tommy chong bongs website

Tommy chong bongs website

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This classic duo have established their mark in the cannabis world since the late 70's. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, best known as Cheech & Chong has branched out to the smoking accessories business. The duo have started their own line of stash boxes, ashtrays, grinders, lighters and more, all made from high end m

Cheech & Chong Glass

If anyone knows a thing or two about high-quality glass, it’s Cheech and Chong. These icons of smoking subculture have given the stamp of approval to an exquisite line of Cheech and Chong glass. Just any regular glass won’t do when it comes to a premium smoking experience. Cheech and Chong pipes are designed for maximum enjoyment of your herbal material, from the precision crafting of the glass to the unique designs that are engineered for a better draw.

Tommy Chong glassware includes The Chong Water Pipe. It was inspired by one of the most classic scenes in Up in Smoke.” Tommy Chong bongs are more than smoking devices – they are collectible works of art. Cheech and Chong bongs also include the Pedro Water Pipe and other glass that will remind you of the duo’s finest film work. These pieces aren’t just made for show, man. They are functional masterpieces made from superior borosilicate glass in a variety of cool colors and designs. Try the only legendary glass that is approved by legends.

Lazydaze introduces a selection of water pipes, hand pipes & oil rigs officially licensed by Up in Smoke, featuring movie stars Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong! ]]>