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TORCH Test Cost

TORCH test is a pathology diagnostic test done to detect presence of multiple communicable infections. A venous blood sample is required to perform this test. It is performed in pathology labs that are well equipped with highly calibrated instruments and medical tools.

TORCH test helps in detecting presence of the following infectious agents:

  • Toxoplasma gondii
  • Other infections including Syphilis
  • Rubella
  • Cytomegalo virus
  • Herpes simplex
  • Treponema pallidum

These disease causing organisms are capable of leading to serious health complications. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose their presence at the earliest to ensure timely medical intervention.

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TORCH Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
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City Average Price Starting Price Price Upto
Agra Rs. 2035.00 Rs. 1200.00 Rs. 3000.00
Ahmedabad Rs. 1750.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 2500.00
Allahabad Rs. 1960.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 2500.00
Amritsar Rs. 1550.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 2400.00
Anantapur Rs. 1567.00 Rs. 1200.00 Rs. 2000.00
Bangalore Rs. 2115.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 5000.00
Belgaum Rs. 2210.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 3000.00
Bhopal Rs. 1382.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1800.00
Chandigarh Rs. 1480.00 Rs. 850.00 Rs. 2400.00
Chennai Rs. 1726.00 Rs. 500.00 Rs. 3600.00
Etawah Rs. 1067.00 Rs. 900.00 Rs. 1200.00
Faridabad Rs. 1597.00 Rs. 950.00 Rs. 2500.00
Ghaziabad Rs. 1766.00 Rs. 900.00 Rs. 2520.00
Gorakhpur Rs. 2027.00 Rs. 1300.00 Rs. 3000.00
Gurgaon Rs. 1992.00 Rs. 950.00 Rs. 6552.00
Haridwar Rs. 1100.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 1250.00
Hoshiarpur Rs. 1533.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 2500.00
Hyderabad Rs. 2020.00 Rs. 700.00 Rs. 4320.00
Indore Rs. 2000.00 Rs. 1750.00 Rs. 2250.00
Jaipur Rs. 1525.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 2250.00
Jalandhar Rs. 2080.00 Rs. 1200.00 Rs. 3100.00
Kanpur Rs. 1757.00 Rs. 1370.00 Rs. 2500.00
Kolkata Rs. 1700.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 3000.00
Kota Rs. 2258.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 3000.00
Kurnool Rs. 1670.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 2800.00
Lucknow Rs. 1925.00 Rs. 800.00 Rs. 3000.00
Madurai Rs. 1930.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 3000.00
Moradabad Rs. 1818.00 Rs. 1100.00 Rs. 2500.00
Mumbai Rs. 2106.00 Rs. 750.00 Rs. 4500.00
Mysore Rs. 1290.00 Rs. 600.00 Rs. 2500.00
Navi Mumbai Rs. 1718.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 2600.00
Delhi Rs. 1733.00 Rs. 700.00 Rs. 7000.00
Noida Rs. 1590.00 Rs. 1120.00 Rs. 2500.00
Panchkula Rs. 1670.00 Rs. 0.00 Rs. 2500.00
Panjim Rs. 1575.00 Rs. 300.00 Rs. 2900.00
Patiala Rs. 1957.00 Rs. 1150.00 Rs. 3500.00
Patna Rs. 1027.00 Rs. 500.00 Rs. 1500.00
Pune Rs. 2212.00 Rs. 400.00 Rs. 5500.00
Secunderabad Rs. 1567.00 Rs. 1200.00 Rs. 2000.00
Siliguri Rs. 2070.00 Rs. 1300.00 Rs. 3000.00
Srikakulam Rs. 1660.00 Rs. 1200.00 Rs. 2200.00
Srinagar Rs. 1350.00 Rs. 1300.00 Rs. 1400.00
Surat Rs. 1339.00 Rs. 850.00 Rs. 1800.00
Thane Rs. 2590.00 Rs. 1400.00 Rs. 3300.00
Tirupati Rs. 1615.00 Rs. 900.00 Rs. 2400.00
Udaipur Rs. 1542.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 2000.00
Varanasi Rs. 2095.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 3000.00
Vellore Rs. 1195.00 Rs. 550.00 Rs. 2000.00

The most common indication of TORCH test is during pregnancy. TORCH test is a part of mandatory ante natal health check up. Expectant mothers undergo this test to detect presence of any of the above mentioned microorganisms. These microorganisms have high chances of being transmitted from mother to fetus; thereby leading to a complicated pregnancy. Women who suffer from either of the above infections during pregnancy, have a high chance of experiencing a miscarriage. If they do manage to carry their pregnancy to full term, there is very high chance of congenital mental or physical abnormalities in the baby.

Other than expectant mothers, TORCH test is also advised to people who are at risk of contacting any of the disorders caused by the aforementioned microorganisms. This could include nurses, laboratory technicians, caregivers to patients suffering from these infections, new born babies born to mothers carrying any of these infections etc.

TORCH test is usually performed between 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. Positive results for any one of the disease causing microorganism should be reported to a gynecologist or infectious disease specialist immediately. Timely treatment will ensure reduced risk to the mother’s health. It will also prevent transmission of the disease from mother to fetus.

However, despite the best efforts a fetus often becomes victim to one of the diseases diagnosed during TORCH test. Therefore some new born babies too are required to undergo the test. These babies are born to mothers giving positive result for TORCH test. It is possible that the infection transmits from mother to child during intra-uterine stage of the fetus or during birth. It is safer to perform the test, so that the disease is diagnosed at the earliest.

It is very important to undergo TORCH test as soon as it is advised to prevent any health complications.

Add other tests that may be prescribed along with TORCH include CBC, ESR, HIV test, Rubella test etc.

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