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Best Pipe Tobacco Blends

Bulk Tobacco

If you want to make sure your favorite pipe tobacco blend is always close at hand, you will need to buy it in bulk. You can find the best pipe tobacco blends below. If you’re buying bulk for the first time and/or are unsure how to store it, read our dos and don’ts for cellaring tobacco when you receive your box and we will walk you through how to store your blends properly.

The smallest bulk option available at, Cornell & Diehl bulk blends represent many of the company’s most famous pipe tobaccos. In addition, you’ll find a handful of special blends available in the 16 oz. packages. Made with a commitment to small-batch processing, C&D blends have a well-earned reputation for superiority. C&D also puts out small batches, in tins only.

Lane Limited produces one of the most universally loved American-style Aromatics on the market, Lane 1-Q. Sold here in 5 pound bulk bags, or less, our Lane options are meant for the serious smoker to make sure he’s always stocked up on their favorite blends. Save significantly by purchasing your Lane 1-Q and other blends in bulk. However, if you’re just looking to try some, they are offered in 2 oz. options.

Blended by Sutliff, Music City Marketing’s custom blends are affordable Aromatics that are meant to be paired with your favorite work-day pipe. These were sold in 16 oz. tubs, these are good choices for fans of American-style Aromatics. Even though these are no longer offered, you may still get many of these similar blends from under the Sutliff blends.

Peter Stokkebye blends have been the go-to favorites for generations of pipe smokers and it’s no wonder. Four generations of Stokkebye men spent their lives blending tobacco. These 5 pound bags are the perfect way to save money and stock up on your favorite blends.

Peterson Pipe Tobacco is a favorite among many pipe smokers. Once blended by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the company offered a number of their most popular blends in one pound bulk bags. However, these are no longer offered. STG does still offer many Peterson tinned tobacco.

Tobacco Tins & Pouches

Whether you want to cellar it for later or have that satisfying “whoosh” when you pop the top today, we have the tin of pipe tobacco you’re looking for. Choose from hundreds of different blends. You’re sure to find the best pipe tobacco blends for your collection in tins here.

One of the most popular, most in demand pipe tobacco pouch on the market comes from the Amphora pipe tobacco company. Having been blended by Mac Baren, Amphora pipe tobacco is only of the highest quality. Order a pouch, or two, from us today!

Ashton pipe tobacco blends are produced by Kohlhase & Kopp. They feature some of the highest quality leaf available and it’s easy to see why smokers all over the world enjoy them. Ashton’s Guilty Pleasure is a favorite Aromatic blend for new smokers and there’s sure to be a blend for whatever stage of your pipe smoking journey you are on.

Balkan Sobranie pipe tobacco tins are some of the most sought after in the world of smoking. If you are lucky enough to come across this famous English blend when it’s in stock, we recommend jumping on a tin. It won’t be there long!

The Brebbia brand is known for their unique tobacco pipes , so it should come as no surprise that the company has a beloved brand of pipe tobacco too. Brebbia Tobacco has a blend for every type of pipe smoker.

BriarWorks Pipe Tobacco is a collaboration between BriarWorks International and Cornell & Diehl. This new kid on the block is taking pipe smokers by storm. Served up in 2 oz. mason jars, it’s perfect for cellaring or smoking right now. These blends pay homage to the American South, from taste to label.

The original Butera blends were created by Michael Butera. They are blends with a decidedly American sensibility, and cover a wide range of tobacco tastes. A legend of the tobacco pipes world, these blends are a testament to the man who has been called America’s greatest pipe maker.

Capstan Blends are made by Mac Baren from a recipe created over 120 years ago by the W.D. & H.O. Willis Company. The favorite brand of J.R.R. Tolkien, we can’t promise anything, but perhaps there’s a bit of storytelling magic in these blends.

At we offer all your favorite Captain Black blends you’ve grown to love over the years!

Captain Earle’s are small batch blends made by Cornell & Diehl. They are named for a whaling captain who lived at the turn of the twentieth century.

Castello Pipe Tobacco is probably not what you know the famous pipe brand for, but they are worthy of just as much attention as the smoking pipes. Made by Cornell & Diehl, these are small batch blends with class.

The oil tin-style tobacco tins for Comoy’s of London have quickly become a promise of quality in the world of tobacco blends. The company has long been famed for producing briar pipes, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone to find how pleasing their tobacco blends are. We highly recommend these blends and suggest adding a few tins of each to your cellar for a rainy day.

Cornell & Diehl blends are small-batch–down to the hand-mounted labels. Made in North Carolina, t he company’s blends are now overseen by tobacconist, Jeremy Reeves . Both the C&D staples, such as Autumn Evening, and the new blends coming out under Reeves are notable. Every true tobacco aficionado has at least a handful of C&D blends in his/her cellar.

Cult Pipe Tobacco is one of the newest lines to hit the market in the USA. Fans of Aromatics should consider the inventive blends coming out of this well-established cigar maker must-tries. We promise, you’ve never smoked anything like it before.

Not as well known in the USA as they deserve to be, the blenders at Dan Tobacco produce some of the highest quality pipe blends we’ve encountered. Made in Germany, the company produces blends for every possible type of smoker, but we have yet to find one that wasn’t absolutely superb.

Drew Estate pipe tobaccos are an inventive collaboration between the well-known Drew Estate team and Scandinavian Tobacco Group. These blends offer a little something for everyone and tin art that is memorable. You’ll want a few of these in your cellar.

When most pipe smokers think of Dunhill blends , they automatically think of Nightcap. One of the most famous English blends ever made, it’s certainly understandable. However, this epic English company has far more to offer than just this one blend. In fact, we recommend those new to Dunhill try an Dunhill All Day Set to start.

Escudo Navy De Luxe is technically a part of the Orlik Tobacco Company today. However, it’s historical origins belong with A & C Petersen. This Navy Flake, often compared to Dunhill’s more famous variety, is in a class all by itself.

Of the famous blends we carry, this is perhaps the most sought after. Esoterica tobacco is produced in small batches, in a traditional manner. That means the production is extremely limited each year and you are extremely lucky to find it in stock. Pick it up while you can.

Chances are, if you’ve smoked a pipe for even a short amount of time, you’ve smoked a blend dreamed up by a Stokkebye. Four generations of Stokkebye men have graced the pipe tobacco world with their genius. In the 4th Generation Blends by Erik Stokkebye , the family’s youngest tobacconist created a series made to honor the long-standing family tradition.

We know F & K for cigars and as a distributor of fine briar pipes. With these two custom blends, the company begins its foray into the world of pipe tobacco.

The Former’s blends are created in partnership with master pipe maker, Hans Nielsen. They are primarily named for his beloved briar grains and feature fine leaf from around the globe. These blends tend to fly under the radar in the USA, but are well worth a departure from your regular blends.

Perhaps the best-known living tobacconist, G.L. Pease blends are produced by Cornell & Diehl under his careful instruction. Fans of English blends are particularly likely to find a favorite here. However, Pease has a little something for everyone.

The calling card of Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Pipe Tobacco blends is the traditional equipment used to make each of the pipe tobacco blends. Even the tin art reflect the traditional approach of the company.

Germain’s pipe tobacco is a rare and low production brand. This company has been hand blending small batches of tobacco since 1820 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

J.J. Fox pipe tobacco blends date back to 1881. After nearly 150 years, the London-based brand is still beloved by pipe smokers and is being discovered by smokers all over the world. The most popular blend on this side of the pond seems to be Hibernia , which is a pleasant Vanilla-topped blend.

John Aylesbury paint can tins are affordable and worthy blends. The company is better known for their pipes and cigars, but as you might have guessed, these blends feature the same attention-to-detail as the well-established brand’s other products.

The crown in their logo is no accident. Mac Baren is clearly the king of the modern pipe tobacco world. Along with producing their own popular blends, like the newly re-imagined HH Series, Mac Baren has revitalized old favorites like three Nuns, Capstan and more. Pipe smokers of all ilks will find a blend to love among the plethora of options from this well-known brand.

McClelland Tobacco is one of the more prolific American pipe tobacco companies, featuring dozens of different blends. The company is best known for their Virginia tobaccos. However, the Frog Morton blends, part of the Craftsbury series, are perhaps the most popular at the moment.

Erik Nording is one of the world’s most beloved pipe makers. With his partnership with McClelland, Nording takes his long history making pipes and applies it to the tobacco we fill them with. Choose your favorite Nording blend , they are exceptional.

Popular in Denmark, one of the world’s epicenters for pipe smokers, Orlik pipe tobacco blends are some of the best blends we’ve experienced. Try the well-reviewed, Golden Sliced, you won’t be disappointed.

You probably know Peterson of Dublin best for their smoking pipes, but the Peterson pipe tobacco blends are worthy of note. In particular, the company produces notable annual Aromatic blends that are highly-anticipated each year. And, the University Flake is regarded as one of the strongest and most sought after flake tobaccos available.

The Rattray’s brand originated in Scotland in 1911 and has found fans all over the world since then. Now blended in Germany, this brand is just beginning to gain traction in The United States and certainly deserves its day in your pipe.

Rudiger L. Will, master tobacconist and long-time favorite of pipe smokers all over the world, is the blender behind Reiner tobacco . The original Reiner blend, Reiner Professional Blend , debuted in 1990 and has been going strong ever since.

One of the oldest and longest running tobacconists in the world, Robert Lewis opened his doors in 1787 in England. Ever since, the company has even been recognized by Queen Elizabeth for its excellence.

Samuel Gawith produces a variety of different blends for almost any type of pipe tobacco smoker. If you’re looking for a rare type of blend, like a strong rope, you’re likely to find it in this whimsical and large lineup of fine blends.

Like Peterson, Savinelli is best known for their pipes, which is why it may surprise you that their Brunello Flake is the favorite blend of most of the folks in our office. Although Savinelli’s pipe tobacco blends are limited, they are each notable and worthy of a spot in your collection. Seriously, the Brunello Flake is not to be missed. None of us ever go far without a tin of it handy.

The Seattle Pipe Club’s line of specialty blends are beloved by pipe smokers all over the USA. Particularly the Plum Pudding is a highly sought after blend from one of the largest pipe clubs around.

Sillem’s has been producing delicious tobacco blends and pipe accessories since the 1800s. Well-practiced and well-loved, these blends will leave you satisfied and the tin art on most Sillem’s blends is pretty good too.

Relatively new, in tobacconist terms anyway, Rudiger L. Will’s second brand, Solani Pipe Tobacco , first hit the market in 1997. The many distinctive blends have been wowing the pipe world ever since.

Sutliff Tobacco is almost as American as apple pie and baseball–it’s been around about as long. The company’s private blends are currently going through a bit of a metamorphosis, so we recommend that you stock up on your favorites before they are gone.

Svenborg pipe tobacco is made in Germany, but in the Danish style. It’s not a well-known brand on this side of the pond. However, we’ve been thoroughly pleased with the quality of the tins. If you’re looking to try something you’re friends probably don’t have, this is the brand to start with.

Tsuge Pipe Tobacco is a collaboration between the famous Japanese pipe family, Tsug, Daughters & Ryan, and Drew Estate. With so many titans of the pipe smoking world involved, you’re bound to get something special. Each of these blends is unique, often surprising, and graced with the most interesting tin art we’ve seen in a long time.

Tabac Manil is one-note and strong. It is the purest and cleanest tobacco we know of and packs quite a punch. If you’re looking for a natural Burley, this Belgian grown tobacco might be for you.

The modern version of Three Nuns is not 100% faithful to the original, but it’s as close as you’ll get. That is, unless you were smart enough to put a bunch of it away back in the 50s, and if so we’d like to invite ourselves over for a smoke. Blended by Mac Baren, it’s a favorite both for nostalgic reasons and for it’s quality.

The Tom Eltang tobacco blends were born through a partnership with Cornell & Diehl. The long-time famous pipe maker turns his head to blending in these very special tins. Choose your favorite or try them all, we recommend lighting up a bowl in your favorite Eltang pipe for a true fan experience.

Also blended by Cornell & Diehl, Two Friends tobaccos are the product of a collaboration between G.L. Pease and Craig Tarler. When two of the most talented modern tobacconists came together to make a series, you know something special was bound to come out of it. We’re particularly partial to Valle Crucis.

Vauen is an old and well-known German tobacco pipe company. There pipe tobacco blends are superior quality and worthy of a place in any smokers rotation. The Vauen pipe tobaccos are not easy to get ahold of in the USA, so if you find one on sale, we recommend you grab it before it goes on backorder again.

Whether looking for a new blend to try or one of your favorites, check out our huge selection (100's) of tobaccos!