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‘Herb Grinder’ Gets Bad Reviews on Amazon from People Who Don’t Realize It’s for Weed

Few plants stimulate the appetite as effectively as that green aromatic herb with impressive medicinal properties—the one that pairs as naturally with alcohol as it does with food. We are talking, of course, about rosemary.

However, if you’re a regular reader of this site, you are also no doubt familiar with the culinary value of marijuana, and you may even be aware of its interchangeability with rosemary. But what works for one magical herb doesn’t always work for another.

Just ask Amazon user A. Maddox, who, after giving up on her search for an herb grinder, had to settle on an herb grinder. With the slow spread of marijuana legalization across America—and far less slowly across Canada—sales of weed paraphernalia have followed suit. As a result, even good ol’ Amazon is hawking weed grinders; so much so, in fact, that it’s hard to get the normal kind—you know, for non-psychoactive herbs.

When A. Maddox decided to buy the right tool for her spice rack, she settled on the “Ohuhu Tobacco Grinders Herb Grinder /Weed Grinder/ Plant Grinder / Pollen Collector/ 4 Pieces 2.38″ Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy, Magnetic Top, Elegant Black.” As you can see, the item has more than one use, though its primary one is obvious and not enumerated.

“The rosemary just fell right through,” she wrote in the one-star review. “I’m sure it works well for nugs, but I actually need a spice grinder and it’s impossible to find now thanks to the weed industry. I wish they would call them something else so I don’t have to sort through 89,679,376 products like this to find an actual spice grinder.”

A. Maddox sounds pretty well-versed in both weed and cooking, but her review serves as a cautionary tale for anyone hoping to kill two herbs with one stone. The sassy review was eventually taken down, though screen-grabbed by Metro UK, and it places blame squarely on the “weed industry” for swamping the grinder market with tools that are useless in the kitchen.

It’s worth noting that the Ohuhu has an overall 4.5 star rating based on 790 reviews, meaning that most people probably aren’t buying it to season their lamb.

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Pro tip: Do not use weed grinders for herbs and spices.