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How To Care For A Sore Throat From Smoking Cannabis

Arguably the most common downside of smoking cannabis is a sore throat. Inhaling marijuana can irritate the throat and spoil an otherwise pleasant experience. We’ll walk you through why this happens, and offer remedies to treat it.

How to handle a sore throat when smoking cannabis.

  • 1. Why does smoking weed make you cough?
  • 2. Factors that contribute to a dry throat when smoking cannabis
  • 3. Alternatives to smoking cannabis
  • 4. How to treat a sore throat from smoking cannabis
  • 1. Why does smoking weed make you cough?
  • 2. Factors that contribute to a dry throat when smoking cannabis
  • 3. Alternatives to smoking cannabis
  • 4. How to treat a sore throat from smoking cannabis

Smoking cannabis comes with many wonderful effects. But, it can also have some less-than-enjoyable side effects, one of which is the dreaded dry mouth or “cottonmouth”. This is when your throat and mouth become dry and irritated after smoking.

Given how common it is for one to get a sore throat from smoking weed, we’ve looked into what causes it, and how you can help soothe your throat.


The thing is, your throat doesn’t just get dry and irritated after enjoying a nice sesh; it also usually comes with a nasty cough. And once you start coughing, it aggravates your throat further, making you cough even more, which means even more irritation and more coughing… Well, you get the idea.


So, what exactly is it that irritates your throat when you’re smoking cannabis? Let’s take a look!


Of course, when you’re enjoying hits from a joint or pipe, what you’re doing is inhaling hot smoke. The hot smoke heats up and dries out your throat and nasal passages. Check. But heat isn’t the only thing that contributes to this nasty side effect, otherwise we’d just need a glass of water and we’d be fine.


The passageway from your pharynx to the bronchioles in your lungs is now hot, dry, and irritated; it may even start to hurt. At this point, it would much rather not be further aggravated. But, that’s exactly what we’re doing since, after all, we’re smoking weed. The substances in your weed, including aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids, but also toxins from the smoke itself, will irritate your (already irritated) throat even more.


When it comes to having a dry throat, you would think that the body would respond by producing more saliva to help things out a bit. And now comes the unfortunate part: cannabinoids such as THC and CBD may actually inhibit saliva production.

Well, say hello to a nasty, dry throat, lots of coughing, and the wonderful world of cottonmouth, courtesy of the same substance that also makes you high. Bummer, isn’t it?


If your dry mouth has gotten so bad that it’s causing significant discomfort, the best thing may be to stop smoking cannabis altogether. But let’s not rush things; there are a number of creative alternatives to smoking. Here are some of them:


Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the plethora of associated products on the market. Inhaling vapour is safer and cleaner than smoke. Vapour (aka steam) contains far fewer potential toxins and carcinogens. The water in your body will also cool vapour more quickly than smoke—meaning less irritation when enjoying weed!

• More potent than smoking

• Be wary of low-quality vape liquids


Edibles can be very precisely dosed. They come in many different forms, from chocolates and gummies that you can snack on to full-fledged cannabis meals.

Unlike smoking or vaping, the effects of edibles will take up to an hour to hit. It could be two hours before your digestive system fully distributes the cannabinoids throughout your system. On the plus side, the effects can then last some time—usually 4 to 8 hours.

• No harmful smoke

• Effects will last a long time


Lastly, you can also use cannabis topicals such as creams, ointments, and transdermal patches. The latter work similarly to edibles in that they provide their beneficial effects slowly and steadily over the day.

Unlike transdermal patches, the cannabinoids in topical creams don’t enter the bloodstream, but they do penetrate deep into the skin to produce local effects. As such, creams and lotions can be a good option for users looking to soothe local aches such as joint and muscle pain.

• Can be used all throughout the day


We went over some alternatives to smoking cannabis you can try out, but some folks will inevitably refuse to stray from sparking up the herb. After all, what beats ripping a nice bowl with your friends? Let’s talk about how you can treat throat irritation and pain from smoking.


This should come as a no-brainer: stay hydrated! Nothing rehydrates a dry throat like a glass of water. Know that cool water is best for this purpose. Avoid hot drinks like coffee or tea.


The same candies you can find to soothe a cold will do a good job for “weed throat” as well. Sucking on a sweet candy or a lozenge stimulates saliva production, which helps keep your mouth and throat moist. Most of the time, throat lozenges also contain local anaesthetics that can help with irritation and speed up the healing process.


A hearty bowl of chicken soup has long been used as a home remedy for symptoms of the common cold and flu. It soothes and moistens the throat, which makes it great for a sore throat from smoking weed. As an additional bonus, it provides a filling meal!


A steam inhaler is an effective way to bring moisture back into your passages. You can also look into a humidifier for your room. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend money on an inhaler or humidifier, spend a few minutes in a steamy bathroom. Just pour hot water with a spoonful of VapoRub in your sink and slowly breathe over it with a towel covering your head.


As mentioned above, THC is one reason smoking weed causes dry passageways and cottonmouth. But this doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying weed: just select cannabis strains that are low in THC.

Check out the Top 5 Low-THC Cannabis Strains at Royal Queen Seeds, so you can enjoy a smoother and more pleasant smoke.


Taking anything in excess is bad. Even if the worst thing cannabis does is make your throat sore, it’s going to become exacerbated the more you smoke. Instead of letting a negative feedback loop accumulate, space out your smoking sessions to give your throat more time to heal. It will also make your stash last longer and your high feel stronger.

Smoking marijuana can irritate your throat and cause cottonmouth. If you're sick of having a sore throat from weed, consider these alternatives.

How To Soothe A Sore Throat From Smoking Cannabis

Published : Jun 9, 2018
Categories : Medical cannabis

So, you’re ready for your sesh. You roll up a nice blunt and light up, only to realise that your throat really hurts. Put the blunt down and read this article for quick and easy ways to soothe and prevent a sore throat.

Having a sore throat while you’re smoking your favourite bud can ruin the experience. Nothing worse than wanting to get high, but hating the process. A lot of people prefer smoking a joint, blunt, or bowl rather than eating an edible or vaporizing. For these people, having a sore throat can be a very annoying reality.


There are unfortunately many reasons for a sore throat. If you’re already sick, this might be the worst scenario. There isn’t much you can do besides wait it out. But the recommendations we give below will still work in the short-term for when you’re blazing.

If you’re not sick and haven’t been to a loud music festival in the past few hours, chances are you’ve been toking hard. You might be taking way larger hits than you can handle. This will cause you to cough, which will only add to the discomfort.

You might also be smoking poorly dried/cured bud. The moisture in the flower will produce a harsher smoke. If your grower isn’t drying the buds properly, chances are he or she is not taking good care during the cultivation process either. Your plug might be using harsh chemicals and pesticides to achieve bigger yields. You may not know they’re there, but your throat sure feels them. Finally, try using less or no tobacco if you’re including it in your spliffs or bowls.


First of all, if you’re doing any of the things mentioned above, stop it. Take softer and shorter hits. Try putting the joint down for a couple of minutes in-between puffs.

Another thing that’s essential is to always have some water by your side. Whether in a bottle on-the-go or a glass at home, have it near whenever you’re about to take a toke. Taking a few sips before, during, and after the process will dramatically improve the experience—and keep you hydrated in the process. You can also consider a cup of tea with honey to gently warm and coat your throat.

Throat lozenges will surely do you good too. These act fast, but be sure you’re not taking more than the recommended quantity. And if you’re still not feeling 100%, you can go one step further. A lot of people stand by gargling on warm salt water. We’re not sure how far this goes scientifically, but it sure seems to work. Just let a tablespoon of salt dissolve in a glass of warm water and gargle on it for a few seconds. Don’t swallow it as this will only dehydrate you further, and it tastes gross.


Making sure your herb is of a high quality and that you rolled a proper joint or blunt will be a great step towards a smoother smoke. Break the buds further to remove the central stem and pick out any big sugar leaves if you can see them. If you’re rolling a blunt, try using hemp wraps. These will be much smoother than tobacco ones. And if you’re rolling joints, get the thinnest and most natural papers you can find.

But if you really want to take it to the next level, you can purchase a humidifier and keep it in the room where you’re smoking. This will ensure that the air isn’t too dry, and will help to keep your throat and sinuses hydrated and irritation-free. And finally, try to keep away from spicy and acidic foods around the time you smoke. That means staying away from anything Mexican or Indian, as well as lemons!

Ever felt discomfort in your throat when you smoke? This is something that can totally ruin your sesh. Learn how to prevent and soothe the irritation.