Anytime I let it go it wants to coil up like this, it doesn’t really want to stay straight. It’s kind of rigid; it’s not really a super-flexible tube. I’m sure if you’re a hardcore vaper and you buy this thing, you could figure out how to attach better tubing. I’m just talking about the tubing that it comes with.

I just wanted to show you guys the glass chambers because they are actually pretty cool, I think, how they did it. Normally, you would put your material right in the top, and it’ll fall down to where there’s a screen. You really don’t need to use a lot of material with this vape, you really only need to fill it up a little bit. what I think is cool about this, which is different from a lot of other vapes, is that these two pieces come apart fairly easily. If you just pull the top piece off, you’ll see that they separate and the screen comes out, and it makes it really easy to clean this thing. Then all you do to put it back together is put it in, and this little O-ring that they include, when you push it up, that’s what holds the screen in place, inside the chamber. Even though it does get some buildup fairly quickly, you could see that I kind of have a lot in mine already, luckily, it’s very easy to clean this thing.

This is the ground glass chamber, and hopefully, you’ll be able to tell the difference on the camera; this is the standard glass one. You can see that the ground glass is the one that is sort of frosted, and when this piece connects to the heater piece, they actually stay together. With the standard glass piece, they don’t really stick together. When you put it over the heater cover, it doesn’t really get stuck there, so you would need to pull it off after each draw.

This clip is me having a short vape session with the Hot Box. The first draw you see me taking is as long as I would normally pull for, but each draw after the first, in this clip, I cut them shorter just to keep the time down. If you noticed, my chamber piece gets disconnected, that was from the tubing being a little stiff, like I just mentioned before. What happens is because it’s so stiff and rigid, you can just turn a certain way and you’ll inadvertently pull the chamber out a little bit. Even though, with the ground glass connection, you’re supposed to be able to leave it in there, it’s supposed to be hands-free; you actually have to watch it with this vape. I would actually recommend keeping one hand on it, just to make sure it doesn’t fall out.

I found that this vape, like most, does seem to perform better when you’re material is very finely ground up. I would say that the vapor quality and taste from this unit is decent or average. It’s not bad, by any means, but it’s not as good as some of the better models.

Hot Box Vaporizer Review The Hot Box is a very simple desktop vape, it only has one switch to turn it on and off. It’s also one of the least expensive home units on the market, which makes

Hot Box Vaporizer Review:

The Hot Box Vaporizer is one of the least expensive desktop models on the market today and is an excellent choice for anyone who is new to vaping. The herbal vaporizer has an easy-to-clean 2-piece wand, and features no knobs or dials, making it very simple and straightforward to use and has many devoted fans. While it’s been on the market for some time now, it’s still a favorite among many vapor enthusiasts due to the many unique benefits that it provides.

  • Single temperature is optimized to avoid combustion
  • Low in priced (compared to other desktops)
  • Incredibly easy to use with no knobs or dials
  • Simple to clean and fill, 2-piece wand design
  • Standard and ground glass options

  • No way to adjust the temperature
  • Longer heat up time than other desktop vaporizers
  • Exterior and the wand can become very hot
  • Tubing is very stiff and coils up

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In-Depth of the Hot Box Vaporizer

Price – One of the biggest selling points of the Hot Box Whip-Style vaporizer is that it is one of the lowest priced on the market. The suggested retail price of the model is around $185, but you can often purchase it for less than $120.

Vapor Quality – Compared to other desktop vaporizers, the Hot Box offers average vapor quality. You can expect to get large clouds of potent vapor, but some of the taste of your dry herbs may not be fully retained by this vaporizer. In addition, the vapor is not as smooth as what you might enjoy with other desktops; however, considering its low price point, the herbal vaporizer performs rather well.

Guarantee – Hot Box Vapors offers a 5-year warranty on the heating element of the Hot Box, which is as good or better than many other desktop vapes. The glass elements are not warrantied, but this is not uncommon.

Prep Time – A major drawback of the Hot Box is its long heat- up time. Typically, the dry herb vape will take 10 minutes to reach working temperature, which is significantly longer than many other herbal vaporizers. Setting up the vaporizer is easy, because there are no dials or knobs to turn. You can simply fill your wand and turn the unit on.

Ease of Use – The HotBox is offered in two styles: a standard glass connection model, and a hands-free ground glass connection model. Both types feature a 2-piece wand that is very easy to fill and to clean. Drawing from the mouthpiece is rather simple, compared to other vaporizers; however, the tubing on the whip can complicate vaping. Unlike the tubing used for other vaporizer whips, the vape hose is very stiff. This can make it hard to insert with either style, and cause the wand to slip out of the ground glass model.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – With the Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer, you get only one temperature setting. This can be a positive for someone who is new to vaping, but for those who are more experienced, and like to be able to set the heat level to correspond with what they’re vaping, this could be a disappointing limitation.

Overall, the Hot Box Whip-Style Vape receives a score of 78/100. It is recommended mostly for beginners and for more experienced enthusiasts who primarily use a portable vape or a vape pen, and just want a desktop vaporizer for occasional use. The vaporizer comes in a number of different colors and designs, and you can check them all out here at

Tips for Using the Hot Box

  1. Grind your dry herbs very finely for optimal results.
  2. Never touch the top of the dry herb vaporizer or the wand once the unit is hot in order to avoid injury.
  3. To keep the temperature low, take fast draws. To increase the temperature, draw more slowly.
  4. Even if you purchase the ground glass version, keep one hand on the wand to steady it in order to avoid disconnections.

The Hot Box, developed by Hot Box Vapors Extraction Hardware, is a very easy-to-use desktop vaporizer that is perfect for a variety of vaping situations. The device is compatible with herbal blends, aromatherapy products and tobacco blends. We’ve created this guide in order to provide you with all of the information you need to use and clean your Hot Box.

How to Vape with the Hot Box

Vaping with the Hot Box is actually quite easy if you follow this series of simple procedures:

  1. Plug the Hot Box into a wall outlet
  2. Use the switch located on the cord to power the unit (You will see an indicator light when the device is turned on)
  3. Let the Hot Box rest for at least 15 minutes so that it can reach optimal working temperature
  4. If you have attached an extension cord to the vaporizer, you may need to wait longer
  5. Grind your herbal blend or tobacco with a herb grinder prior to use to promote the best vapor production possible
  6. Fill wand up to the colored indicator line using your fingers or a utensil
  7. When you’re ready to vape, touch the end of the wand against the glass heating element and inhale
  8. The best method of inhalation is a steady breath at a medium to fast pace. Slower drawing will produce hotter vapor
  9. You should be able to get two to six deep draws of vapor each time that you fill the whip

How Use the Hot Box for Aromatherapy

To utilize your Hot Box Vaporizer for aromatherapy. Follow these steps:

  1. Place the aromatherapy attachment over the heating element
  2. Fill the chamber 1/3 of the way full with your preferred essential oils
    • For best results, add a few drops of water to your oil
  3. Plug the desktop vaporizer into the wall outlet
  4. Turn the switch on the cord to power the unit
    • The unit will become hot and begin to create vapor from the essential oils
  5. The scented vapor will be released into the environment

How to Clean and Maintain the Hot Box

To keep your Hot Box Vaporizer in the best condition, follow these maintenance and cleaning tips:

  • Before each use, carefully check the power cord, looking for any signs of damage
  • You should replace the 5/8-inch screen in the wand whenever it becomes discolored or clogged.

To replace the screen:

  • Separate the upper and lower pieces of the wand
  • Moving from the top, push the screen out of the upper portion of the wand
  • Push a new screen in through the bottom of the upper part of the wand
  • Use the black O-ring to reconnect the wand’s components
Replaced Tubing every three months
  • In between uses, clean safe to wash tubing by running them under hot water
  • When the wand becomes discolored, take it apart and use a skewer or another tool to remove build up
  • You can clean vapor glassware by washing it under hot water if needed

Health and Safety Warnings

Safety guidelines are important to know before operating HotBox:

  1. Hot Box Vaporizer contains a heating unit that becomes very hot
  2. Do not touch the heating element or the tip of the wand, as these can easily cause burns
  3. Keep the Hot Box Vaporizer away from any and all objects that are flammable (This includes fabrics, paper and plastics)
  4. Always ensure that the Hot Box Vaporizer is placed on a flat surface before use, and do not leave the device unattended while it is on
  5. Do not allow children or pets near the Hot-Box
  6. The Hot Box is only intended for recreational use
  7. It is, under no circumstances, a medical device
  8. Never put the HotBox or any vaporizer in water
  9. Do not use the device in damp areas, as this could lead to electrical shocks
  10. Unplug the Hot Box when it is not in use
  11. Do not use Hot Box if there are any signs of damage or visible wear and tear
  12. If the unit breaks during use, unplug it immediately

If you have additional questions about vaping with the HotBox-Vaporizer or general maintenance. We’ve helped numerous customers with a variety of issues related to their personal vaping devices. If you’re looking for further assistance with your vaporizer, don’t hesitate to let us know! Our customer service team is here to assist you.

Hot Box Vaporizer is a Whip-Style dry herb vape with many loyal fans. Click Here to read our review and see if it’s is the right fit for you, as for others!