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10 Top Travel Pipes in 2019 (Convenient, Cheap, & Durable)

If you are a Stoner on-the-go, finding the best travel pipe is essential.

You want a pipe that is easy to conceal, affordable, and made of high quality material. Something that can withstand your adventures, that is easy to set up, and pack up.

You also need a pipe that is easy to travel with, and can fit on small pouches or even pockets.

At HelpingPot, we strive to help our fellow Stoners find the best deals on high quality glass. In this guide we will show you the Top 10 Travel Pipes in 2019:

  1. One Hitter & Dugout Combo
  2. Roll Uh Bowl – Foldable Silicone Bong
  3. The Glass BluntHammer Inside Out Bubbler
  4. Glow in the Dark Chillum – “Noctiluca”
  5. STOK Edition One Vape Pen
  6. “Nyx” Mini Dab Rig

Let’s get started!

1. “Pinch Hitter” by Smoke Cartel


This one hitter is made for easy travel, and is airtight when sealed.

In 2019, the wooden Dugout with one hitter combo has become iconic. The reason for this is plain and simple, it is the number one best travel pipe to have no matter where you are going.

Dugouts offer an efficient way to carry all of your supplies besides a lighter in one sealed compartment the size of your front pocket.

Pinch Hitter Features:

  • 3 or 4” Wooden Dugout
  • Rosewood, or Haldu Wood
  • One Hitter Cigarette Pipe
  • Smoke Cartel Engraving

What Makes the One-Hitter Dugout Combo So Great?

There are quite a few things that we really liked about the Pinch Hitter by Smoke Cartel:

  • Easy to travel with
  • Nearly airtight when sealed
  • Fits in your front pocket
  • Comes with cigarette hand pipe
  • Manufactured by a very reliable company
  • Very long lasting
  • Affordable, and easy to find replacements

All these features make this combo almost a no-brainer purchase for any Stoner who travels often.

Thats what makes it our #1 Stoners Best Travel Pipe!

2. Roll Uh Bowl – Silicone Bong


The Roll Uh Bowl Silicone Bong comes in at #2 on our list because it is the best travel bong in the world.

This silicone bong can literally be folded up to fit inside of your pocket. It is extremely easy to clean, and made from a very durable material that is safe to smoke out of.

Roll Uh Bowl Features:

  • Available in 7 colors
  • 8” tall when unfolded
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free silicone

The Roll Uh Bowl also comes with a wristband that you can use to fold it up with. The bowl pack and stem are easily detachable.

What Makes the Roll Uh Bowl Silicone Bong So Great?

The reasons that this silicone bong is so successful, and so sought after by Stoners who travel often are:

  • It is so easy to clean and pack up
  • It is entirely water proof
  • It is anti-microbial
  • Has a very high melting point
  • Contains no BPA
  • Easily will last 10 years

The fact that you can literally throw this thing in a dishwasher or sink within seconds of smoking it makes the smell virtually untraceable, and allows you to easily travel with it in Pockets or backpacks.

It was almost hard to give this a #2 rank on our best travel pipes list.

3. Glass Blunt By Sesh Supply


The glass blunt is a combination of a one hitter and a traditional blunt. This makes for a smoother smoking experience, that also has less smell. They’re extremely affordable, durable, and long-lasting.

Sesh Supply Glass Blunt Features:

Overall, this glass blunt is a top contender on this list because of its distinctive features that make it a great pipe for travel:

  • 3.5” Long
  • Thick Glass
  • 4 Different Color Options
  • Easy to Clean
  • Very Durable

The Glass Blunt also features a distinctive Sesh Supply logo. It is much less harsh on the lungs and nose than traditional blunts are, and very easy to travel with because of it’s size.

What Makes this a Top Travel Pipe?

There are a few reasons we think that every Stoner should have a travel pipe like the Glass Blunt in their arsenal:

  • They are extremely small
  • Very affordable price
  • High quality, thick glass
  • Dependable company
  • Cuts down smell
  • Extremely smooth
  • Easy to set up and clean

Traveling with this thing is simply a breeze. Pull it out, take a few heads, and put it right back in your pocket like nothing ever happened. This is one of the Best Gifts For Stoners who are constantly on-the-go.

4. Rainbow Hammer Bubbler – 5”


Although bubblers are slightly larger than the travel pipes we have mentioned so far on our list, we thought it was important to include this specific Rainbow Hammer Bubbler.

This bubbler allows free smooth smoking experience similar to that of a water pipe, but the convenience of a spoon pipe.

Rainbow Bubbler Features:

There are a few distinct features which make this one of our favorite bubblers to travel with:

  • 5” Long
  • Handblown in Nepal
  • Large bowl pack
  • Long stem
  • Wider mouthpiece

He’s also important to note that the internal class of this bubbler is blown very well to be sturdy, and last a long time. This makes it idea for travel.

What Makes this a Great Travel Pipe?

On top of these features, there are a few things that make the Rainbow Hammer Bubbler a top ten travel pipe:

  • It is easy to clean
  • Stands easily
  • Made with strong glass
  • Easy setup
  • Small for a bubbler

This bubbler is also available at a very affordable price.

5. “Noctiluca” Glow in the Dark Flat Belly Chillum


Children’s are a small type of hand pipe that have no rush whole and function more like a one-hitter pipe. This specific flat belly Chillum made by Glassheads glows a bright green color in the dark.

“Noctiluca” Chillum Features:

There are a few features that really make this is a great travel pipe:

  • Flat belly
  • Deep bowl pack
  • 3.5” Long
  • Made in USA

The flat belly shape allows for easy grip while smoking, along with more airflow and less broom for ash to be pulled through.

What Makes the Flat Belly a Top 5 Best Travel Pipe?

On top of these basic features, there are a few more things that really stick out to us about the “Noctiluca” Glow in the Dark Flat Belly Chillum:

  • Extremely easy to travel with
  • Changes color over time
  • Fits in pockets easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value deal

This extremely unique chillum is definitely a top pick for pieces that you can travel with. If you are a fan of chillums, and are constantly on-the-go, this one may be right for you.

6. STOK Edition One Vaporizer by ThisThingRips!


Okay, okay! We know that vaporizers texting we aren’t hand pipes. However, we had to put at least one handheld vape pen on this list because they are just so darn easy to travel with. This STOK Vape Pen is very high quality, affordable, and long-lasting making it effective “travel pipe”.

STOK Edition One Features:

Here are a few of the features that make this handheld vape pen a great travel companion:

  • 6.5” Long
  • ¼” in Diameter
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Long Lasting Battery

One of the best features to this amazing vape pen from ThisThingRips is that it is meant specifically for wax. The micro USB charger can be extremely convenient for travel, as it is universal.

What Makes the STOK Edition One Vape Pen So Great?

On top of these basic features, there’s a lot more to the STOK Edition One that puts a on our list as one of the best travel vapes:

  • Easy to replace battery
  • Comes with a 3 ft long charging cord
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • 12 hour long battery life
  • Comes with a dabber tool
  • Comes with three waterproof wax containers

This Vapin is also extremely easy for first time users to get acclimated with, only having 3 temperature settings. While this can be a downer for some more experienced vape smokers, this package is very affordable.

Is also extremely long-lasting and durable. These factors weighed in, we still consider this to be one of the best pipes to travel with in 2019.

7. “Nyx” Mini Dab Rig by Sesh Supply


Dab pens are an option for traveling with, but sometimes you may just have the wants to do a traditional dab while on-the-go. This mini dab rig is perfect for stoners who want an easy set up and clean up.

Mini Rig Features:

There are a few features about this travel dab rig that we really like:

  • 7” Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 3 Color Options
  • Circle Percolator
  • Glass Bowl Included

The best part about this dab rig is that it is the perfect travel size because it still allows for great filtration and percolation, while allowing for a smooth smoking experience.

What Makes the “Nyx” Mini Dab Rig a Great Travel Pipe?

Along with these amazing features, there are also a few other things that make the “Nyx” by Sesh Supply a great Stoner Gift:

  • Universal joint size
  • Easy to fill up and empty
  • Made with thick glass
  • Has a sturdy base
  • Is a great value

Overall, this mini dab rig looks and feels a lot smaller than 7”. We were surprised with just how easy it was to pack up and travel with.

8. Hi Liter Marker Pipe by Smokea


This might honestly be the coolest secret pipe we have ever come across as Stoners. It is literally indistinguishable to the human eye from a regular Hi Liter marker.

Hi Liter Hand Pipe Features:

This secret pipe cuz if you features let me get one of the best pipes to travel with.

  • 5.25” Tall
  • Contains Inner Pipe
  • 7+ Color Options
  • Affordable Price
  • High Quality

Not only is this pipe in amazing decoy, it also is surprisingly high quality.

What Makes the Hi Liter Marker Pipe So Great?

We also found a few more great reasons why this decoy hand pipe is so convenient to travel with:

  • Looks authentic
  • Actually functions as highlighter
  • Easy to take apart
  • Easy to clean
  • Conceals smell well

The fact that this pipe is so well designed and also functions as a real highlighter makes this virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

On top of that, when the pipe is sealed in the highlighter, smell is contained.

9. Genius Pipe


The Genius Pipe is it revolutionary new type of hand pipe that is sweeping the market. It’s light, resourceful design allows for smokers to reduce resin, and burn the herbs at a lower temperature for smoother more flavorful smoke.

Genius Pipe Features:

So what makes the genius pipe so good? Here are just a few features:

  • 6” Long
  • 1” Wide
  • ½” Thick
  • Extremely Easy to Clean
  • Large Bowl Pack

This top travel pipe also comes with replaceable screens that can be used to easily get rid of old ashes. If cleaned well, they can be reused dozens of times each.

What Makes the Genius Pipe One of the Best Pipes for Travelers?

Aside from these basic features, there are a few things about the genius pipe that really make it one of the best hand pipes on the market right now:

  • Extremely smooth smoking experience
  • Multiple smoking options
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Very affordable
  • Long lasting, 5+ years

There is no doubt in her mind that this is a must have hand pipe for all Stoners.

10. Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe


The last pipe to make our list of the Top 10 Travel Pipes is the Eyce Silicone Hand Pipe. Looks like the silicone bong from earlier, this piece is extremely easy to clean, handle, travel with, and conceal.

Silicone Pipe Features:

They’re quite a few things about this pipe that make it great for traveling:

  • Dozens of Colors
  • 4” Long
  • “Indestructible” Silicone
  • Deep Glass Bowl Pack

This Bad Larry is made with medical grade silicone. It is designed well, with great grip. There’s also extremely easy for travel, and cannot be broken from dropping it.

What Makes the Eyce Silicone Pipe A Top 10 Travel Pipe?

Believe It or not, there are even more great features that this hand pipe has to offer:

  • Extremely.affordable price point
  • Has amazing grip to most surfaces
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Is extremely easy to clean
  • Made from medical grade silicone

Overall, this thing is virtually indestructible. And Eyce is willing to bet on that statement, ensuring it with a lifetime warranty. If that doesn’t scream value, we don’t know what does.

Where to Find Great Deals On the Best Travel Bongs

Looking for great deals on all of the best travel pipes and more? We’ve got you covered.

Here is where you can find the best deals on the Top 10 Best Travel Bongs on 2019:

  • “Pinch Hitter” – One Hitter and Dugout by Smoke Cartel
  • Roll Uh Bowl – Best Silicone Travel Bong
  • Glass Blunt by Sesh Supply
  • Rainbow Hammer Bubbler
  • Flat Belly Glow in the Dark Chillum
  • STOK Edition One Travel Vape Pen
  • “Nyx” Mini Dab Rig by Sesh Supply
  • Hi Liter Pipe
  • Genius Pipe
  • Eyce Silicone Pipe

At HelpingPot, we strive to provide our Stoner friends with the best smoking gear on the market, at affordable prices.

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Are you an on-the-go Stoner looking for a great travel pipe to take with you on your trips? In this guide, we give you the best portable hand pipes, bongs, and more!

Why Bubblers Make The Perfect Travel Companion

Taking a trip to someplace new is a great way to have fun and unwind, especially if you’re with friends. But, you shouldn’t have to put your hobbies on hold to do it. That’s what bubblers are for.

What’s A Bubbler?

This isn’t some plastic wand for making soap bubbles. A bubbler pipe is essentially a miniaturized water pipe, making it perfect for travel. Not all models will fit in your pocket, but they can easily be stowed away in a backpack or suitcase with all your other travel items.

Is It Like A Hand Pipe?

No, not exactly. While a hand or spoon pipe is also portable, it doesn’t offer any sort of filtration, which makes smoking less enjoyable for some people.

A bubbler pipe stands out because it has a diffuser built in, which helps cool down the smoke and make each hit smooth. Most bubblers use water to help with diffusion, but many, like our Single Rachet Bubbler , work as dry pipes as well. It should be noted, however, that using water will ensure the smoothest hit.

The Perfect Travel Companion

A bubbler pipe is perfect for travel because of its ability to create a high-quality smoke session in spite of its compact size. It can go anywhere you go! The only real drawback to bubblers is that, because of their small size, they can be tricky to clean. Also, as with any glass water pipes , glass bubblers should be treated with care.

Luckily, Thick Ass Glass lives up to its name in that regard — the glass used in our water pipes , dab rigs , and other accessories is super thick and built to last (and look epic in your collection). Check out our entire selection of bubblers and let the adventure begin!

Hand pipes are super portable, but they don't give you the smoothest hit. And bringing a full-sized water pipe on your trip isn't always feasible. Meet bubblers, the perfect solution to both of these problems!