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How TorchX helps brokerages centralize and automate digital marketing for their agents

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Brokerages know how hard it is to optimize their digital marketing efforts and to support those of their agents. TorchX’s powerful platform solves this pain point in one system.

The TorchX platform gives brokerages and their agents sleek, mobile- and SEO-optimized websites, an integrated CRM with automated follow-up features and expert lead generation support.

A division of digital marketing firm and a certified Google Premier Partner, TorchX leverages deep SEO and search engine marketing expertise to drive both organic and paid traffic to its clients’ sites. (Companies earn Google Premier Partner status by advanced training and receiving certification from Google.) TorchX touts clickthrough rates, costs per click and lead conversion rates that trump industry averages.

TorchX’s platform and service primarily does two things: it attracts quality homebuyer traffic to a client-branded TorchX website and helps nurture those leads with a powerful CRM that facilitates automated follow-up. Brokerages and agents know that nurturing leads with efficiency is a critical component of running a modern real estate business.

Key features of the TorchX platform:

  • Centralizes broker and agent digital tools into one platform.
  • Advanced lead generation through search engine marketing managed by TorchX pros.
  • Mobile-responsive, search engine-optimized website built to convert visitors into leads.
  • Integrated CRM that tracks lead behavior, automates follow-up and facilitates email and text message marketing designed to convert leads into clients.
  • Dashboards that help brokerages track agent activity, which facilitates training and accountability.

Mobile-responsive and search engine-optimized, TorchX broker and agent websites are designed to convert visitors into registered leads. The sites feature keyword- and map-based search and hyperlocal pages at the county, city and neighborhood level that include market stats, maps and school ratings.

When leads register on a TorchX site, they receive an automated text message and email from the agent and funnel into an integrated CRM that records all the activity leads do on the website. The CRM builds lead profiles that include an overview of how leads came to the site and what they’ve searched for as well as all email communication between agents and leads. Agents can also have the system automatically pull in leads they generate from other sources such as Zillow Group and

The CRM includes a host of automated lead-follow-up features including email marketing with pre-populated templates that brokers and agents can customize. TorchX automatically sets leads up on email listing alerts that match the searches they save.

Managing a big contact database can be overwhelming, so TorchX has tools that help agents surface those whose behavior indicates that they may be ready to transact. Agents can set filters in the CRM that surface leads based on certain attributes and site behavior. For example, they can conduct a search for all leads who have registered over 90 days ago but have been active on the site in the last week.

Brokerages can also leverage the TorchX dashboard to monitor agent activity and performance. This helps them coach agents around lead-conversion best practices and provides a system for accountability, a critical ability for the digital marketing age.

TorchX is a preferred marketing vendor of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, RE/MAX and real estate coaching firm Corcoran Consulting.

To learn more about establishing an effective digital presence with a all-in-one platform, visit TorchX to set up a demo or watch this video:

TorchX provides one system to solve how hard it is for brokerages to optimize their digital marketing efforts and to support those of their agents.

TORCHx Reviews & Product Details

TORCHx Overview

TORCHx is a premium digital marketing platform designed to help residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers generate leads and never let them fall through the cracks. Industry-leading websites, a powerful automated CRM, and managed search engine marketing campaigns are all at our clients’ fingertips. Our client websites convert at 2X the industry average and auto-populate with data-rich property information in real-time. Our CRM enables real-time follow-up with leads via automated email and text messaging. All search engine marketing campaigns are managed on behalf of our clients by Google-certified SEM experts.

TORCHx CRM is extremely search engine optimized. Every detail from meta tags and page titles to landing pages and content generation has been taken care of for you.

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TORCHx Reviews

“New Torchx Platform and support”

What do you like best?

The CRM is decent, but still needs work. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

We cannot customize the new platform, the old platform allowed us to create nice landing pages. Every agent could really customize their page, the new platform is very limited. The old SEO seem to give us much better leads, the new SEO and lead capture scares off serious buyers and angers most users. Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I feel like we bought and built a great website and it got yanked out from under us. It takes their customer support way too long to respond. there is incorrect information on how to connect with customer service. All emails come to to us from a do not reply email address. Review collected by and hosted on

“An unprofessional, unorganized mess of a company”

What do you like best?

There are very few. Honestly, after 5 years, the only upside to them has been their friendliness. They are always nice to talk to on the phone, never rude. But wow do they not know what is going on. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

After working with them for the last 5 years its come to light just how lazy and unorganized this “website solution” company is. Whether it was a simple request to change a contact email for invoices, or updating some verbiage on our website, or with our website going down about 18 times within one month, all of it was met with the absolute worst support I’ve ever experienced. Our company was paying upwards of $1500 a month for their support and services but I’m warning you, do NOT use this company. They do not provide you support. I currently have 5 support tickets in with them and I have not received a single response from them in over 3 weeks. Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are not solving anything. They will not reply to our support tickets. Review collected by and hosted on

“LOVED it – pricey, though”

What do you like best?

It is so much better and less confusing than Boomtown and CINC (both of which my broker had for us). I loved the auto-text feature to the leads, so the system reached out right away even if you couldn’t. I felt the system was very easy to use and I got great onboarding and training and they were ALWAYS responsive to my support requests (which weren’t many, because it worked fine). I did pay for leads one month (also pricey) and they got me a fair amount of leads – I was impressed. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

The price was very high, and because I’m part-time, I had to stop using their service – couldn’t make it fit the budget. When they tried to get me to stay, they saw I had the lowest price they allow, so there was no lower price than I had. ALSO – they are relatively new, and for some reason, though they had agents in AZ, didn’t know what time it was in AZ. My first training call they decided I hadn’t shown up, when I got up early (6am training – they only had trainings available 6am to 9am AZ time) and they never called me. I finally checked my email, seeing that they canceled my training for a no-show and asked me to reschedule! Boy, was I mad. This is the only reason I knocked off a star. Also, the leads they got me , I couldn’t get ONE to answer their phone or texts or call me back. Their price ranges were all over the place, but apparently no lead was ready to buy, though they’re looking at high-end homes on the net? Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Only recommend for if you’re a full-time agent producing more than 1 transaction per month, so you can cover the expense of having this software. Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

None – had to cancel, see above. Review collected by and hosted on

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