titanium nails and dabbers

Titanium nails and dabbers

Titen Titanium started in 2012 to provide quality affordable titanium nails for our customers. Titen Titanium is the affordable alternative to market leaders like Highly Educated. Unlike many competitors, Titen Titanium products are completely grade 2 titanium (not only the bowl) and all of our products are exclusive and designed to give you the most advanced dabbing technology at the best prices in the marketplace!

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Titen specializes in glass & titanium products for concentrates, including domeless, adjustible, direct-inject nails, electronic nails, carb caps, and dabbers.

Titanium Nails, Tools, & Carb Caps

Titanium nails are a tool used for the consumption of legal essential oils and concentrates. These titanium nails fit a variety of water pipes and vapor rigs (also called concentrate rigs) and have maximum durability and heat retention. To use a titanium nail, you simply heat up the nail using a torch, then place your legal concentrates on the nail. Upon contact, the hot nail vaporizers the concentrates into vapor for consumption through the pipe. We carry nails that will fit any 10mm, 14mm or 18mm joint. Titanium dabbers are a tool used to assist with the use of legal oils and concentrates. Dabbers have one function, to apply the oils or waxes to the heated nail. If you’re looking for high quality grade 2 titanium nails at the lowest prices, then you came to the right place!

“WaxTip” Wax Collector with Titanium Tip

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We are happy to offer these high-quality affordable Honey Collector Sets with a titanium tip! These Honey Collector Sets come with a detachable nec.

Titanium nails, dabbers, and carb caps are used for the consumption of legal essential oils and are required for you to get the most out of dabbing. ]]>